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I’m sure the fandom is already aware of the incredible fanfic, The Way He Looks by @gafou! These are just little snippet comic pages of my favorite parts from the story, so there’s absolutely no flow to it.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! I hope you all like it~

feeling blue so I drew something opposite of that feeling 

Michael Rooker, for all the crap I give him, is one of my closest friends in the world and the last thing I wanted to do was to make a movie without Michael Rooker in the future. I almost didn’t do Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 because there was no Michael Rooker in it and I couldn’t see making the movie without him. He means that much to me and I love him that much.
—  James Gunn
A few thoughts on Rumplestiltskin raising Gideon

- I’m 99% sure that Rumple doesn’t remember absolutely anything about the dinner at Granny’s at the end of 6x22. He was too busy looking at Gideon to notice anything else.

- Storybrooke is lucky that Rumple doesn’t like talking about his life, or you can bet that he’d turn into the kind of proud father that takes any chance to show you 342875690379564504769350237459 pics of his son, and talks about him  24/7.

- Imagine Rumple collecting rent with baby Gideon.

- Speaking of rent, Rumple probably has troubles collecting rent, because he can hardly stuff money in his wallet when it’s already filled with the aforementioned 342875690379564504769350237459 pics of Gideon.

- Rumple buying a smartphone with a fuckaton of memory so that he is ready to take pics and video of Gideon at any given moment. The sound of Gideon’s laughter is the notification sound for messages, while his ringtone is Tale as Old as Time.

- Rumple having to buy an external hard disk for his computer, because he has 700 GB of videos of Gideon, including hours of Gideon simply sleeping. 

- Belle and Rumple having dozens of notebooks on which they write basically everything Gideon does.

- Rumple babyproofing the house, the library, the shop and, in a sudden attack of overprotectiveness, accidentally babyproofing the entire town with a spell (Regina doesn’t know if she should laugh or strangle him).

- Someone almost getting killed for daring enter the pawn shop, making the bell above the door ring and waking baby Gideon.

Basically, Rumple being a father is the cutest and purest thing in the world, and I think about it way too often. 

My thoughts on the season finale

Okay so I’ve just finished watching the season finale, and I have a LOT of feelings, so here we go:

- Can we just take a second to appreciate how freaking brilliant the Blindspot writers? Seriously, the way they’ve written Phase 2 has been both terrifying and marvellous at the same time, I don’t know how they do it. They’re all geniuses.
- I know it is a very small moment compared to what happens throughout the rest of the episode, but Jane flashing back to her dream with Kurt while she was talking to Director Hirst absolutely broke me. I mean, here Jane is, being asked what she wants, and the first thing she thinks about is Kurt and just being happy with him? I dunno, but this little moment just hit me hard.
- Speaking of Director Hirst, I freaking love her. I hope we get to see more of her in Season 3, as she already seems to be gelling really well with the team.
- Similar to Jane thinking about her dream, I loved the little 10 second moment where she leaves Kurt a voicemail to say she’s worried about him. I swear to God, these two kill me.
- Not gonna lie, I feel like I didn’t breathe throughout the entire episode, especially when Patterson was trying to stop the satellite. So freaking tense.
- Tasha’s snark with Keaton was brilliant; I loved how she immediately cuts him off every time he speaks, and I loved her little “Since when do we work with the CIA?” comment. Also, she gets shot and then she’s out kicking ass the next day? Damn Zapata.
- Roman. My poor baby Roman. I’m so sad about how he’s ended up at the end of this season, especially when his journey has been so brilliant to watch. It broke my heart when he walked away saying “Goodbye Jane”. Someone please reassure me that he’s gonna be alright?
- Shepherd is without a doubt the most terrifying character I’ve ever met. She’s ruthless, and she’ll quite literally stop at nothing to get what she wants. I’m so proud of the team for capturing her, that was such an amazing moment. Also, I was so happy to see Nas back to interrogate Shepherd. Her hard work has paid off, and she gets to reap the rewards with the team.
- Speaking of the team - oh my beautiful broken children, what am I gonna do with you? I loved the team scenes in this episode - when Kurt refused to let Patterson say goodbye, when Patterson told Jane and Kurt “you’re not gonna make it back” (my heart literally broke), when they all hugged each other when Kurt returned, and then the little moment in Patterson’s lab with the trio. I loved Reade’s speech about being family to cheer Patterson up; it was just so perfect and well written. I’m glad we got to see the three of them working together like last season’s finale.
- Patterson was a literal unicorn in this episode. She made me laugh and cry with her so many times in this episode. She’s such a strong female character, and Ashley plays her brilliantly. Seriously, I could write a six page essay on why I love this angel.
- Kurt’s speech in SIOC, oh my goodness. For a man who only lets one person (*cough* Jane *cough*) see his emotions, he did a damn good job of delivering a victory speech. I’ve loved watching Kurt’s journey this season, he’s come so far and I’m SO DAMN PROUD (Also his immediate worry for Jane made me smile like an idiot).
- The flash forward. Did ANYONE see that coming? Seriously? I’m so intrigued. Why did Jane have to leave Kurt? (I’m convinced that it was her only choice, she wouldn’t just randomly leave). Where’s the rest of the team? Who wants Jane’s attention? How long has Jane been gone for? Jane and Kurt are MARRIED? I can’t. And don’t even get me started on Jane’s glowing tattoos. I have So. Many. Questions.
- Last, and by no means least, the Jeller moments. Oh my god, we were so blessed. The I love you’s (which made me cry, especially Kurt’s), the “I’m not leaving you”, the hug, the hallway kiss…. I could go on forever about it. Jane’s literal dreams are actually coming true, Kurt Weller told her he loved her (he said it first too????) and I’m just so damn happy for them. They’re finally together. If you think back to how we started this season and then flash forward to now, this season has been a painfully wonderful development for them. I just can’t. “This is where I wanna be”. I’m dead.

