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It is so surreal to think my OTP is getting married tomorrow. In one day. Less than a day, now, actually.

It’s not that I’ve never had married ships before, or never viewed one of my ships get married, it’s just never been quite like this. It’s never been so big a deal - both to me personally and in terms of focus within the show itself and promotion from the network and media. It’s just that it’s usually been a blip in an episode with very little build up (Danny and Lindsay in CSI NY), or in some weird, rushed, not-quite-real moment right before a shows cancellation (Richard and Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker), or happened long after I had fallen behind and stopped watching the show (Booth and Brennan).

And I’ve never waited so long for it. Most ships that I’ve shipped for as long or longer as CS never got married on screen. It happened in the ending of the book, or they were married at a point before a series-ending flash forward - things like that.

There’s also the fact that I’ve just never shipped something with quite the same intensity and joy and dedication as I have Emma and Killian. I don’t think anything in my time as a fangirl has ever felt as long awaited or earned or magical as this occurrence with this ship (okay, the moment Ron and Hermione finally got together might be comparable - that was a long wait and an epic moment of payoff and happiness). And I don’t know that I’ve ever had an OTP with such focus or love given to it by the writers, cast, and creators of their story. And any weddings have certainly not been so important, grand, or special an occasion as the writers and ABC have made Captain Swan’s.

This is pretty much something entirely new and special for me and I’m loving it. I cannot wait for tomorrow!

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I have to say Julie picked the worst time for evak to hold hands tbh like she knew evak fans wanted that and knew most of the fandom would have a meltdown but?? this clip was suppose to be heartbreaking? It was heartbreaking but all I see is happy tweets because evak finally held hands? I'm not saying i didn't like evak holding hands because hey I love these boys and I'm so happy for them but it's just too much?? horrible timing. she should of just made evak stand with the boys or something.

Its like i wrote this, i agree. The timing……… first its the 21:21 a day before the hiatus ended, then evak holding hands in slo mo for like 5 seconds. All these things would totally be chill with me if it didnt happen at these moments??? Evak could have been holding hands and standing with the boy squad even, that could have made it lowkey. That insta pic - altho i understand why- didnt have to be posted on the 21st of may lol, 21:21 can be on any day and everyone would still go wild about it (not to mention it looks like it was a spontaneous decision by mari to post that)

all these evak moments would have made me beyond ecstatic, if only they weren’t part of moments where we were supposed to be focused on sana’s pain. If only they didnt make 95% of this fandom completely forget about sana. It wasnt even that these evak moments were ‘big’ bc they’re not. They’re not even taking up much screen time. But still, a 5 second scene of them holding hands vs the rest of the clip of sana in pain was enough to ignore sana bc 'evaKk!!!1111!!’ So yeah - screentime wise they’re not big at all, but this fandom? This fandom makes their 5 seconds suddenly add up to 6 mins bc what else was in the clip? Idk, sure not sana suffering.

And i dont want anyone to tell me im exaggerating bc im not. I’ve looked on people’s blogs and tags, ive seen how the only one mentioned is isak and even, ive been disappointed bc they were people who were so supportive during the posts3 hiatus. But once evak comes on screen its all unsurprisingly forgotten, some cant even mention sana ONCE on their blog, only having her on their blog when its abt isak lmao im sick of it.

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Hello and how are you doing? Could you do baby headcannons for Jack, Genji, Roadhog, or Reinhardt? Or if there s/o was pregnant? Just do who makes you comfortable, it's your choice! The sweeter the better please and thank you! (If it's too much, I understand! I'm sorry but I hope you have a good day!)


I’m going to put a read more link because it’s very long.

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Later, when they had made their back to the surface and her anger had cooled, the princess took the girl aside and sat her down. “Elia, this must end,” she told her. “We are not in Dorne now. You are not with your sisters, and this is not a game. I want your word that you will play the maidservant until we are safely back at Sunspear. I want you meek and mild and obedient. You need to hold your tongue. I’ll hear no more talk of Lady Lance or jousting, no mention of your father or your sisters. The men that I must treat with are sellswords. Today they serve this man who calls himself Jon Connington, but come the morrow they could just as easily serve the Lannisters. All it takes to win a sellsword’s heart is gold, and Casterly Rock does not lack for that. If the wrong man should learn who you are, you could be seized and held for ransom–“

“No,” Elia broke in. You’re the one they’ll want to ransom. You’re the heir to Dorne, I’m just a bastard girl. Your father would give a chest of gold for you. My father’s dead.”

