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(AU where Neal cracked and said “fuck off” to August and went to see Emma when she was in jail, and she was so confused because she never got visitors and she barely let herself hope - 

And there he was, in that stupid jacket of his, looking all nervous, waiting for her. 

She’s not showing yet, and she’s glad for it. 

And he apologizes, and explains as best he can, and he tells her he won’t give up on her, he’ll prove to her that he’s worth her trust again, he’ll be back every visitor’s day, and she doesn’t quite believe him (but God, she wants to) and so she just nods and says nothing.

And he does come back, every time, and eventually she can’t hide it anymore and she tells him about the baby, tells him she’s giving it up, and they get into a blowout fight there in the visiting room and he ends up escorted out by the guards - 

And he tells her she doesn’t have to give the baby up, tells her he wants this, her, it, themtogether

And she believes him. 

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god freaking bless catilin snow for dropping the most accurate truth bombs and basically providing the best roast i‘ve ever seen on tv

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So we're seeing in LoT that Len is changing for whatever reason but it is happening with regards to saving the world etc. In the flash family of rogues episode Barry says to Len about not letting his past define him. Now obviously I'm not saying everything is down to Barry, but do you think we are starting to see Len as someone who is finally able to let go of his past and as someone who wants to ensure he never becomes like his father?

Okay this has been in my inbox 2k5ever, but that’s because I was struggling to decide how to answer it haha. But ultimately I agree, but there’s so much more I would add, because it’s not about 2x03, it’s about his entire arc. So I’ll unpack my thoughts on this a bit…

One thing I think is important to note is that Len has been changing since his first appearance in The Flash 1x04. In 1x04, even though he doesn’t want the guard to get hurt, Len himself killed three people outright (two of them other criminals, one of them a random innocent stranger), each with arguably little genuine necessity. He also endangered a train full of completely innocent people, including children.

But in 1x10, with Mick at his side, he steals a painting but no one gets hurt, and he kidnaps Caitlin but ensures that Mick doesn’t burn her, and makes sure things are set up so that they don’t have to kill her if they succeed in their aims of killing the Flash. The only one he tries to hurt that episode is the Flash, and collateral damage is highly minimized (and localized to a particular street). Still, his goal that episode is murder, and he is willing to cut down Caitlin Snow or whoever else he has to in order to accomplish it. Lisa and/or her crew definitely kill some guards at the end, off screen, in order to help Len and Mick escape.

In 1x15, Len, with Mick’s help and later Lisa’s, kills a fair few men in the mafia, both at Don Santini’s house and at the casino. He also kidnaps Cisco and temporarily maims his brother, which Cisco himself likens to torture. 

But note that by 1x15, the collateral damage is way lower. Len and his Rogues kill who they intend to kill, main instead of killing when they can, and don’t put anyone at risk when it isn’t necessary for their aims. No innocent bystanders are in their way save for the people who run out of the casino, and those people aren’t in genuine danger of Len and Lisa, though potentially from a ricochet bullet of the Santini’s. And at the end of this episode, Len agrees to stop killing bystanders and innocent people altogether (and maybe to stop killing altogether; it’s unclear to me if this deal extends to the Santini family and other criminals but I choose to believe it doesn’t really, or doesn’t extend to anyone threatening Len’s life).

So it’s not just 2x03 that has an influence on Len changing. Len’s been changing from the moment we saw him. And I think a big part of it is working alongside the one person he trusts (Mick), so that he doesn’t have to be so harsh and so cutthroat because he’s got someone he knows can watch his back. I think another major part is having his sister back in his life, the person who he cares about more than anything, the one he wants to protect, and the person who I think is his heart, is the reason that Len turned out as good as he did, learned to love and care for more than just himself (link). Having her in his life again, spending more time together, helped bring out the side of him that was more ready to actually enjoy what he was up to rather than just doing it out of compulsion, had him wanting to change and grow, and not hurt innocents like Cisco.

