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Dionysus is that uncle that slips you wine under the table at family parties (because “I don’t believe in putting age limits on the little things in life”) and takes you to concerts with headlining bands you’ve never heard of (because “It’s music, kid, you don’t need to know it, as long as you feel it”) and goes to your first pride with you (because “The world is queerer than they’ve lead you to believe”) and when you have a problem he might not know how to fix it but he’ll sure as hell sit there and listen to you rant until suddenly you find yourself laughing and you know it’s thanks to him (because “Life only brings you down when you let it”) and he’s a little bit best friend and a little bit protective older brother and a little bit mentor and a little bit partner-in-crime and sure sometimes it feels like he’s the only one on your side but with a guy like him, the whole “you and him against the world” thing doesn’t feel so lonely.


D-1 till 170215: RaBin—Same age friends 

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Avatar Aang is, in every sense of the word, my hero. 

It’s hard to explain in words, but Avatar Aang has been someone there for me since I was a kid. I could literally write an essay on the impact he’s had on me, both spiritually and mentally. I remember as a kid finally discovering Avatar and immediately falling in love with Aang – he was a kid, but he was a hero too, and he had a way of being both those things simultaneously without blurring the line in between. I was a small girl raised in a toxic Mormon household with a violent parent, so seeing Aang fight and use bending in a way that wasn’t considered destructive taught me that I could be strong and protect myself WITHOUT using anger or violence as a source. There are literally so many things I learned from Aang, not just about violence or emotion or anger, but also about spirituality and mental illness and just. Being human I guess? I don’t know, I just really like Avatar Aang.


<adventure zone spoilers up to ep. 58>

So we know at this point that “Lup” was almost definitely the red-robed skeleton near where the Pheonix Fire Gauntlet was hidden at the start of the series – the skeleton holding the Umbrastaff. 
>>During the red robe encounter in crystal kingdom, the lich sees the umbrastaff and yells, “YOU FOUND HER?”
>>And in the latest episode, it’s confirmed that she’s associated with the Gauntlet. (If we follow the theory that each Red Robe made a Relic, she probably made this one.)

Then there’s the weird behavior of the staff itself: Blasting Merle away when he tried to take it at first. Flying back to Taako when Magnus attempted to use it for Feather Fall out of a tree they were stuck in. Attempting to kill Kravitz. Blasting the name “LUP” into the wall with Scorching Ray when Taako was trying to flavor up Angus’ macaroons.

So clearly the staff has some sentience of its own. It’s a real possibility that Lup is somehow possessing the umbrastaff. This is especially interesting after Taako heard a female voice when he put on the telepathic band.

Now hear me out

THIS THEORY, though half joking, is actually very intriguing to me. It says that “Lup” might be short for “Chalupa,” and that she and Taako are the “twins” in the prophecy about seven birds.

But there’s more to the idea that Lup, at least, is one of the twins. Whether or not Taako is the other twin (though I very much hope he is), the fact remains that the relic associated with Lup is the gauntlet.

Just one gauntlet. Half of a pair.

We’ve only seen six relics, folks. What if the last one is another gauntlet, for the other hand? A counterpart to the very first relic they obtained?

do u ever think about how mika is probably terrified of becoming a demon but at the same time at least he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore?

Hey, I might get hate for this and this message might not be for everyone, but I wanted to say -

It’s okay to be going through a kind of grief right now if you were very invested in Nick’s content. Some people might be experiencing just straightforward anger, and that’s fine, that makes sense.

But I suspect some of you, like me, are struggling with your emotions. Betrayal is complex. Maybe you wish things could go back to the way they were. Maybe you’re guilty because you didn’t realize - guilty because you did - guilty because you’re not as angry as you think you should be. You want him to get fired, but you don’t. You miss his content but don’t know if you’ll ever be able to watch it again. You wonder if this is really a big deal, wonder how much your social climate is influencing that view. You want to make jokes about it and yet you hate when other people make jokes about it. You feel bad for him and feel guilty for feeling bad for him.

Maybe you experience one or two or all of these at some point. This is NORMAL.

