i'm having such a low self esteem day

I hope one day you won’t stare at your insecurities. I hope one day you won’t look at other people and wish you had what they have. I hope one day you will look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see. I hope one day you will look at other people and feel just as confident in yourself. I hope one day you can see all the things that make you beautiful just the way you are. I hope that one day is soon because you deserve it.
—  Everyone deserves it (s.m.)

1. Okay wait, what if the whole thing was set in one day? Idk if this has been mentioned before but

2/3.And if you look at the smaller screens on the machine thing, it looks to me as if it’s the previous episodes…

4/5. Roy is everywhere. I have a feeling he may be behind the whole thing.

6. You can see the stage lights in the ceiling, and why is there a door appearing now?

7/8.(thanks to @low-self-esteem-roller for helping me with this) I noticed, in the first scene, there wasn’t a door in the first episode, which must mean they can’t escape, and they have everything they need. In the last scene of the last episode, they have nothing, but there’s a door…

Idk these are just some thoughts and observations.

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