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This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.


“It’s crazy how sometimes your life can change in a flash, and all the things you were blind to or refuse to admit are suddenly staring you right in the face. And just like that, everything suddenly falls into place… Even if it’s not the way you thought it would…

It's Officially Over

Sounds Live Feels Live has officially come to an end and I feel like this is an accurate representation of the fandom at this time.

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Okay but consider

A Gravity Falls art book with this as the cover:

Think about it. We have Journal 3 coming out in July filled with information and sciency stuff we never knew about Dipper and Ford (and everything else about Gravity Falls for that matter), but it’d also be cool to have something fun and artsy and Mabel-y.

It could be filled with different scenery/background/episode art/concept art with maybe some sticker designs on the side and it’d be totally cute.

After all, it’s the book that saved it all.

Idk I just really want an artbook to go with my Journal 3 aheh. ;u;

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DUDE you draw so much already!! I'm 100.1% none of us will be mad at you for taking an break, especially if it's giving you headaches! If I drew as much as you, my brain would explode!

Ahh so nice Q.Q thanks for being supportive!!

The A Team (2015 Cover edit - Calum and Luke)
amanda rae edits / 5 Seconds Of Summer

It’s my birthday and I’m having a good day so I thought why not post a Cake audio edit 🙈 

Grocery Shopping // L.R.H

“Luuuuuuukee,” you whined. You had just come back from a dinner party at your parents house, and you and Luke had decided to pick up some ice cream at the store for when you got home. Unfortunately, the freezer section was all the way at the back of the store. And Luke’s long legs could move a lot faster than your much shorter legs, heels, and aching feet could.
He stopped and turned around with a questioning look.

“Slow it down, Usain, not all of us have 8 foot long legs,” you smart-assed as you caught up with him. He pulled you into his side and kissed the top of your head.
“Sorry, princess. How else are you going to get your exercise?”

You smacked his chest, then grabbed his hand so he couldn’t run away again. But as you started walking again, you still found yourself struggling to keep up.

“Okay, Gigantor, this isn’t working.”
Luke stopped and seemed to be thinking of a solution. After about 10 seconds, he turned around and bent his knees so he was about your height.
“Jump on.”

After making a fool of yourself struggling to climb on his back, you were finally successful.
“Wow, you’re heavy,” Luke joked as he adjusted his hands on your legs.
“Keep making comments like that and I’ll strangle you. I already have my arms around your neck so watch out,” you said, unable to stifle your laughter.

Then, without warning, he took off running down the aisle. You almost fell off but Luke tightened his grip on your legs as you tightened yours around his neck.
Luke slowed down as he came to the end of the aisle.

“You’re… choking me….” he gasped.
“I told you to watch out,” you laughed, but you loosened your grip.

You got a few funny stares as Luke and you made your way to the ice cream section. You really didn’t mind because honestly you were too relieved to be off your feet and too excited for ice cream.

“What flavor?” Luke asked, stopping in front of the freezers and stepping back so you could see all the options. You rested your chin on his shoulder,scanning all the flavors and brands.
“But no peanut butter because we get it every damn time and I swear to god-”
“Luke you asshole, I was gonna say mint chocolate chip if you would let me speak.”
“Good. Hop off.”
“Excuse me?”
“Get off, princess. Unless you want me to drop you, then you’ll have to go to the hospital instead of going home and eating ice cream.”

You climbed off his back and felt the pain come back to your feet almost immediately.

“No need to be insensitive,” you grumbled as you pulled off your heels.
“Just telling the truth,” Luke said while grabbing two small tubs of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The two of you walked back through the store to the check out, you barefoot and Luke whining about how cold the ice cream is.

As soon as you finished you walked back out into the warm August night.
“Want back up?”
“Hell yes. My feet still hurt like a bitch.”
Luke laughed. “I think you need some new shoes.”

With the bag in one hand and your shoes in the other, you jumped as high as you could with your crippled feet (not high enough). Within seconds, Luke was racing across the nearly empty parking lot to your car.

You screamed, trying to hold the bag so it wouldn’t hit him in the face.

All of a sudden, he took a sharp left turn, almost falling over.

“SHIT LUKE SLOW DOWN!!” you screamed. It seemed to go in slow motion as the bag with the tubs of ice cream in it swung up and collided with his jaw.
He came to a stop and put you down.
“Luke are you okay? Damn, it looked like that hurt.”
“It did,” he groaned as he squatted on the ground, his hands holding his face.
“Are you okay? Is it broken?”
“I don’t think so… but I can’t… BELIEVE YOU FELL FOR THAT,” he yelled as he stood up and took off running.
“LUKE YOU ASS YOU SCARED ME! GET BACK HERE,” you yelled after him, dropping your shoes and the ice cream (carefully) and chasing after him.

You ran as fast as your throbbing feet could carry you, but his long legs unsurprisingly could move much faster. He finally made it back to your stuff about 20 feet from your car about 3 seconds before you caught up to him.

“Stop… doing that… to me…” you gasped, leaning over and putting your hands on your knees.
“Lesson learned…” Luke panted, just as out of breath as you were.

“Now I really need that ice cream,” you laughed.

“You’re right. Let’s go home.”

“So what movie will it be tonight?” he asked as the two of you climbed into the car. “The one that makes you cry? Or the other one that makes you cry?”

“Shut up, Luke, you love my movies. And don’t act like they’ve never made you cry before.”

“Maybe I just act like I love them. Just because I love you.”

“Think what you want, Robert.”

MTVS Epic Rewatch #128

BTVS 5x10 Into the Woods

Stray thoughts

1) Ugh at this episode. Disclaimer: expect a lot of bitter (and probably incoherent) ranting. You’ve been warned. And yes, I’m totally biased. Sue me.

FYI, it gest super nasty. And by that, I mean that I get super nasty. Don’t hate me.

2) When I get to this episode, my mild indifference towards Riley has already transformed into pure unadulterated hatred, so basically I’m reading into every little thing he says or does as douchebaggy. That interpretation might be totally correct or totally wrong. Either way, I don’t care, and I’ll hate on. Take this shot, for example:

I don’t know if the guy is actually concerned about Joyce and Buffy and Dawn, he might be for all I know. But all I see is a douchebag sulking because his girlfriend is paying attention to her sister and her sick mother instead of paying attention to him. Do I realize I might be totally wrong? Yes. Do I care? No. He’s fucking sulking, okay?

3) This is a shitty move, show. Shitty, shitty, move.



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It was possible to visualize the tumor completely, which means I was able to get all of it. So, barring complications in recovery … I think your mother’s going to be fine.

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