i'm having a hard time stopping tbh

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Hello Jenny, ur account is so inspiring, so that's why I want to ask u for advice. I'm really hard-working person, but I can't deal with my homework. U know I have to study all lessons and it doesn't depends on what I'll acc pass as my finals. So I was wondering if u know how to help me not starting crying any time I start doing my homework, Bc I feel like I have so much to do and tbh it's really ( I swear) impossible to do. Sorry for the typos I'm Russian tho..


“Cry as hard as you want to but  just make sure that when you stop crying, you will never cry for the same reason again”.

Hi, how are you? 

OMG thank you so so much for sending me this message and it means a world to me hahaha.

Well you need to know one thing is that it’s okay to cry, to feel sad, to feel tired, sometimes. Tbh, I (everybody) have the exact same problem like you and there so too many things that need to get done and we all don’t know where to start. Maybe after you cry you will realize something (like how to do that exercise).

Here are my tips after crying (I hope that it will work):

1.  Determine/Analyze the reason why you can’t do that exercise

2. Make a list of things you need to get done.

3. Create a schedule so you know what to study!

4. You need to get a calendar or planner to see things need to get done or any tests in that week

5. If you have a test make sure that you start to learn at least one week before.

6. If you don’t understand or know how to do that exercises, you need to think first and if you still don’t know how to do it then ask your friends, your teachers, like anybody or just google it!

7. DO NOT DO ALL YOUR HOMEWORK AT THE SAME TIME, SPREAD THEM OUT (like if you have math test on Friday you should start doing your homework at least two or three days before so you will never will feel overwhelmed)

8. If you have so much things to in one day try “Touch it once” rule

9. If you have monday/anyday homework, finish it on the same day

10. Review things you just learned on the same day, the day after and on sunday

11. Take a 5-10 minutes break after 25-45 minutes study

(make sure that you are taking a break not study, and don’t do things that make you procrastinate like watching youtube/movies instead of that you show go around, do some stretching, drink water,etc.)

12. Reward yourself for working so hard

13. Don’t study in dark or in your comfort zone make sure that you have enough light, and your study space must smell good, you can also put some motivation pictures (go to my account to see hahaha ), and know need to have cup of water on your desk

14. Study with your friends can also help you too!

15. Get enough sleep and eat healthy food!

There will be more but I can remember so sorry!

Have a nice year!

p/s: my grammar is not really good:)

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Hello~ Dropping into your ask box to say I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SOOOO MUCH~ I love how you draw the eyes, though. Those little hearts in them always get me. So cute~. I never knew I had a thing for piercings until I saw that artwork of Yoosung. I love how you draw him, btw. I especially love bad boy yoosung! I've been wondering tho, does bad boy yoosung's (dirty) interests similar to what's in the game? (I'm getting thoughts~ many thoughts~) I hope you day/night is going well~! :D

!!! Thank you so much! haha Drawing hearts as the pupils became pretty addictive tbh– it’s hard to stop aha and don’t worry, I love it when guys have piercings! Idk the look of it is really cool. I hope you have a great day too!

But Yoosung’s dirty interest? Like how he’s a masochist?? Then yes, bad boy Yoosung (LMAO) definitely has the same interests. Whenever he accidentally hurts himself, he REALLY likes the attention he gets from the MC. There are times he intentionally hurts himself (like not full out bleeding), but for example, he made hot coffee or instant noodles, and rather than waiting for it to cool down a bit, he would burn his tongue. When that happens, he calls MC over because it’s an emergency and she rushes to him, asking if he’s alright. He does a fake pout and tells her that he burnt his tongue, and basically asks her to do this:

Despite his inexperience with relationships, you’d be surprised how bold he becomes the longer you go out with him. You realize that he’s the type of person that really… and I mean REALLY likes getting physical. He just likes touching you at all times, even if you guys aren’t doing anything sexual, he likes holding your hand, wrapping his arms around your waist, giving quick pecks on your cheeks while you’re sleeping, etc. He’s like a cute lil bunny at first, and then transforms into a sneaky fox.

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I've really gotten into bnha! it's such a good manga, I stopped at chapter 117 and I have to say I'm a bit confused about Bakugou (tbh I can't really say I like him that much, he's kinda annoying) did he know about one for all the whole time? Is he jealous of Izuku?

That’s totally awesome dude! you have fallen into bnha hell and now you’re like the rest of us ouo

Please do not hate Bakugou, he might be a little hard to understand, but he’s a real sweetheart. As for your question, no he didn’t know about OFA when Izuku indirectly told him about it the first time. When Izuku first told Bakugou about his quirk, Bakugou thought he was just talking nonsense,

he shrugged it off and he didn’t bother to think about it because he was still pissed off about losing the hero vs villain training stuff. What I think is that Bakugou continued to watch  Izuku grow and get stronger, more confident, and brave. Then, he probably thought “maybe what Deku said about being entrusted with a quirk wasn’t just a load of bull” of course he didn’t think about All Might entrusting Izuku with his power because All Might doesn’t break his bones after he uses his power…. at least until Izuku stopped breaking his body and learned how to control his quirk better in less than one week.