And I want to be clear about something here: some of these emotions can easily turn into victim blaming, but use this as a learning opportunity. Victim blaming, generally, doesn’t come from HATING WOMEN on a personal level. It comes from fear, and guilt, and betrayal. It is EASY to fall into, and it can come from a place of sincere emotions, so be careful about what you’re saying out there in the heat of the moment.

I just - not ever emotion you experience in a situation like this is going to be Morally Pure And Good. And some of them should probably be worked through privately. But I want everyone to know that feeling those emotions is FINE. It’s part of the process and resenting yourself will only make it harder. You will learn and grow from this.

If you’re struggling with your reactions to this, it’s ok to step back. It’s okay if your emotions don’t immediately fall in line with your beliefs. So long as you’re thinking critically about what you put out there, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about your emotions.

Be kind to yourself, everyone.

It’s one in the morning, and Dex is a bit sad and the beer in his hand is the same brand they drank in droves during high school, so he shotguns it because what better way is there to commemorate high school? A shitty country song is on somehow- Bitty must be in the kitchen, distracted- and it might as well be any night on the beach where he got too drunk to remember that he had school the next morning. 

He remembers his first freshmen year bonfire, with a bunch of his teammates handing him beer after beer, laughing as he downed them with ease. His brother’d been sneaking him hard lemonades since early middle school, probably not the smartest decision, but it gave him a good tolerance. Mary Jane Samuels had been there, drinking something pink and possibly lethal. She’d been a junior and had pink sticky lipstick and she’d kissed him a little ways down the beach, in the comfort of night time and cold sand.

Tonight, in the present, there’s no sand. Just the Haus’ backyard, the last kegster before his sophomore year is over. Ransom is crying as Holster sings something on the karaoke machine he procured for the kegster. It could be We Are the Champions, but the shitty country song is still playing, loud enough to drown Holster out, so it could just as well be Never Gonna Give You Up. Either would make Ransom cry at this point, so.

During his last beach bonfire before sophomore year ended in high school, Dex had been a bit older, smarter. He’d passed off any of the shitty beers his teammates handed him and kept the underclassmen from drinking too much. He’d failed his duties, ultimately, because his captain at the time (the captain he’d been about to usurp) had tugged him by the wrist a long ways down the beach, where the rocks formed an alcove safe from the light of the bonfire. There, his captain had kissed Dex, brazen and too messy for the semi-public space they were in, and Dex had let him because he was leaving, going off to play college hockey, and Dex had been sad and angry that he was still stuck home for another two years.

“Beer?” Dex turns and Nursey is there, offering a bottle of beer. Can’t shotgun a bottle. It’s not the same brand from high school, so Dex takes it with a grateful nod. Nursey leans back against the railing on the back porch, the one Dex fixed late winter freshmen year, wearing a jacket and fingerless gloves and the beanie that Dex still hasn’t given back to Nursey.

“I still have your beanie,” Dex says, because he’s a little sad and he can’t forget high school and he may actually be drunk. When he looks at Nursey, Nursey is looking back, surprise evident in his raised eyebrows, and pleasure there in the slight curl of his smile.


Dex nods. Takes a sip of his beer. “I’m keeping it,” he says.

Nursey’s smile spreads into a grin, and his body turns so he’s in front of Dex. “Are you now?”

Dex nods again, his throat dry despite his drink, and he sets the bottle down on the sturdy railing he built and curls his free fingers into the hips of Nursey’s tank top. “I’m keeping it,” he says again, and when he pulls Nursey in, he’s still grinning and Dex thinks that maybe he is too.

On Keith and leaving Allura behind

One thing I’ve always wanted to clear up is the ‘Keith is cold-hearted’ thing. I can see how the scene of him being ready to leave Allura behind might come across as such, to quote Hunk: “Keith, that’s cold-hearted even for you.” 

But that is not how things actually are. Let me explain why he acted the way he did back then, because Keith has had just as many emotions about it as everyone else. 

Keith is rational, observant and tends to state stuff exactly as it is, with all facts lied out to make sure that everyone gets the whole picture. (see: how he explained his board in s1e1, how he argues with Lance at the beginning of s1e3 etc.) He has been known to accept critique pretty well - he actively tries to work on his temper (“patience yields focus”) and accepted that Lance’s plan was better than his in s1e7. In turn, however, he expects people to treat him the same way. If there isn’t any evidence to contradict it, he takes things people tell him at face value and accepts them as facts. It is one of the reasons him and Lance clash often, Keith can be found constantly correcting Lance’s statements and Lance doesn’t appreciate that. 

