i'm having an emotional breakdown okay

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Idk if you've seen that new YouTube video titled "do I have ADHD" by Vox but I looked at the comments (big mistake) and saw so much hatred and misunderstanding towards ADHD but also disorders and illness. part of the video they had audio of a doctor talking about how ADHD is false and I totally had an emotional breakdown about it. Am I making this all up in my head? I don't think me having ADHD is an excuse for me to be lazy or have bad behavior. Idk man I'm trying my best.

This is the video mentioned above.

The fact that there are so many people who completely misunderstand what ADHD is in its entirety and claim so many things with nothing to back them up frustrates me to no end. While I think the video did an okay job explaining the very basic parts of ADHD, comments on these kinds of things are unfortunately something it’s best to stay away from. Most of them are written by people who have a very stereotypical view of ADHD (as mentioned in the video) and seem to think ADHD only means not being able to sit still and constantly being dist– oh look, a bird!*

This is, of course, completely ridiculous. These two things alone don’t even begin to take into account all the ways ADHD affects you. Executive Dysfunction, Emotion Dysregulation, higher risk for comorbid disorders like depression, anxiety, sensory processing disorders, learning disorders; these are just some of the things ADHD does in addition to hyperactivity and inattention. People are worried that ADHD medication can cause depression? How about the fact that girls with ADHD are 4-5 times more likely to attempt suicide? For some reason these people don’t seem to want to admit that ADHD could actually have a huge effect on all areas of your life. There will always be those who think any kid could be diagnosed with ADHD just because 8 hours of boring is impossible for anyone to sit through without zoning out. Frankly, I’d like to ask them how they’d explain the fact that it doesn’t matter where I am or how interesting what I’m doing is; I zone out anyway. 

Then there’s always the people who say that ADHD is a modern disorder caused by social media and technology. Yes, the internet might make it hard to stay on task. The internet also makes it possible to find studies and observations done as early as 1798 that basically describe ADHD (even if it wasn’t called that before the 20th century). I don’t think smartphones and TV’s were an issue back then. I politely suggest that those who think ADHD is a new disorder try this thing called Scientific Evidence when making ridiculous claims. Yes, more and more people are diagnosed with it. The same phenomenon has been recognized with ASD, but studies have found that the actual number of people with ASD symptoms hasn’t changed; only the amount who actually get a diagnosis and help for it. Psychiatry has made huge steps in recent years, especially when it comes to ADHD. Maybe people are just finally getting better at recognizing it. 

I let a lot of pent-up frustration and anger out on this one. But do not feel like you’re using ADHD as an excuse. It is a real thing; there is so much scientific evidence to back that up, it’s not even a question anymore. There will always be people who think they know everything about it. They don’t. The best thing we can do is continue sharing our experiences, being vocal about it, and refusing to let who we are be reduced to a stereotype. Hopefully, as the second doctor in the video said, we won’t even be having this discussion in 20 years. Keep trying your best. Your best is good enough. Don’t let ignorant idiots tell you otherwise. 


*Obviously these things can also be part of ADHD even if they’re stereotypes. I always stop what I’m doing and shout “DOG” whenever I see one, and I never stop fidgeting. But these things are by far the least annoying part of ADHD for me. 

I'm having an emotional breakdown.

My aunt just texted me asking if she told me what Puck said in the garage to my other aunt on Mother’s Day. My other aunt’s mom died a few months ago so she was in the garage upset. Apparently Puck said to her, “it’s okay. My grandma told me my mommy was flat from the car, but I just try not to think about it”.

A) why did the visit supervisor let this conversation happen and/or why didn’t she notify me

B) what the absolute fuck? Why would you even say that

why why why why why why why why
I. Do. Not. Understand.

Puck was asking me about it a few weeks ago (if her mom was flat), but I just figured she put two and two together. The fact that a fucking grown adult put that in her head makes me SICK.

I sound dramatic, but I can’t breathe and I’m so confused and my kids deserve a fucking break and I’m so tired of being the only one who picks up the pieces just to have them continuously smashed.

I can’t do it. I know it’s small, but it feels really big. This is minuscule to what they’ve been through/the crazy shadiness of this case, but this is where I want to throw the fucking towel in. Because what in the absolute fuck.


“It’s not like that. It was just a kiss. And we talked about it later. Kind of. He says he ‘has to think.’ Whatever that means.” She sighed again, this time in a lovelorn way. “He probably wasn’t really into the kiss and is just trying to find a way to let me down gently.”
“Did he kiss you back?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I think I caught him off guard.”
“Jailbait, he’s a guardian. They’re never caught off guard.”

I hate it when you have to stop watching a really cool show on tv, because it’s either on too late or you’re busy when it’s on, and you have to watch ads for it and it’s this really sad feeling, like an old friend you don’t see any more but your other friends keep posting selfies with them and you hit ‘like’ anyway because you don’t hate them but you just feel really left out, you know…except it’s a show and not a person because we’re all fandom loving trash with no social lives

People who wants to read the fan-fiction that inspired a really horribly heart breaking fanart.

Was the pain not enough for you?? Do you want to break hundred pieces of your heart into thousands??? DO YOU WANT TO READ A FIC WHERE YOUR OTP OBVIOUSLY WILL FUCKING DIE?!?”

There’s people confusing cheating and being sexually coerced by someone in a position of power, and I get that it’s a super fine line, but really, someone forcing themselves on your and taking pictures while you have an emotional breakdown isn’t on par with kissing your ex while dating someone new.