I have 2 more books in my bookcon authors tbr pile before Friday (Heartless and Red Queen). Only books I want to read right now are the Shatter Me books. Guess who won’t be finishing her bookcon pile. That’s right this girl. So fair warning I’ll probably make a Shatter Me thread because I know I’m going to have strong feelings after reading some of the quotes people post.

Okay so I’m not done with this and legitimately when I have time this summer in the season break, will probably end up writing some Savitar fic and will probably make it coldflash if I do.

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v. give me angst or whump!!

V. An abandoned or empty place.

The blunt blow strikes on his already aching side and Illya is too tired to fight back anymore. Too many hits from too many people. Now the hits only come from one man, but it’s all too much. The sharp kick knocks the feet from under him, and he collapses on the dusty concrete floor. Illya hits his head, temple scrapes on the coarse floor, his blood stains it. The next kick hits his torso, makes him slump onto his broken ribs. Every panting breath of the dusty air is like inhaling fire. He can taste the blood and his tongue can feel the split lip. Vision blurs when he still tries to get up. A new kick makes his body scream in panic when the pain rushes through his bruised flesh. The pain is sharp, cuts him, feels more like knives than kicks.

The sound of the gunshot is relieving. Soon it’ll be over and the pain will stop. Illya lets himself slump back to the dust and dirt and rocks on the floor. He can’t see the man anymore but he can hear footsteps. His eyes try to focus when someone comes closer. He only recognizes Gaby when he already moves his sore arm to cover himself. Her small hands touch him, softly guides his arm back down, when there is no reason to cover from her.

The pale light from the windows of the abandoned warehouse building makes the dust in the air glow around Gaby, and for a moment she looks like an angel who is there to collect him. Her voice trembles when she asks is he okay, when she tells that help is coming and he is going to be fine. It takes a moment for Illya to realize that Gaby’s bullet hit the other man instead of him. Her hand wipes blood from his chin and it’s so soft when everything surrounding him is hard.

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I know this should probably go on my personal blog, but I’m going to post it here because nobody will understand better than y'all.

EXO gives us their everything.

How rare do you think it is for them to see their friends and family that aren’t each other? They are constantly on the go. They never stay in one place long. They are constantly working insanely hard for us.

We don’t deserve all that they give us, yet the give us their all.

A and I both got to see the boys live this tour. They are passionate. They are fun. They are encouraging and happy with each other.

I hope that they get to rest now that this tour is over.

EXO are too incredible to us.

Please never forget how much they love us, dedicate to us, and give for us.

Anonymous said: Have you ever attempted originality? Your entire blog is just the knock off version of sandy-sims with a worse story.

(I edited the ask slightly because it included some very nasty words) Hello there nonny! You may be very surprised to hear this, but I try incredibly hard to make original content. However, I would like to thank you for saying I have anywhere near the ability of @sandy-sims . She was one of my biggest inspirations to create a simblr. Although I’m not half as talented as her, my content may be (((somewhat))) similar (kinda) to hers because it is what I enjoy. The captions, the editing style, and the music on my posts are what I would like and, as similar you may believe it to be, I will not stop doing creating content I enjoy because you used a few swear words. I’m sorry you believe my content is ripping off Sandy because that is most certainly not my intention! 

I believe this is referring to this post which, I agree, is similar to hers, (and by similar I mean we are wearing the same dress and both have cute boyfriends). I would just like to say that it was not my intention to copy her or in any way offend you or her.

the thing about train is that their lyrics are weird and bad in this very specific, kind of perfect way? like, i am by no means saying they are a good band, but their lyrics are horrible in this very specific amazing way that am genuinely delighted whenever they come on the radio because the badness of their lyrics brings me true and real joy.

like, the thing they (and i guess top 40 people) think they’re good at is not the thing they’re good at, but i cannot deny that i gain real and true joy from them.

please watch this


the prickly feeling of change bringing rooms of silence

if i write a poem that believes in itself enough to say
“yes i am tired of silence, then suffering”

from a different room i can hear it calling
“i will be okay, probably, i hope”