“Dead, but not forgotten,” said Arianne, who had spent half her life wishing Prince Oberyn had been her father. “You are a Sand Snake, and Prince Doran would pay any price to keep you and your sisters safe from harm.” That made the child smile at least. “Do I have your sworn word? Or must I send you back?”

“I swear.” Elia did not sound happy.

“On your father’s bones.”

“On my father’s bones.” ― Arianne II, The Winds of Winter.


Happy 21st birthday to the beautiful @sinuyasha !!! 💖🎉

On December 19th 2013, you and I talked for the first time on that sonic blogger’s post and 3 years later, we’re still friends!! :’) I still remember how we bonded because we had a lot in common (being late to join the iy fandom.. being the same age… etc) and today you’re still the first person I go to when I want to talk about anything!! (from kpop and blog aesthetic to politics and news lmao!!) Please don’t ever change because you are such a bright light in the fandom, always being nice and welcoming to everyone and never failing to make us laugh!! You’re always there for me when I need someone to talk to and I hope I can do the same for you because you deserve all the happiness in the world ♥ You’re super clever, talented and pretty and don’t ever think otherwise!!


Know You // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer Reid coming out as bisexual to his best friend, Y/N.

Requested by: the lovely @aboynamedgube

A/N: No romance in this one, just good ol’ friendship.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. - Elbert Hubbard

It was Saturday morning and the day had started off well. The weather was pleasant, the sun shining enough to provide a comforting warmth and the breeze cool to keep everyone from overheating. You’d grabbed coffee with Spencer at your preferred coffee shop before dragging him across the city in search of a dress to wear to a family member’s wedding that weekend. You’d already stopped by many shops and were unable to find something that pleased you, but Spencer was being a good friend about it. He simply smiled and gave honest opinions for the most part, telling you when something looked off or wasn’t particularly his favorite.

“How do I look Spence?” you asked as you walked out of the boutique’s dressing room in a fairly simple blush dress. It flowed in a soft way, draped expertly to accentuate every curve of your body. You came to a stop in front of the mirror and twirled around, examining how it fit on you.

“Spence?” you asked again as you realized you had gotten no response from your best friend. You turned your attention towards him, noting that he was seated on the small sofa you had left him at but his head was turned elsewhere. You followed his gaze and finally landed on the cute male cashier who was currently ringing up a few customers.

Spencer had been staring at the young man the entire time you had been attempting to zip up your dress in the fitting room. The man was handsome with light brown curls and green eyes that seemed to light up the room. It was quickly made obvious that he was the favored employee by the way customers flocked to him when he was on the floor, asking for help in their own clothing decisions.

"Spencer,” you called out again, this time successfully grabbing his attention. His head whipped towards you as a small blush spread throughout his cheeks at being caught staring.

"You look great,” he quickly said with a smile.

"You said that about the last three dresses,” you replied through narrowed eyes. He sighed and nodded, knowing well that you were right. "Spence, if there’s something on your mind we can talk about it.”

Spencer remained quiet for a moment as he looked at you. There you stood, his beautiful best friend who not once ever judged him for any of his quirks. Who was always by his side. You were someone he loved dearly, and there was no one who he trusted more.

"Okay,” he sighed softly as he motioned for you to take a seat beside him. You sat down and watched as he took deep breaths as he collected his thoughts. You could tell he was nervous by the way his eyes were glued to the floor, his eyebrows knit together as he struggled to piece together words.

"Spencer, this is me. You can tell me anything,” you assured as your hand reached out to hold his. A small smile broke across his face at the simple yet immense gesture. His body relaxed.

"I know that,” he replied with a grin. His hand tightened around yours as he gulped nervously. “I’m…I’m bisexual, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened slightly in surprise before a broad smile flashed across your features. This wasn’t exactly out of the blue. You had always had your suspicions with his subtle stares at attractive men, but could never bring yourself to ask. You always figured he would tell you whenever the time was right.