I think this was where he was totally convinced that Izuku was telling the truth about being entrusted with a quirk, he didn’t say it but I feel like this is what he was  thinking. He probably put some more thought into it afterwards but he still couldn’t put his finger on it.

AFO said All Might had gotten weaker… and that obviously means that they knew each other before.

Bakugou found out that they probably had some kind of connection in the past from listening to their conversation, but he couldn’t exactly trace it back to Izuku just yet. While he was worried about All Might, he was probably thinking about Izuku at the same time. All Might getting weaker… Izuku suddenly getting a quirk… of course Bakugou knew that giving your quirk to someone else was physically impossible. But then, Ragdoll lost her quirk, and AFO had the ability to literally take away people’s quirk at the snap of a finger, plus the Noumu had multiple quirks, so the odds of passing on a quirk to someone else were pretty high.

This is where Bakugou was finally able to connect the dots together, All Might sent a message that everyone interpreted as a victory, but only Izuku was able to interpret it differently from everyone else. At first, I used to think that maybe Bakugou was feeling sympathetic for Izuku here, since All Might would probably never be the same and Izuku loves All Might so much. But no. He was like  “oh. He really did give his power to Deku” so the next question on his mind was “WHY?”

Bakugou knew about All Might and Izuku since the Kamino arc, but he just wanted to hear it from one of them. I mean look at his face here.

He even asked All Might but of course All Might didn’t tell him directly (I also think that All Might had a feeling that Bakugou was finally able to put the pieces together) so going to Izuku was the next best option, because Izuku, being the timid boy he is, would definitely tell him what he wanted to hear.

I don’t want to say anything that’ll be a spoiler for you (you are at one of the best arcs in bnha right now)… it’s not that Bakugou felt jealous or anything… he was just like questioning his goals, and his choices because he was like:

They both looked up to All Might, they both aspired to be a hero, but Bakugou was always stronger, he was always better, but All Might saw Izuku, he chose Izuku instead even though Bakugou admired him just as much as Izuku did. I do think that he felt a little pang of jealousy at a point… but he was mostly pissed off at himself above all. If OFA was passed onto Kirishima, and Bakugou found out about it, he wouldn’t really be bothered by it. But the fact that it was someone he’d known for a long time, and the fact that that person who just happened to be a weak good for nothing was chosen…. irritated him.

It’s not Bakugou’s fault that he’s like this, he’s just used to always being the best, he grew up constantly surrounded by praise, he was never scolded for being an asshole… and all of this just led to him getting an inflated ego. That is, until he got into U.A. It was U.A that made him realize that there are people stronger than him, it made him realize that he wasn’t the best anymore and he couldn’t get away with doing anything that he wanted.

Bakugou attacked Izuku in middle school, in front of the teacher but the teacher just shrugged it off as a bunch of kids messing around, because he didn’t even think that there was a way for Izuku to get into U.A either. Bakugou literally ran out to attack Izuku in front of the whole class again at U.A, but Aizawa stopped him unlike his middle school teacher. After this, his world continued to crumble around him, first he lost to the boy who he NEVER EVEN IMAGINED HE’D EVER LOSE TO IN HIS LIFE.

The poor boy almost had a mental breakdown here, this was the second time he was being humiliated, with the first time being with the sludge villain. Things just went south for Bakugou throughout his first months in U.A.

Then, in the sports festival, all he wanted was a simple victory, he just wanted to win so he could showcase his power to the world. He wanted to earn it. But Shouto just stood there, he didn’t take him seriously (even though it wasn’t actually his fault because he had a lot of things on his mind), but he took Izuku seriously, Izuku of all people, when he was clearly stronger than him, but Izuku somehow managed to get Shouto to use his fire. It’s as if Shouto didn’t even care about winning anymore, because he literally just stood there and allowed Bakugou to push him out of the ring.

It’s like Shouto just let him win, and a false victory is not what Bakugou wanted. 

Then there was the hosu arc, Bakugou chose Best Jeanist for his field training because he was one of the top 5 heroes in the world, and that seemed like a great way to gain popularity, but what did he get?

A freaking make over and tight jeans?! He didn’t even do anything worthwhile with Best Jeanist, and then Izuku suddenly got stronger out of the blue. Then of course there was the Kamino arc, and All Might losing OFA. Bakugou felt responsible for that 

The hero world changed in one night, and All Might probably would’ve still had his power if he didn’t get kidnapped. Right here, he’s in shock, and he’s just feeling extremely guilty.