By 1x22, we see more of that, with Len saving Barry’s life, even though he betrayed Barry (and he technically upheld his end of the deal in protecting Barry and his friends and in getting them safely to the airfield, just saying). No one died except the person (Simmons) threatening Barry’s life, which I’d argue was a matter of defense and necessity (link). So Len has definitely changed his approach, and that he agreed to help the Flash at all, even for selfish reasons in the end, I think is very telling about how he’s changed over the course of season 1.

But you’re right in that 2x03 did represent a massive shift for Len on a lot of levels. I think it has less to do with being told that there is good in him – although I do think that had an impact – and a lot to do with being out of the shadow of his abuser. Because Len has always known he doesn’t want to turn out anything like Lewis, has despised his father for years, even if he couldn’t before bring himself to kill Lewis. But with having Lewis finally dead, with having done it himself, freed himself from that emotional constraint and prison still holding him, the constant fear for Lisa that would’ve gone along with Lewis’s continued existence? Len is free in a new way. Free to grow. Free to fulfill more of his own potential, to want to fulfill it, to want to have more and be more.

So yes, to quote you, “we are starting to see Len as someone who is finally able to let go of his past and as someone who wants to ensure he never becomes like his father”. He’s able to move so much beyond his past now, a clear dividing line between who he was and who he can be now. We see that when he doesn’t deny that there’s good in him, only asks how much being good pays. It’s an admission, that sure he’s not all bad, but he’s still not going to be what Barry is. And we see that in 2x09, when he goes to warn Barry about Mardon and Jesse – that is about honor, and thus a good part of Len, and Barry knows it, and Len can’t even deny it (link, link). 

And I think it grates on him, that change. It’s a slow-moving process, at least partially unconscious to start, and change can be scary, and fraught. It leaves us feeling vulnerable and untethered. I think that’s part of why he’s so keen to have Mick on the Legends trip with him, because he needs something he can hold on to, something he understands, someone he trusts. And because he genuinely wants this opportunity, wants to try being a ‘legend’ and wants to see what’s out there (and steal along the way, because he’s still him). And he wants his friend to share in that as well – they’re partners, after all (link).

So by mid-season in Legends of Tomorrow, by the time Len realizes and acknowledges out loud that he’s changed, we can tell that it’s been going on since we met him, slow at first, but accelerating after 2x03. We see him as someone who wants others to be able to leave their pasts behind, and we understand that he wants that for himself as well (link). We see him as choosing what is right, not what is easy, and shifting his priorities. We see him caring about the team as a whole, and not solely his partner, even if his partner means the world to him. We see him struggling very genuinely, grappling with his changes, with his options and what he wants versus what he believes is right, and that’s new to him, that depth of internal conflict (link).

So I don’t think it’s down to any one person or any one thing. I think Len’s changes are something put in motion by Mick, by Lisa, by the new challenge and opportunity presented by facing off with the Flash, by helping the Flash and being helped by him (saved by him, Lisa saved by him, realizing he can have that, can trust that), by killing Lewis and being free of that spectre, by being reminded staunchly that there is good in him even if he doesn’t know what to do with it and isn’t ready to stick his neck out with it. And now those changes are compounded in Legends, with a team he is coming to care about, probably in spite of himself, and with a mission and goal more important to him than just stealing, than just making a name for himself, and with conflicts that challenge his growth versus his original desires.

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Hi mom, I just started watching Once Upon A Time and I'm almost done with season 1 and I have so many gay feelings for Regina


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lost in your sleeve (1/?)

“For a kid with so damn much family these days, he’s still somehow been dealt a shitty hand.” No magic AU where Henry’s just a sad, angry with with a fucked up family tree.

Captain Cobra. (Eventual) Captain Swan.

Notes: The first official chapter! Sorry it took a while. Moving is a pain. But here’s chapter 1, and the next chapter is partly written and it’s all basically sketched out in my head so hopefully the next update won’t take quite so long. Recommended listening is still: Eugene by Sufjan Stevens.

(Shout out to swallowedsong, again, for always responding ‘sure!’ when I ask if she wants to look over something for me, and for generally being encouraging and enthusiastic.) 


Wanna catch up? prologue

chapter 1.



