i'm having an emotion don't mind me

April is the only one Jackson would let himself be that vulnerable with. April is the one who pushes Jackson to be his best self- and reassures him that he’s an amazing father. April is the only one who could help him say what he needed to say to his father after all these years. 

Jackson Avery and April Kepner have been through heaven and hell together, and you know what? They belong together. 

I have so many feelings about Carlos and how poorly his character is treated, like, he was reduced to Forced Het and convenient sidekick. He almost reminds me of how Winn is treated in supergirl? He’s been through trauma related to his parent that’s never addressed and his intelligence is only addressed when it’s convenient to the other leads. His line in ways to be wicked and his answer to mal’s ‘don’t you miss it’ remark could’ve been developed so much more, his character has so much more potential.

I know that the filming is on for nearly 5 weeks now, but because of all the secrecy, we didn’t really get much so far and so I was excited, curious and all, but were not yet invested emotionally…Well, apparently it takes a couple of tweets and I’m a wreck. I don’t know how this show has such a power over my life but here we are. Gillian and David are all cute and snappy on social media and I’m just…suddenly all very emotional

  1. “So, who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?” Happy 24th The Xfiles and thanks to all the fans!”
  2. 24 years today. Deja vu all over again. Thanks for repeatedly standing in the mud & the rain with me David Duchovny. 
  3. What’s a little mud and rain between partners.

The meaning of these words to them, to the fandom, to the show… I’m just emotional. Very emotional. They are still here, we are still here and our show is 24 years old today and it is coming back and 



This show gave me so much, and it just keeps giving and I love you, I love this fandom and I love love love all my friends who I met because of these two actors and their spooky show that premiered 24 years ago. 

Thanks to these two dorks, who captured my heart long time ago and changed my life forever ❤️❤️

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Rn I'm living on kind of a toxic house for idk how much longer (trying to move out asap) but a lot of things make me anxious/angry/feel all kinds of negative emotions. Could this affect my magic? If so, what can I do to fix that? I can't go anywhere else to do magic and I have to be discreet, my parents are hardcore Christians. I don't want to stop doing witchcraft tho, I really enjoy it even if it doesn't work, it kinda helps me feel better.

It can if you think it will. I assume that’s already a worry in your mind, since you’re asking this question. It’s like how we say doubting your spells can actually help them fail - this is sort of in that vein of thought. If you think it matters, that it will have an impact on your impact, then it can.

A lot of people talk about not needing to be in a calm / positive state when it comes to your spellwork - it really comes down to your frame of mind. Some spells require those emotions to fuel them - mostly curses, but certain spells call for you bring up those things to bind or banish them as well.

So, at that point it’s a matter of letting yourself believe and know that it will not affect your magic, and trying to keep the doubt from your mind. And I know it’s easier said than done, but as long as you keep trying, keep pushing those thoughts, eventually one day it will just be that way (the whole “fake it ‘till you make it” mantra, right?). 

You can still research magic and call yourself a witch, even if you’re taking a break between castings. I mean, it’s been, like, months since I did a “proper” spell, with candles and crystals and herbs and stuff like that. But here I am, still a witch, just focusing on expanding my knowledge at this time. That can be an option if you are willing to wait until you leave the house to do magic, so the negativity won’t impact it. And it makes me feel better too, I feel you.

Otherwise, you have a couple of other options as well.

You can [cast a ward] (tw: gif) around your bedroom - think of it like a layer of thick and potent energy coating your walls, as close to them as possible - so as not to allow any other negativity from the rest of your house in. Here are some more options for warding techniques:

Alternatively, here is this post: [Transmuting Energy: An Alternative to Shielding] (tw: gif as blog header).

From there, [cleanse often] to keep any negativity out of your space, and from you. A discreet cleansing is open up a window and direct the airflow to come in, sweep up any negativity, and bring it back out again. The “light visualization” is also a wonderful way to cleanse a space with no tools. You can also [decontaminate people before they enter your space], an amazing idea brought forward by @stsathyre​.

Self cleansing is also great to help with any negativity you may have picked up in the meantime - you still have to interact with the rest of the house right? Shampoos and body washes can be enchanted simply to help you cleanse as well as clean in your shower. My favorite method of self cleansing is standing out in the rain as it falls - and it’s getting to be better weather (at least where I am), the ideal time for this! 

Discreet practicing comes down to a lot of [energy work], in my opinion - you don’t need any tools, really, just your own body and an understanding of working with energy. I do spells with my intent and tapping debit machines to make them load faster. I also draw down rain by willing it, and some subtle hand gestures. 

