i'm having problems breathing

INTJ problem #40

When there is that one person you cannot help but despise. You could give them a second chance but you’ve already done that. A hundred or so chances in there are no more fucks to give. Instead you accept this person will never be on good terms with you, regardless of their attempts to be. Their very presence is aggravating. Every word out of their mouth a vexation. There is no point trying to conceal your utter destain for their entire being.

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Zelink or sidlink

I love Sidon! Although tbh I never saw anything really romantic between him and Link so I imagine them as best friends who just really are super supportive of each other.

Zelink however,,,,, b r o

I’ve been zelink trash since I was 6 years old it’s too much I love it

a collective post of Lee Pace

so i might be a little obsessed 

but look at him 

can you really 


blame me?!

look at this little fucker (i use the term “little” loosely)

he’s like 6'3"

he can go from this 

to this 

in like two seconds. 

fuck you, lee pace. 



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Hello :) I just saw your post on the king charles spaniel and am wondering, do you think it's ethical to continue breeding them, or other dogs that have such a high chance of health problems? I'm thinking especially very small dogs that have trouble breathing sometimes. Would it be better to let the breeds die out? Or is it possible to continue breeding them in a way that reduces their risk of illness?

The thing about artificial selection is that we can select breeding dogs that have less extreme morphology and better health. Crossbreeding is a fast way to do this, but it can be done within a breed by selecting less extreme individuals. There is always a variation within a population and some individuals will be more or less extreme. Selecting for morphology that results in less structural problems would be highly desirable.

The problem is that on the one hand breed clubs still decide ‘this might be a problem but it’s how the breed should look’ and people who can look at a long, detailed list of problems caused by conformation, brachycephaly for example, and still go “Shut up they’re cute!”

As custodians of these animals I believe we should be doing what we can to improve their health in the future. Historically, we’ve done very little of that, prioritizing appearance over function. That needs to change, and it’s only public pressure that will make that happen.

There are some conditions where the condition is so common throughout a population that it becomes extremely difficult to remove it from the gene pool without causing severe inbreeding, but we can and should still try, it would just take more planning and a longer period of time.

I've noticed a difference in the way I write stories and the way I tell stories...
  • me (writing): And so she resolved to journey to the ruins of the north, for it was there, in the heart of the castle that the enchanted stone resided.
  • me (aloud): And then she's like, "I'm gonna go north to where there's all those broken buildings and shit" cause there's, like, a castle there in the castle there's this weird magic crystal or something.

Do you ever have the problem where you forget to breathe?