i'm having a panic and coughing

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My school knows me as the chick who managed to have 7 desperate ambulances, 9 police officers, and 3 firetrucks all respond because I was having asthma attacks and they had to use the panic button in the classroom 🙃 I had one in each class throughout the year and now I automatically say "I'm okay" after I sneeze, cough or just make a weird noise. In other news, my asthma is much better 😅

At least they’re concerned about you

Early Morning Hours

For @gladnisweek Day 4.

Prompt: Early Morning Hours

Summary: Really it’s just Ignis staring a lot and Gladnis starting the day very nicely.  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Warning: Gets somewhat NSFW towards the end. Descriptive narrative so it may get boring for some.

Also on AO3 here.

The birds had either forgotten how to, or had yet not woken up to start singing.

The silence of dawn was curious. It was different than the quiet at night, and different than the quiet of the day. It had its own color, like the sky; not blue or black, rather an incredible mixture of a wide variety of colors in constant change; from the black to the purple, going through red and orange, yellow tones, even pink here and there, before starting to eventually turn into the blue of day.

Right in those moments, the sky was in that stage of constant change with no definitive color. The light that peered through the curtains was scarce, but its shape and intensity changed along the colors of the sky, both being controlled by every inch that the sun moved up. 

And said light, in constant change, also made of the ink feathers and the lines of muscle look different with each variety. It was not as obvious as it was on the colors of the sky, but the change was there; a shadow that could have been here disappeared after five minutes into the changing light of dawn, and a feather that could have been illuminated enough could have turned darker, depending on how the play of shadow and light moved on the canvas.

Ignis liked to imagine that, if he could record this and if he played it at high speed forth and back, maybe the subtle change of light could make the feathers look in movement, as if though the bird was in plain flight. But he liked it like this; slow, too slow for anyone to notice as it changed, and only able to tell by comparing ‘this moment’ to ‘five’ or ‘ten’ or ‘fifteen minutes ago’. He did have as much time; he had, like usual, woken up too early. 

Gladio always nagged him about his ‘caffeine overdose’, but Ignis never considered that to have any influence on his sleeping habits. He had always been an early bird, so far he remembered. That he was also becoming a night owl did not mean he was not an early bird anymore. He had to admit he got poor hours of sleep, but to him that did not matter; why on Eos would he want to sleep, even if he could, when he had this absolutely beautiful and worth-more-than-any-money-could-ever-pay canvas right at his side, in front of him, for him to admire?

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More Wit

Remus: Oh Merlin…

Sirius: I heard it the other day and thought of you. You ready?

Remus: Go on then… 

Sirius clears his throat, turning his wand around and using it as a prop microphone, Remus rolls his eyes

Sirius: Girl I was it, look past the sweat, a better love deserving of exchanging body heat in the passenger seat

Remus: Come here, you tool

((OOC: Song is Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off by Panic! At The Disco))

Uncertain (OCs sickfic, part 1)

I did it guys! I finally finished something! I’ve been writing this story for months and it currently has a word count of 12400! 

This is a pneumonia fic staring two of my ocs Anna and Jamie. I hope you enjoy :)  

Spring had arrived but only barely, the days were getting longer and warmer but the nights still bit with sharper teeth than a hungry dog. Anna tugged tightly on her coat as she made her way through the trees, the sky was just visible through the trees, a full moon provided a decent light though without a proper torch she still tripped over a fair few branches. When she made it so the clearing she had a few cuts and bruises, something she’d have to lie about later. Anna sat at the bottom of a large oak, her legs crossed over it’s roots. The ground was damp and cold but she didn’t mind, it made a change to be out in nature and away from stuffy textbooks. Normally she didn’t have to wait long but the stars were creeping across the sky with no sign of him. At first she didn’t mind, their meetings were never set in stone and something could have delayed him but after awhile anxiety started to build in her chest. It grow colder and she regretted not bring gloves or at least a scarf. She didn’t know how long she could stay out without arousing suspicion but she didn’t dare leave incase he came and she missed him.

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Funny story, I’m basically my A Cappella group’s music director on this tour now because our last one coughed up blood l o l I am going on legit hiatus art wise for the rest of the week I will have no time. I’ll try to get stuff on here every once in a while but y e a h