            Regina used to walk him to school everyday. She’d hold his hand as they went, her grip tightening when people would pass by, fake smiles on their faces as they greeted her, an equally forced smile on her own. She was a very powerful woman, his adoptive mother. Important. The kind of important that never forgets itself—that demands that no one else forget it, either. The kind that doesn’t make many friends. She’d hold onto his hand as they walked and as he got older he wondered if she did it for his sake or her own. Who really needed that anchor?

            Maybe it was both of them.

            Emma walked him to school, too, but she kept her distance a bit, only reaching for him to cross the street.

            “I guess you’re probably too old for this, huh?” she’d said once as they walked, her hand soft and unsure around his.

            “I don’t mind,” he’d said, squeezing her hand and smiling.

            She’d smiled back, ruffled his hair before he ran off and into the building, and when he glanced back as he reached the door she was still there, still smiling, still watching him.

            Truthfully, he didn’t need either of them to walk him to school.  He just—

            He just liked it when they did.

            His first Monday at Barrie he walks alone to the dining hall. Sits alone for breakfast, and makes his way by himself to his first class.

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I'm just curious as to how old you guys are and when you started watching Big Brother

Can you put what season you first saw and your age at the time and your age now in the tags? I really assumed that most fans would be my age because I’m a narcissist but yeah I think I was way off…

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I've always tried to be a paily shipper because I love Emily but I could never get over the fact that paige tried to drown Em... im just curious as to your thoughts on that scene. because I always feel like people forget that fact... no matter what she was dealing with you don't try to kill or drown someone because of your demons...

Well my friend, thank you for asking.

Firstly, let me say, I don’t think you will find a Paily shipper that has forgotten the “drowning”. Lord knows Paige haters don’t let us forget it. None of us excuse paige’s actions or think what she did was ok. Also I will object to your use of the word “drown” because that’s not what happened. She tried to scare her. She held her down for like 5 seconds. Let her up and then snarked at her. Then left. If a swimmer can’t hold their breath for that long, well that’s a problem. That still doesn’t make it ok. I just think her intention is important. She didn’t try to murder/kill.

Here’s what else I know about that scene:

  • Paige was bullied hard by Alison to a point where she self-harmed, wanted to kill herself, and was pushed further back into the closet.
  • Paige had these feelings towards Emily that Alison convinced her was wrong and she didn’t know how to handle them
  • and she clearly handled them the wrong way
  • anyone who has been in the closest will know how scary it is and how you end up doing stupid shit to hide your gay
  • Granted i don’t shove people’s heads under water…but i do “lash” out (for lack of a better word) in other ways
  • Paige was in love with Emily and didn’t know how to handle her feelings (STILL NOT OK TO DO WHAT SHE DID BUT JUST FYI)
  • and most importantly….

PAIGE APOLOGIZED. and not when Emily or others confronted her about it. No. She got on her bike late at night in the rain and apologized. Told Emily that she doesn’t blame her for hating her…because she hates herself too. (like man. a 16 year old making an epic error in judgement and then going and trying to make it right. damn. that’s rare)

Now, I’m not saying an apology absolves Paige of what she did. But, Paige has worked her ass off to show through ACTIONS, which we all know speak louder than words, that she has changed and that she is not the same girl that tried to “drown” Em. She has worked so hard to grow and be better and all I’ve seen her do since then is protect Emily.

For someone that people keep claiming is a horrible person…don’t you think if that were true she would have happily jumped at the chance to join Mona??? Nope. Instead she said no and tried to be the bigger person than Ali.

So ya, that’s my thoughts about that scene. It wasn’t okay. It has not been forgotten. Paige apologized and has changed. People deserve second chances. Including Alison (although that’s a whole other long ass post about my feelings surrounding her)

Side note: Paige haters can’t seem to get over that scene yet:

  • Ezra purposely stalked the girls; knew who Aria was in the bar when he kissed her; wrote a book about them; slept with a 16 year old even though he was her teacher
  • Toby was ON THE A TEAM and only dealt with Spencer once SHE figured it
  • Caleb worked with Jenna against Hanna

….so how come all these boys can be forgiven and given second chances (some of which were WAY worse than what Paige did) and yet Paige is the bad one?