i'm having a panic and coughing


Funny story, I’m basically my A Cappella group’s music director on this tour now because our last one coughed up blood l o l I am going on legit hiatus art wise for the rest of the week I will have no time. I’ll try to get stuff on here every once in a while but y e a h

hoodiesandwhiskey  asked:

Chris was in a rush. The theater was doing a street performance of Phantom of the Opera and he was running late. As he ran through the streets trying to tie on his cape he looked down for only a second when he crashed into a young man and tumbled until he was practically lying on top of him. "Sorry! I'm so sorry man." he said as he hurried to get off him and help him up.

Ryan wheezed. He’d hit the ground hard enough to have the wind knocked out of him, and for a split second the panic of I can’t breathe threatened to take over. He froze, blinking hard. Panic was bad. Panic meant no control. He couldn’t panic.

Instead, he managed to force a few shallow breaths, enough to keep calm and except the man’s help. “‘Sokay,” he managed, coughing a bit. “'Mfine.”

okay, but get this:

sasuke going to meet sakura’s parents for the first time and during dinner, while her father is talking or saying some joke, his mind wanders and he starts having sex thoughts about, who else, sakura. but then after a few moments he notices kizashi going silent and giving him weird looks and then sasuke panics and thinks, “okay, if you are a mind reader, cough now.”

kizashi looks at him and coughs.


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