i'm having a sleepover with all the girls in town

Being Besties with the Gotham City Sirens

-Having sleepovers with the gals
-literally painting the town blue
-running from the cops while singing Lana Del Rey full blast with the windows down
-late night gossip sessions about everyone
-Selina would totally feel obligated to give you jewelry
-getting a little window terrarium to show Ivy
-Girls nights would either end up with you all in a pillow fort watching TV and eating hella sweets
-or!! You’re all three caught and ALMOST apprehended
-“(Y/N) bring chocolate ice-cream and as many blankets as possible, Harl isn’t feeling well and we’re going to cheer her up”
-“I’ll be there as soon as I can!”
-playing videogames at 3am with the girls
-“Shoot that guy!!!”
-“Harley honey, he’s on our team”
-“OH! I gotcha!”
-honestly you guys would all pretty much be together 24/7