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♬ That moment when Mark is done the series yet your still drawing stuff for episode 3. Anyway Mark RE7 series was a blast to watch either way so much fun to draw ♬



Guess someone’s gonna have a good birthday ;)

I had a blast drawing this!

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Oh, no, I ain’t your hero
You’re wasting all your faith on me
Oh, no, I know where this goes
Think it’s safe to say your savior
Doesn’t look a thing like me.

Think about how the sound of Harry’s solo album is an extension of Made in the A.M., a natural progression from that, and think about how Niall’s stuff is a natural progression from Four, and then think about how Louis made sure the songwriters were allowing them musical and lyrical input on the songs on those albums. Making them more their own than maybe the label or songwriters wanted. 

When you think about it in that context, you’re like WOW, Louis really took one for the team then and he’s still doing it now, allowing Niall and Harry to make this music they were making before, but take it and make it their own and have a blast doing it with supportive fans who loved it and understood the sound!

I’m not saying that Louis helped make that happen, but Louis helped make that happen. 

It’s time for people to start recognizing Louis for that and recognizing he has paid a steep price for that. 

Can’t touch this WIP

sometimes I forget I can still animate - this was actually Hug-bee’s idea (http://hug-bees.tumblr.com/) to take some audio from Dexter and put Toffee with it (because they’re both Michael C. Hall) just for giggles.

And I actually was putting effort in the beginning but late nights devolve into silliness

bonus Ludo loop

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Can we get some jealous Keith?

decided to make this one kinda go along with the “beauty chat” from earlier lmao 

(p.s. i’m so glad jealous!keef is getting more love because honestly it’s super fun to do… don’t get me wrong i’ll always be a jealous!lance girl but this is a blast lmfao)

“We should start a band”

I went to see Power Rangers last week and now I want at least another 20 hours of just the kids hangin out and letting their #friendship grow. I want more interactions between Trini and Billy, more Kimberly and Zack, and Jason totally being the mum friend. And maybe more Breakfast Club parallels.

When the go go Power Rangers theme started blasting, my entire row (which were all people in their mid-20s and up) just screeched with glee and it was the best thing ever.

tbh i could not imagine being joined at the soul to an ancient spirit that becomes aware of like everything i think and do. I can only picture it going like this:

spirit: please…,,,
my brain: taaaaaaake onnnnn meeeeeeee (take on me!) ta-
spirit: ….. please….. stop…….
my brain: -ke mE OONNNNNN!!!
spirit: it’s been three hours please
my brain: i’ll BE GOOONNNEEE!! in a day or TWOOOOOOOOOO
spirit: AHHHHHH

spirit: do you really need to eat FOUR zebra cakes?

me: Sorry, gold doesn’t go with the my outfit today