Even his mom said he was the reason for everything that happened. Although this was portrayed as a humorous scene, it still must have hurt him a lot.

The hero license exam arc was a good way for him to get his mind off of the whole incident in Kamino, but even during that arc he was constantly being reminded of everything that happened. Like here:

I don’t think that he was mainly angry at Izuku for saving All Might here, sure he was pissed off at the fact that Izuku saved the day again, but I think he was just feeling bad because he literally just caused All Might to lose his power and now he was responsible for All Might almost getting crushed by a boulder. He was angry at himself.

Even after he failed, they still reminded him of the fact that All Might can no longer be All Might because he “fell”, and he felt that it was his fault. The whole reason why the exam was conducted was because, the heroes needed all the help they could get from people with quirks suitable for acting as heroes (since you can’t use a quirk without a license or qualification) because All Might was no longer round to help. 

The poor boy had to carry this guilt throughout the exam, and after that he just had a bunch of emotions that he desperately wanted to get off his chest. Bakugou is a good guy, he’s an awesome character who’s been through so much, he’s gone from saying that he’s better than everyone else to encouraging his friends. 

This is just me babbling about how awesome Bakugou is because I really, really want you to like him… anyway chapter 118 will most likely change your opinion about Bakugou though.

Tom wasn’t in drag, it wasn’t meant as drag. Just because you put on female clothes doesn’t make it drag. He was impersonating Rihanna and making a performance out of it. It was funny. But he was doing a serious performance. But yeah, it was kind of a joke, because it was an impersonation. People are interpreting what he said way too hard. I’m sure you haven’t said anything insensitive ever in your life when you didn’t mean it right? I’m sure you have. It’s time to grow up people. There was nothing offensive about what Tom said unless you twist his words. Period.  Give him a break or just stop being fans. You don’t deserve him and he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

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i really do understand why brendon's not doing signings anymore. they've been saying since the beginning to chill the fuck out and most people arent listening. the boy has anxiety and people are actually screaming at him. it's not like it only happened a couple times either, it's hundreds of people every night. i'm surprised he didn't stop earlier tbh

Okay agreed. I feel like there were a lot of other people saying he should just deal with it but I mean if you don’t like something it shouldn’t matter what your social status is. I was reading an article about it and they ended it with “it must be so hard to have a bunch of girls screaming they love you” and it was obviously sarcastic and I was just. Hm. Didn’t like that salt.

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How do you resist food? I'm trying so hard to lose weight and to resist the chips and cookies in my house and fast food that I crave on the daily basis. It's just so hard and I give in almost every day and I'm fat because of it. I almost always skip my workouts too. I want to eat chips so badly right now, how do you say no? I want to finally be that girl who's getting smaller and smaller and reaching all of her goals, but I just keep messing up. It feels impossible.

It isn’t impossible. The beginning is very very hard but after an amount of time (some say 3 days and some say longer) you automatically stop craving these foods and your cravings fade. It’s proved but I’d have to inform myself about it first before I can tell you more. Well tbh Idk how I did it. I guess I just had enough willpower.


Okay so there is so much going on here

I find it so funny that there down with the routine by now they know somethings gonna come alive and teach them something

I totally thought it was gonna be this globe tbh, it seemed to be a recurring theme and the next logical step


Bap, stop talking yellow boy it is computer time



this poor little lap top, he prolly would have sung about the necessity of de-fragging your hard drive or something, whats his story, whats his deal?

SHHHSHHhshhhhshhhhh shhhhhh red man shosh it time for computer

did i say u could touch me

ALSO WHATS WITH ALL THE OATS???????????????????

i try to avoid getting into discussions about anything vaguely political with my parents bc they never take the time to actually look into issues but whenever it happens and i disagree with them they always say something like “you think you’re so open minded but you won’t even consider my opinion” and it’s just like. hilarious to me honestly. i don’t think im open minded, i know im educated about those topics and for me to consider someone’s viewpoints when they have no idea what they’re talking about is completely ridiculous. like imagine that “why don’t we just print more money” kid from every high school economics class trying to solve americas debt problem. then you’ll understand why im not taking your stance seriously.

tl;dr why is it so hard for some people to say “i don’t know enough about that to have a real opinion on it”

I'm so sorry 😣

I’m so sorry everyone but I think I may have to stop with the birthday drawings… I’m so sorry!! It’s just I have collabs to do!! And tbh I’m not happy with how I draw… I need to keep practicing until I’m happy!! I’ll try to do some birthday drawings though!! And the problem is that everyone’s birthdays are so close together it’s hard to get them done in time and then I’m stressing about it and panicking 😣 so I’m so so sorry everyone!! I still love you all though!! And I can do requests if anyone wants to request me to draw something!! I’ll take 5 requests at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed!! Again I’m so sorry everyone!! 😣 I hope you can all forgive me…