Here are some more resources on discreet magic:

* not my choice of title

So. That was a bit of stuff, lol. I hope it can help you or give you some more ideas. Best of luck, anon! :D

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: homestuck is ending tomorrow. Tomorrow. everything andrew hussie has worked towards for seven years is coming to a conclusion on 4/13. after tomorrow we're never getting another upd8, never going to see the characters we watched grow up again. there's never going to be another story like this one again. the fandom is slowly going to grow smaller and move on and stop caring about the incredible world that hussie built. and I know we all like to joke about finally being free from this hellpit, but frankly I'm not ready to say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye to the characters I've loved for so long, to the comic that's shaped me into who I am today. I'm not even close to prepared for this but I don't have a choice. Because homestuck is ending tomorrow aND NOTHING IS O K A Y

Criminal Minds: *has an episode where Hotch’s Awful Childhood is once again hinted at*

Hotch’s voice: *wobbles or outright cracks due to emotion at any point during that episode*

Me: *pauses episode and waves arms around furiously for a few seconds while making distressed “gaaahhh” noises*

i really hope they buried the armour

this is such a random thought to come back to but i just… really, really hope they buried the ‘Meta’ armour

it’s the closest thing Wash and Carolina have to being able to bury an old friend. an old friend both were close to and were deeply affected in different ways by their death

it’d be closure

no one could use that armour again, no one could defile it further. it’d be closure on maine

so i really hope they buried the armour

Well anyway tho, I am going to try to enjoy the season as much as i can, while still being apprehensive. 

An element I hope gets worked into this whole spiral thing Kara is in. 
Lena a lot of times last season really represented kara’s human side. Lena’s episodes were where we saw kara having these emotional, heart felt moments often between her and Lena out of them just being two people who genuinely care about each other and they were often when Kara had to really throw in with her reporting skills. I hope they Lena play a sort of rock for her, and find out she’s supergirl and help get on track to reconciling her human feelings, and balancing out her life again.


so i found out that i passed over seven thousand followers today, and i couldn’t be happier and i’m completely grateful for all of you. whether we talk all the time, or haven’t yet, or you’ve been following me for a while, or only just started, i just wanted to say thank you so damn much.

i wanna keep this brief, but you have no idea how much it means to me to be able to come on here and be surrounded by such amazing people who gush love and support. and i have tears in my eyes writing this oh geez. but you guys are a family to me, and i absolutely love seeing you on my dash, and discussing headcanons and ships and edits, and seeing all the amazing stuff you guys tag me in. i am so thankful to be a part of these communities alongside you guys. 

i love each and every one of you!! thank you!!  xoxo, kylo ❤️

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So apparently Pablo Hidalgo hasn’t confirmed that the bearded rebel on Endor is Rex yet but if it does end up indeed becoming canon then that means he followed both Luke and Leia into the battle that not only redeemed Anakin but also ended the Empire for the most part and I’m having a lot of feels from it just thinking about it

Don’t imagine Chloe waking up to an empty bed and she gets up and finds Beca in their baby’s room holding the child and quietly singing lullabies while rocking in the rocking chair

Do you ever have those days where you’re like, psh yeah I don’t need a man! Ha ha! I love being single 😎 on my own. Strong 💪 independent😤

But then there’s other times where you feel lonely even though you just saw your friends and family hours before, and all you want to do is cuddle with someone and share an emotional and physical connection with a significant other??¿?

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Psychologically speaking (coming from a psychology student) Rin's reaction isn't too off the charts. Its very likely that his mind repressed a lot of what happened or just shut down when things started playing out since your body/mind will go into protection mode when things get too intense or things become to overwhelming. Its likely that he hasn't actually addressed or dealt with any of it. I could be wrong, since I'm very, very new to the fandom. Pls don't throw rocks at me!

Alright, alright. I don’t mean this to sound rude at all, just gonna explain this (because I also have psychological knowledge). 

I’M THROWING ROCKS NOW!!!1!!!1!!1!!11!!

First off, lets take a look at the kind of character Rin is. Unlike Yukio, he’s very emotional. Almost everything he does is built on the basis of how he feels, as exhibited by his behavior in the heat of battle or just everyday situations. For example, let’s look at how he acts with Shiemi at the beginning of the series; he sees Shiemi over-ridden with grief and applies his own emotions to her own, spinning into a frustrated, well-meaning rage. He breaks her flower pots and yells at her in an effort to get her to see that she is wasting away in this garden and that she needs to move on. To me, it almost seems like he’s projecting onto her with his own family issues. 

Shiemi deals with her grief by crying and wasting away with a lot of self blame. THAT’S a realistic portrayal of grief, especially in relation to the kind of character she is. 

But now, you’re telling me that the hot-headed, ever-emotional Rin Okumura ignoring his father’s death and trying to forget and going into “protection mode” is realistic? For Yukio, yes, that’s very realistic. Rin? HELL NO! Not to mention, Shiemi didn’t watch her grandmother die horrifically, nor did Yukio see Shiro do so. Rin did. 

So, let’s place a very emotionally-driven, hotheaded CHILD (because goddammit, Rin is 15, only a little older than me!) in a situation where he watches the man he considers to be his father literally get possessed by Satan (who he very recently found out was his ACTUAL dad and that Satan actually existed in the first place), resulting in said father figure’s fingers getting ripped off in front of him, the flesh of his face and shit literally becoming contorted by heat as blood oozed from every orifice with some crazy eyes going on. Then, make him have to literally sacrifice his humanity and become the thing he has subconsciously feared he was the most (a demon; as shown via subtext in the anime and manga through flashbacks) in order to salvage his father’s corpse and get out of Gehenna Gate. 

