i'm having alec feels today

Do you think that Magnus ever summons Ragnor’s spirit to have long talks with him, because Magnus misses his best friend?

And Ragnor always acts like it’s inconveniencing him. “I have important things to be doing in the afterlife, Magnus.” But then he smiles, and they sit around and talk for hours on end.

Some days they sit in the living room, and Magnus always pours Ragnor a drink even though he can’t, y'know, actually drink it. And they talk about Magnus’s work, and his cats, and the Downworlders he’s always helping. And Magnus will talk about how things are going with Alec, and Ragnor will pretend to be uninterested in Magnus’s love life - though of course he’s listening to every word.

And some days they sit curled up in Magnus’s bed, when Magnus is exhausted from a battle the previous day, or he’s thought up some bad old memories, and Ragnor just holds him while he cries for a bit. Because there’s never been a time in Magnus’s life where he’s been afraid to cry in front of Ragnor.

Sometimes Raphael and Catarina come over to chat with him too, gossiping and laughing like the old days. And when Magnus is ready, he introduces Ragnor and Alec, who sit around and proceed to tell embarrassing stories of Magnus while he cringes in the other room and pretends he can’t hear, then comes in and tells embarrassing stories about the two of them of his own.