"When did you know?” you asked, unable to mask the excitement in your voice. Spencer smiled at your reaction. He wondered why he had even been nervous in the first place when he knew that you would never take it in a negative manner. Instead you were bouncing in your seat wanting to know everything.

"Morgan. When I first joined the BAU I had a slight crush on him,” he admitted sheepishly. “That eventually turned into a more brotherly love, but I realized the attraction to other men still remained.”

It was true. He’d held a crush on his friend since his first days as a BAU agent. He was sure Morgan knew although he’d never mentioned it- a fact Spencer was now grateful for.

"That’s great,” you replied as you threw your arms around him in a warm embrace. “This is so great and I’m so happy you told me. I love you so much, okay?”

Spencer relaxed as his own arms wrapped around you tightly, feeling weight lifted off of his shoulders at finally voicing aloud something he had kept hidden.

"I love you too,” he replied sincerely. He’d always adored you, and having you be so accepting only made him love you even more. He buried his face into your hair, the smell of your shampoo ever so comforting, and smiled.

Ok, Ally giving Austin her songbook is a big deal. That songbook is even older than their friendship. It has probably every song that Ally has written for Austin or that they’ve written together. But even more, we know from season 1 that Ally also often uses that book like it’s a diary. That’s how Austin and Dez read about her crush on someone all those years ago.

Think of all the things that she’s written in there since then. All the things she might have written about Austin or their friends. And considering that Austin was just in awe that she was allowing him to touch the book, let alone have it, I assume that he’s never seen anything in that book that Ally hasn’t meant to show him. So not only is that book full of memories, but it’s probably full of Ally’s thoughts on things that Austin’s never seen before.

Just think about Austin, the first time he really starts missing Ally, pulling out her songbook and beginning to read through their journey, and just sitting in his bus crying because his misses her so much. (Or even worse, him going back through it after they’ve broken up.)

And then remember that they got back together and lived happily ever after because the previous thoughts are just too heartbreaking and those two are together and happy and I’m sorry I made you think about something less than happy.

Imagine Barry telling your friends Cisco and Caitlin that you two are dating

Barry: *whistling* Hey guys.

Cisco: Why are you so happy?

Barry: What do you mean?

Cisco: Oh, I’m sorry. I mean, why are you happy?

Barry: Well, I have some news for you guys. (y/n) is my girlfriend!

Caitlin: So?

Barry: So… she and I are finally dating. You guys basically teased us every day for it.

Cisco: Yeah, big whoop you guys are dating.

Barry: *confused* Aren’t you guys supposed to be jumping up and dancing around the lab or something? *realizes they already knew* *gif*

Cisco & Caitlin: C’mon Barry. You guys made it so obvious already.

(not my gif)


So I have finally dyed my hair!! I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s kinda purple/blue-ish color which I absolutely love! 

The other day, my blog hit 700 followers! I know, it's not a 
giant deal, but due to the fact that ehhh, I'm bored, I haven't done this yet, and that I want to show some of my favorite
blogs on here, I decided to finally do some work and make myfirst follow
First though, I figured I'd put some cheesy foreword or something:
Before I joined tumblr last October, I was just kind of... I don't
know -bored with everything I guess? I didn't have too many
friends with the same interests or anything, so I only felt really comfortable and happy with one or two of them... But when I
joined tumblr, I learned that really, I wasn't that odd, and I
even made some really good friends on here! Also, I've
learned so much from everyone on here about understanding other people and stuff like that. So, as I much as I may say
that I hate tumblr or how it's a waste of time, I'm still happy I ended up joining and getting to know some of you. Also, even though I don't know anything about a lot of you, I seem to
have memorized a lot of your URLs, so... I guess that
just shows how much I enjoy all of your all's posts!
Well, enough of that nasty, cliche crap.
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Bold - Friend
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At first, I had zero interest in Splatoon because I was expecting Super Mario Sunshine HD at last year's E3 and felt let down. Your M(ink)u art convinced me to check Splatoon out and give it a try, and I'm so glad I finally gave in and played it. I want to personally thank you for being the cause of Splatoon entering my life. You are officially the Squid Princess.