Now, a couple days later, have someone who’s supposed to help him tell him that they’re there to kill him simply for being what he was, before somehow managing to get out of there alive and on the path to be an exorcist. Also, have said boy realize this entire family has been lying to him his whole life, making him have an identity crisis. And then, ONE WEEK AFTER HIS FATHER’S DEATH, make him go to a new school, have him find out his brother has also been lying to him,and have said brother tell him to die, blame him for their father’s death, before pointing a gun in his face and threatening to kill him. 

And then, have him be perfectly functional and ready to go after a hot 30 seconds of sadness. 





I’m watching kids right now and they’re being jerk heads, so I’m gonna cut this short. I hope this kind of clears up why I’m so pissed about this right now. 

Thank you for the message!

-Admin Caspar


Can we please talk about how much this hurt’s me please because *internally screams AHRGH* Look at the way he looks at his wings and realises that he’s no longer able to fight so they’ll most likely kill him because he’s not their star fighter anymore, he’s useless to them// The wings thats kept him alive and is probably the only reason he’s alive right now, that he’s learnt to love so much after his childhood, the thing that probably makes him happy?? The realisation on his face just kills me// It was right on where the wing connects to his back an you know he’s not going do anything about it apart from sit there even though he’s in so much pain mentally and physically. i havE SO MANY EMOTIONS 

You don’t know it,
But for a flash of your smile
I could give you my everything.
—  untouchable, m. j.
MBTI types + fictional characters funny quotes
  • <p> <b>ISFJ:</b> "What do you like to do for fun on weekends? Break old ladies' hip?" (Caleb Rivers, PLL)<p/><b>ISFP:</b> "How come he always gets the hug? I'm standing right next to him." (Toby Curtis, Scorpion)<p/><b>ISTP:</b> "I need a pressure regulator." ["What for?"] "...Regulating pressure." (Raven Reyes, The 100)<p/><b>ISTJ:</b> "No blood (donation), no cookie. I didn't make the rules." (Spencer Hastings, PLL)<p/><b>INTJ:</b> "I don't have any feelings and even I am uncomfortable watching this!" (Walter O'Brien, Scorpion)<p/><b>INTP:</b> "So she lived somewhere two months and didn't make any friends? I thought that only happened to me." (Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds)<p/><b>INFP:</b> "Can I please have a little emotional escapism while we trace his phone?" (Toby Curtis, Scorpion)<p/><b>INFJ:</b> "Yelling doesn't help. I don't even have a digital foot in the door." (Sylvester Dodd, Scorpion)<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> "You're like the queen of not helping." (Spencer Hastings, PLL)<p/><b>ENFP:</b> "Do you think this means we're all going to grow two heads?" (Finn Collins, The 100)<p/><b>ENTP:</b> "I can't change the tide if the moon won't cooperate." (Monty Green, The 100)<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> "Meatloaf is about to get your trophy." (Asher Millstone, How To Get Away With Murder)<p/><b>ESFJ:</b> "Stop acting like kids, I'll stop acting like your dad." (Cabe Gallo, Scorpion)<p/><b>ESTP:</b> "Seriously, just because my facial hair isn't exactly as luscious as yours, doesn't mean I can't still kick your ass." (Asher Millstone, How To Get Away With Murder)<p/><b>ESFP:</b> "You look like a strung-out Powerpuff Girl" (Hanna Marin, PLL)<p/><b>ESTJ:</b> "Let's put Max on the stand and have him cry like a little baby." (Asher Millstone, How To Get Away With Murder)<p/></p>
Capricorn- Twenty One Pilots
  • Capricorn Sun & Aries Moon: Heavy Dirty Soul // "This doesn't mean I lost my dream, it's just right now I got a really crazy mind to clean"
  • Capricorn Sun & Taurus Moon: We Don't Believe What's On Tv // "I need to know that when I fail you'll still be here"
  • Capricorn Sun & Gemini Moon: Kitchen Sink // "Think things on the brink of blasphemy, I'm my own shrink, think things are after me, my catastrophe, I'm a kitchen sink"
  • Capricorn Sun & Cancer Moon: Ride // "We have a list of people that we would take a bullet for them, a bullet for you"
  • Capricorn Sun & Leo Moon: Polarize // "I wanted to be a better brother, better son, wanted to be a better adversary"
  • Capricorn Sun & Virgo Moon: Stressed Out // "I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, but now I'm insecure and I care what people think"
  • Capricorn Sun & Libra Moon: Fairly Local // "I truly do have a chance, I’ll switch the beat to avoid yesterday’s dance"
  • Capricorn Sun & Scorpio Moon: Car Radio // "I'm forced to deal with what I feel, there's no distraction to mask what is real"
  • Capricorn Sun & Sagittarius Moon: Lane Boy // "They say stay in your lane, boy. but we go where we want to"
  • Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Moon: Ode To Sleep // "You have no plans for me, I will set my soul on fire, what have I become?"
  • Capricorn Sun & Aquarius Moon: Holding On To You // "Fight it, take the pain, ignite it, tie a noose around your mind"
  • Capricorn Sun & Pisces Moon: Forest // "I don't know why I feed on emotion, there's a stomach inside my brain"