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todomomo (first kiss) headcanons (because I'm dying with love for them)

-They get together Senior year of high school, but before they were official a lot of things happened.

-Yaomomo has had a crush on him since freshman year, but she didn’t think anything would come of it so pretended she didn’t find him attractive and his personality endearing

-It was hard

-His shirt burns so easily when he’s not in costume and damn he has great abs

-But she’s staring for purely research purpose!! Gotta check to see how buff he is to come up with a plan to help/beat him in a fight!!

-Yep totally the reason

-and during class he was always one of the first people to notice if something was wrong, whether it was another person or herself.

- She admired how observant he was so much

-She admired so much about him actually, his looks were helpful in liking him, but his personality and actions captivated her so much more

-like how he’s so dedicated to become a hero and seemed to be born to do so in how he speaks and acts (which he actually was)

-and he’s genuine drive to be a better person then his father and how he learns from his mistakes made him so admirably and great in Yaomomo’s eyes.

-She liked him for that and so, so much more

-And all the reasons why she liked him where the very same reasons why she was sure he’d never like her.

-Shouto didn’t realize he had feelings for her for the longest time

-They just appeared one day a couple months before summer and he’s just like “?????”

-He saw her helping some of their classmates with homework and that started him on the thought process of how good of a person she is

-Like she’s always helping everyone in anyway she can

-and she encourages them

-and she’s brilliantly intelligent and is amazing at analyzing villains

-and her quirk is useful for being a hero and she utilizes it perfectly

-and then his heart started racing and he was so confused and concerned

-and after a couple days of his heart speeding up whenever he saw Yaomomo, he decided to ask his mom and sister about it during the weekend, figuring maybe they’d know what was wrong with his heart before he went to medical professionals

-and so he asked when he and Fuyumi visited their mom

-was he overworking himself? Stress? An enemy quirk?

-he hoped it wasn’t an enemy quirk making his heart act weird when he looked at Yaomomo, he liked looking at her

-and his mom and Fuyumi both got kind of excited because he likes someone!!!

-And he’s so confused

-why are they happy?? Do they want him to be stressed or under a quirk??

-and when they explain to him what they think his heart racing means, he’s kind of…. unsure what to think of it.

-he’s never liked a person before, and the only relationship he had was in 3rd year, which Endeavor forced him into for a publicity stunt

-the girl was the daughter of some important hero family, and had liked him a lot more then he liked her

-plus his parents relationship wasn’t the best, so he’s not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do when you like someone

-the only other examples he has are his classmates, and they aren’t exactly perfect role models when it comes to confessing feelings

-so he keeps his possible feelings to himself and tries to make it through the rest of the semester without making it obvious

-he more or less succeeds, though Midoriya, Kirishima, and Ochaco have their suspicions after he slips a couple times

-so they both go into summer before senior year liking each other

-their first kiss happened that summer, at one of the fancy parties Yaomomo’s parents throw (psssst I might be writing a one shot about their first kiss ;)

-Neither of them knew the other was going to be there

-Shouto didn’t recognize the house since it was at the Yaoyozoru’s summer home, and Momo hadn’t checked the guest list

-when she sees him standing off to the side, she goes over to talk with him as quickly as she can without seeming rude to the other guests

-she’s concerned with how distant he is, and he confesses that his mom’s sick and he’s having a hard time thinking of anything else except his concern

-to try and get his mind off of it, Momo asks if he would like to go to the study hall and do some prep work for school, or to just read

- he doesn’t see why they shouldn’t

-Momo isn’t supposed to go into the study hall outside of an allotted time, as she will just spend all her free time in there so her parents lock it and she out of respect for them doesn’t replicate the key

-she respects them but she isn’t above telling them a little white lie

-her mother knows Momo likes a boy from her class and is super paranoid about her getting into a “scandalous” relationship

-so if Momo told the truth, that she wanted to go study alone with a boy, her mother would put her foot down and say no

-so she lies and says she’s not feeling well, and would like to relax in the calming that the study hall is for her

-after getting the key, she and Shouto sneak off to the study hall where they had all the plans to study and read and do nothing else.

-but…. there was a change of plans

-it wasn’t either of their fault! They had been reading different books and just sitting in silence, when Momo had pointed out something she found interesting in the book she was reading

-and Shouto moved closer to read over her shoulder

-and Momo forgot what she was saying as she could feel a little bit of his breath on her

- and as she trailed off, she noticed how close their faces were

-and they both just looked at each other, inches apart

-hearts racing in the dim light

-Momo doesn’t know if she kissed him or if he kissed her

-Either way, they didn’t stop kissing until the butler came knocking on the door, informing her that the party was over and she needed to come say goodbye to the guests with her parents

-Shouto snuck back into the slowly dissolving party easily, while Momo checked and made sure she didn’t look like she felt: red faced and disheveled

-her parents didn’t seem to notice anything, so she was sure she was in the clear, she politely stood by them while they talked to the line of departing guests

-Yaomomo had forgotten she’d have to see him face to face in front of her parents, and was only reminded when she saw him a couple people back in the line

-She did rather well in staying composed, she shook his hand and smiled at him easily, what was hard was not thinking that his hands had been holding her minutes before, and that the lips that were almost smiling at her had been kissing her

-she almost lasted, but then as he was walking away, he looked back at her and with a genuine smile on his lips told her he would see her at school

-Yaomomo’s blushed then, but the thought made her smile genuine in return

-As he walked away, she decided that senior year was going to be much more fulfilling then she had assumed it would