This is coupled with his rational personality. I have no doubt that part of that comes from having been forced to grow up without a family and people to comfort him when he was feeling lost, he has had to deal with reality screwing him over quite a lot of times already. He is extremely cautious and protective of his friends when a possible threat appears (see: how he placed himself in front of the team when Klaizap appeared in s1e2), probably exactly because he knows that when they are gone, they are gone. That happened to his dad, that happened to Shiro. 

And now he thinks the same thing has happened to Allura.

It is not that he doesn’t want to help her - because he does. He really does, he even said so himself. (And he wasn’t lying. We all know that Keith is an absolutely horrible liar.) In his mind, there were four facts battling with one another: 1) I want to save my friend; 2) “the ship that is headed to Zarkon’s central command?” “the place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?” (a direct quote from an exchange between Hunk and Keith from s1e10. Keith had accepted that information a fact); 3) we are fighting against an enemy we know next to nothing about; and 4) I am responsible for the entire universe and I can only protect it with Voltron, for which Allura technically isn’t essential. 

So he stands there and goes through all the facts. And he comes to the - absolutely logical - conclusion that it is too dangerous to go to Zarkon’s headquarters. He could lose even more friends. He could lose the universe’s only hope. So he does what he always does: suppress his emotions for the greater good. He did that there, he did it when he decided to give up the blade in s2e8.

But then the others turn against him. We can’t see his face when they begin to vehemently protest against his statement-

-but I have no doubt that it would be serious and reflective. The backlash would have made him reconsider the conclusion he had come to. Because that’s what he does when he faces critique: take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously, fact 2) wasn’t quite right. [Also note how open his body language is, he is more than willing to discuss this.] 

And once the execution of their plan starts, which means an actual chance for getting his friend back, he is right at the front of the group again. 

Keith isn’t cold-hearted. Not at all. Does this look like the face of a cold-hearted person to you?

Because that is the face he made when he came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to save Allura. He is not happy about it. He genuinely believed that she was already lost and they were about to condemn the universe for a suicide rescue mission. If there is anything he can do to save his friends, he will do it. Like, seriously - he had never seen Zarkon before that episode. For all he knew, Zarkon could be 5ft tall, wield magic and be immortal. But as soon as he saw a normal-sized Galra in armor, Zarkon suddenly became less of an abstract concept and more of something that he has an actual fighting chance against. Look at how his attitude towards him changed in season 2, at the end of it he volunteered to infiltrate Zarkon’s base on his own!  

(Also. He was the one that asked Allura if she was sure that she wanted to come with them: “I’m sorry, princess, did you say ‘we’?!” in s1e10. He was worried for her. There is no way he didn’t want her back.)

Keith constantly watches out for the greater good. It’s what he told Pidge when she wanted to leave to go look for her family - “everyone in the universe has families!” - and what he did when he gave up finding out about his past in the Trials of Marmora. He pushes his own emotions down because he genuinely believes one person’s life and/or comfort isn’t worth putting the entire universe at risk. And that does not equal being cold-hearted.

tl;dr: Keith has had perfectly valid reasons why he hesitated to go on the rescue mission. He wanted her back just as much as everyone else. He is not a cold-hearted asshole.


So, recently I’ve learned that in europe during the middle ages, you recieved guests and friends on your bed, since it was the most comfortable and important piece of furniture. Nobles even had two beds : a simple one to sleep in, and a beautiful one to recieve guests.

And then I had to go ahead and turn that knowledge into a silly comic.



Eternal gratitude to Reeder for “Julia” (I heard it for the first time a long time before it was in the podcast, and I’ve only grown to love it more the more I listen to it), but I like to think that the song exists in canon. This isn’t something I’ve put a lot of thought into - I was just listening to the song and I thought it would be nice if it existed for these characters, too. There are a few ways this might be true.