I get a crown right? No but really that’s super awesome to hear, anon! I’m so glad that my art made you wanna try it and now you’re having fun with it!~ Like just ahhhh that makes me so happy that my art played a role in showing someone something cool they enjoy now! >w<


heaven and home | for an old, old story, spinning itself out in endless kaleidoscopic iterations. told in three parts.

part i : let there be (an angel falls. a messiah is named. a disciple meets their prophet. something is born and the earth shivers.)

o1. At The Beach David Wingo 
o2. Hutterite Mile Sixteen Horsepower
o3. Celestial Phildel
o4. Gethsemane Dry The River
o5. Believing Makes It Easy Shearwater
o6. Sun In Your Eyes Grizzly Bear
o7. Belfast Child (Simple Minds Cover) Sydney Wayser

part ii : pass from me (it is an unbearable ache on your knees in the garden. it is a long forty days waiting for your christ to survive the desert. it is dark and cold in the belly of the ark.)

08. Sarajevo Max Richter
o9. Jordanna Ola Podrida
10. Facing Demons Zack Hemsey
11. Dead Hearts Stars 
12. Wild Swans Shall Never Be Cnquered Tiago Benzinho
13. The Humbling River Puscifer 
14. Acoustic Tale 1 Field Rotation  

part iii : it is finished (there is a rustle of feathers. a sigh down the length of the cross. an olive branch. a shining face, waiting beyond the tomb.)

15. Hands, Be Still Ólafur Arnalds
16. Something For Myself Dark Dark Dark
17. King David Wingo
18. See How Man Was Made Josh Ritter
19. The Universe Gregory Alan Isakov
20. Rebirth Hi-Finesse
21. Sun Sleeping At Last


Oh, look…everything goes as fans would like it to go…. Everything is perfect, finally we will get what we all wanted and wished for! They will have a happy ending, I should be happy and in tears of joy!


On second thought, this is Old Xian we’re talking about… we’re going to get screwed again just because…like before…something bad will happen… They will misunderstand each other again, it will not go down smoothly… DAMN YOU OLD XIAN YOU MADE ME SO MISTRUSTFUL I CAN’T EVEN ENJOY THIS WITHOUTH WORRYING ABOUT THE NEXT DOWNHILL FUUUUUUUUUuuuuuu

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omg guys I managed to make my first gifs. I’ve tried before but it never really worked, something always went wrong, but this time I did something right?? Don’t reblog this lol it’s not supposed to be anything serious, Call Me Baby was just something I already had on my computer instead of downloading something new. But man! It look me waaaaaaay too long to make just these two. I have a newfound respect for those gif makers who can gif videos only minutes after their release. How in the world do you do it?!
Though it’s probably just me being a gif-making-noob and doing everything super slow lmao. But there! I made gifs. Just wanna show them off because I’m happy that it worked finally hehe~


Because Victoria loves dragons…
Finally I made something from my story.
I create my own fantasy story with magical creatures…..so Victoria is very happy ;)
OCs by me

I can’t believe I got an anon saying this is not a big deal, excuse me, put yourself in his shoes, will ya? Think about you loving something since you were a little kid, all your good memories comes from this and then you grow up and against all chances you manage to be someone important and you finally have the money to help that something that was so important to you your whole life and when you think you’ve helped them and everything is settled and you’re already so happy because you can’t believe your childhood dreams are coming true and the world will get to know what made you so happy for so many years then it all falls apart because someone misled you, how would that make you feel?

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Kishimoto likes Karin, but he would never do something like that. I'm sure Sarada is Sakura's daughter. I think Karin died helping Sasuke or something like that, that's why she has her glasses.

Does he though? He treats her very weirdly. And forgets about her often. He was forced to create Taka after all, so I wonder if he even cares about them still. Hell, he gave Karui a happy ending and they appeared more often than she did. The others pretty much disappeared.

Idk what happened to Karin, but I was hoping she and Suigetsu and Jugo would have stayed together for a while. And Suigetsu would have finally made moves on her lol.

Either way we all know this drama is BS. Karin isn’t her mother.