i'm having a rough time the last couple of weeks

i'm so so sorry.

hi. it’s jane. if you’ve forgotten.
it’s been a rough couple of weeks. my parents are separating and being assholes, my grandfather suffered until he finally lost his fight, and the funeral was in the middle of the week so i’m swamped with make-up work. but i’m mostly caught up with the whole work thing, so i should have more time now.
i’m sorry for having been so sporadic during the last few months. they have been some of the worst ever.
thank you for cooperating. and even worrying (you know who you are and even if i haven’t answered your message just know i appreciate it immensely).
i am going to start my inbox over. i’m not going to answer those in there right now, because i can’t know when i received them and it would clog everything up.
i love you all and i’m so sorry.
keep sending messages, i promise i’ll try harder to answer. xxxxx