-Yaomomo woke up the next morning with her cellphone going off like crazy: most of the texts where from Mina and Kyoka, who last night Momo had decided to tell that she’d kissed someone,

-she had been overcome with excitement and needed to share it with somebody and those two were the first that popped into her mind

-Momo hadn’t specified who, and that was what the two girls where texting her madly about

-Her heart sped up though when she noticed that one of the texts was from Shouto

-it wasn’t a long text, short and simple and right to the point

- He was asking if she wanted to meet up with him for lunch

-He apparently couldn’t wait for school to see her, and Momo couldn’t wait either

Djwen Headcanons

(I’ll fill up this whole tag myself, damn it)

  • Gwen and Duncan drag their respective partners to one of those annual amusement park Fright Fests. DJ is terrified, but tags along anyways - and ends up spending a good majority of the time clinging to Gwen. None of the character actors approach him - he’s a big dude, and they’d rather not risk getting socked in the face - but there is something amusing about seeing the huge hulking figure cowering behind the petite, dark-haired chick. DJ only dares to venture into one of the haunted mazes, and by the end of that he’s wide-eyed, tight-lipped, and shaking. Gwen, feeling bad about that particular incident, offers to take him home - he doesn’t have to stay - but he insists that he wants to, that he’s having a great time (this latter which is delivered with a tight, too-wide grin). They inevitably end up waiting outside of the park for Duncan and his partner. DJ glumly tries to apologize, but Gwen shuts him up with a kiss. “You might be a little bit of a wuss,” She admits with a fond grin. “But I don’t care.”
  • DJ cooks for her all of the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, whatever. She has tried, time and time again, to tell him that she’s fine, that he doesn’t have to do that, but he does anyways. She resigns to his stubborn insistence with an audible sigh, but secretly she enjoys watching him work - plus the food is delicious. Often they’ll spend mornings sitting on the porch of DJ’s mother’s house, plates of food in their laps, glasses of some kind of juice on the small, rickety little table between them, sitting in comfortable silence and exchanging occasional glances.
  • For no particular reason, Gwen enjoys listening to French music. Her favorite artist is Louane. DJ doesn’t understand it, but he likes that she likes it. So they’ll sit together, her feet propped in his lap, while she sketches or writes in her diary and he reads a book or pets Bunny, with French music playing in the background. More often than not, DJ ends up falling asleep, head cocked back, mouth slack and gaping. And good God his snores are monstrous and nearly drown out the music, but Gwen only grins, shakes her head, and continues writing/sketching (on occasion she’ll nudge him with her foot and he’ll jerk awake with a snort and a blink of his bleary eyes and she’ll tell him about the demon that was trying to crawl out of him in the form of his snoring).
  • The drastic size difference makes things a little weird. Gwen gets annoyed when DJ props his elbow on her head or holds something out of her reach or moves something on top of the fridge - just for the sake of being obnoxious. “And people call you nice,” She mutters, ignoring his cheeky and innocent grin as she tries to fetch whatever he stowed away out of her grasp. She refuses his offers to help (”You did this to me, why should I trust you???”) - always. When they kiss, he either has to pull some kind of yoga pose to reach her, or she’ll hop on the nearest available surface and yank him to her. 
  • Despite his occasionally annoying tendencies, DJ makes for a wonderful boyfriend. Apart from her mom, he’s her biggest supporter - whenever she (tentatively) shows him some of her art, he immediately wants a copy of it - and she was beyond touched when she went into his room and saw a section of his wall dedicated to the pieces she had given him. When she is frustrated or aggravated or just simply tired, he says nothing and opens his arms and she drowns herself in them. 
  • Surprisingly, he’s not the biggest fan of PDA. He does like holding her hand when they’re out together, though, and he’s not afraid to plant a random kiss on her cheek, but he knows how she feels about it, can relate, and respects the boundaries she has. 
  • When accosted in public by the whole Gwen-Duncan-Courtney debacle, DJ rolls with it amazingly. “That’s their business,” He says with a shrug. Gwen does talk to him about it, a lot, often late at night when she’s sleep-deprived, and more prone to wild bouts of emotion, but he doesn’t care one bit. He hates seeing her relive all of that and will offer what comfort he can (often in the form of bear hugs or kisses to her forehead/temple or what advice he can murmur into the top of her head while she leans against his chest). 
Winter (7/?)

Summary: Emma and Killian are together. And then they’re not. And then they’re snowed in.

a/n: break-up and make-up fic exploring the issues they might have after starting a relationship post-finale. :)

Part 1  Part 6  AO3  FFN


(nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key)


It starts to rain heavily as Killian makes his way across town to Granny’s diner, but he barely notices. He is struggling to comprehend much of anything at the moment, because it’s over, and he still can’t quite get his head around that. It’s over, it’s over – Emma Swan is no longer his to love. He isn’t sure how he feels – not sad, not really, it hasn’t hit home enough for him to feel sad. Not angry, either, that will come later. But yet, not numb.

The problem is that she didn’t say it out loud, there was no that’s it, this is the end of us. He read it in her face rather than her words. The look in her eyes that was more tired than anything. And, when he understood, when he took the hint and walked out – the relief.

(And he feels terrible for it, but there is relief somewhere deep inside him too. Relief that the exhausting burden of keeping up a smile, a facade, has been alleviated. He will feel guilty later, he knows, but for now – for now, at least they’re not pretending any more).

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