Maybe eventually, as Magnus spends more time with his family, he tells them more about Julia. How much she would have loved all of them - how much all of them would have loved her. All of the little things she did that made him laugh, or made him fall for her again every day. She’s never there, but somehow she’s always there because Magnus is always talking about her. He tells all of their stories so many times that his whole family knows them by heart. And one day, for Candlenights or maybe even just because, Barry tells Magnus he has something for him and sits down at the piano. It’s not long before Magnus is crying, but he doesn’t notice because his attention is elsewhere. That’s her. That’s Julia, there in that song. He must have done a good job introducing her to his family, because they know her so well.

Learning to play can be difficult, but the piano is an accommodating instrument for beginners. All of the keys are laid out in front of you right from the start, all cards on the table, straightforward. In a way, that matches Magnus. It’s a stumbling start, and Barry demonstrates impressive patience as Magnus tries to master the new skill. Magnus is very good about practicing, though, and while he might not ever perform on a stage, he’s always been good with his hands. It’s nice to have something new to do with them while his thoughts are elsewhere. As time passes and his skill grows, he thinks about how much Julia would have liked to listen to him play, and the idea sticks in his head. When he’s ready, he asks Barry and Lup to listen to the song, and they note it down as he plays. It’s common to hear the music of that song streaming through the window and whispered in the streets of Raven’s Roost, in some small way filling an absence that’s been there for a long time. When Magnus isn’t there to play anymore, Lup or Barry sometimes still do; the title of the song, which only had one name before, is changed to two. 

Julia could play. Julia could play and fill the whole room with music and laughter and joy. Before - and especially after - the revolution, she would visit the tavern and play loud, excited music while everyone there sang along or danced. Everything, everyone, was more alive when Julia played. When it was just the two of them, during quiet afternoons at the shop when the work was done, Julia played a different kind of music - soft and sweet, another part of her that Magnus had the honor of seeing more than anyone else. Somehow even with the town gone, the sheet music in the little oak chest survives, and he takes it with him when he leaves. Years later, that same sheet music held delicately in his hands, he explains to Lup who wrote it. Magnus doesn’t even have to ask; Lup squeezes his hand, sits down with him at the piano, and goes over the basics. Until Magnus can play the song for himself, she plays it for him; he sits in a rocker that smells like lavender and if he closes his eyes, he can pretend that it’s years ago and another lifetime and Julia is just across the room.

(Whatever the truth is, one day there is a piano and a set of sheet music in a little house on a little island. The house is filled with music even when no one plays.)


That….. THAT-

…..that’s the look of someone who just knows….. it’s hopeless…..

Okay I’ve been seeing a lot of fandom positivity today, like newcomers saying how great this fandom is and,,,,,,
IM SO PROUD!!!!!! Because you guys are all so freaking amazing I SWEAR. Like each and every one of you just wanna spread love and capri memes and have good laughs and yeah we deal w a lot of antis but for the most part we handle it really well and we just spread a lot of love. Like we can have our moments, but we’re still just one big family getting excited over a giant teddy bear and a sweet snek in a feather hat that love each other and it’s just,,,,,,so pure god bless. I love you guys.

Deeply enjoying the winged!Dirk Gently trend but on a more angsty note, I really can’t imagine the CIA letting Dirk keep his wings if they wanted to train him as a psychic operative. Intuitions would make him a more effective agent, but he’s never going to blend in while they have to cut holes in his white regulation shirts.

His wings are beautiful and unique and special and he knows they make him stand out far too much for the CIA’s liking. One scientist jokes that they’re the military, not the air force, but Dirk doesn’t laugh. He just curls his wings tighter around his shoulders defensively. He doesn’t need the universe to tell him that the scientists assigned to Project Icarus have gotten all they can from him in that regard.

The CIA figure he’s never going to be flying with them anyway, so why bother letting him keep them? Riggins tries to tell him that it’s for his own good, that his wings would just make him a target (he already knows that he’s a target, he never needed his wings for people to find him interesting and sometimes he hates being interesting).

They cut his wings off while he’s unconscious and he feels like he’ll never be whole again, and he doesn’t know how they expect him to be Icarus if they’ve grounded him permanently.

Real question: in all the emotional soukoku art and fics why is Chuuya always the one crying and breaking down why is it never Dazai