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hi darling i was wondering if you have any gender bending hdc for robron xx

oh. my. GOD

anon…. anon this is amazing…. this is everything i could have ever asked for and more ?????

all right so i genuinely had never considered a genderbent!robron before but now it’s all i can think about and i’ll give it my best shot in terms of hdcs! (i’ll apologise for how long it is… i got carried away)

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Number 22 for Jasper please! I would love if it is in an AU but it is not necessary. Thank you xxx

anonymous said: Jasper 4?

anonymous said: 20 22 pleeasssee

(no longer taking requests for this particular challenge, sorry!)

things you said after it was over | things you said over the phone | things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

When she heard his voice, Piper almost dropped her phone. She fumbled it and by the time she had it righted and pressed to her ear again, she’d missed half the message.

“- hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in. I’ve already said that. Shit, I’m repeating myself. I just… Call me. I’d really like to talk to you. Please, Piper. I miss you.”

The message ended and the automated voicemail voice took over. Piper hung up and stared at the phone, clearly offended.

“What was that?” Annabeth asked without looking up from her essay.

Piper didn’t answer for a moment, fighting the bile she could feel rising up the back of her throat. Well, okay, it might have been tears. Whatever it was, she tried to ignore it, swallowing thickly and forcing herself to reply to her roommate. “Jason.”

Annabeth sat straight up, fingers stilling on her keyboard. “He called you?”

Piper nodded, biting her thumbnail. The roof of their tiny little dorm room was suddenly fascinating to her.

“When?” Annabeth asked.

“When I was in class,” she replied evenly, still looking straight up.

Annabeth bit out a particularly inventive curse word and shut her laptop before swinging her legs over the edge of her bed. Piper didn’t move as she took the two steps needed to close the distance between them and enveloped her in a tight hug. “I’m sorry, Pipes.”

Piper shrugged and made a noncommittal sound, something that might have been ‘don’t worry about it’, or, ‘if you let me go I’m going to collapse’.

“What do you want to do?” Annabeth questioned, pulling back but keeping her hands on Piper’s shoulders. “Do you want to delete it? Call him back? Do you want me to call him back, find out what he wants, and then tell him never to call again or I’ll kill him?”

Piper laughed despite herself. “I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Sleep on it, maybe?” Annabeth suggested.

“Yeah, I’ll just leave it for a bit. And decide in the morning.”

Annabeth didn’t look happy, but she nodded. “Okay, good game plan. Wanna go steal junk food from Percy and watch Legally Blonde?”

Piper sniffled once and nodded, but then said, “Actually, would you mind stealing the junk food and I’ll stay here and get the movie set up?”

Her roommate obviously saw straight through her casual tone, but she didn’t press it. “Sure. You get it ready and I’ll be right back with all the best candy. I’ll grab popcorn, too.”

“Thanks.” Piper smiled weakly as Annabeth left the room.

As soon as the door shut, she threw her phone into her pillow with all the force she could muster, and pressed the heels of her palms into her eyes until she didn’t feel like crying anymore.

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the gif is a bit simple, but regardless i know most everyone likely knows how these go by now, but just in case, i’ll go over it— mutuals are free and encouraged to like this post if you’re alright with me making you starters whenever, sending you whatever memes, coming to plot with you when i come up with an idea, or just general rp shenanigans! due to a lot of factors, i tend to be very nervous and anxious in approaching people ( even tho we’re mutuals ). so this really is to help me out with that so i don’t worry so much about bothering anyone. ( i also have a bit of a history of losing regular starter calls if i’m not careful )

you’re completely free to unlike this whenever you feel the need to and then relike it again should you want to! i’ll be reblogging this on occasion as well as putting up a link for it in the left hover on my blog for easy finding! normal starter calls will also still be made at times so you don’t have to worry about this being the end-all-be-all of them, but it will be a nice little go-to list for me which will help me out a lot. so, feel free to like away!

Heya dudes!

I got into Dragon Ball not to long ago and I immediately fell in love with this dork. He’s just to cute ;w; So I decided to draw him! I say its pretty good for a first try, rather proud of myself heh I’m also actually happy with the shading to, tho I’m not sure if I shaded his hand properly oops

Hope you guys like it! :D

Taylor I know you might not care or whatever, but I just wanted to let you know that my pell grant for college was just accepted, and that means I can actually go to college. It’s been a dream for so long but school is just too expensive, and I couldn’t imagine making my dad pay for it when he just doesn’t have the money. I’m so excited right now and I just wanted to let you know because you’re so important to me and I’m crying I’m so happy I never thought college was going to be in my future.


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! (born August 13th, 1982)

Wishing you a day full of lots of love, cake, and whatever else your heart desires! *throws confetti* 

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I'll be honest, I'm a little confused, is harry going solo, cos the title of his interview with Paul McCartney is about going from a band to solo stuff but he never really actually confirms does he? Like either way I am so extremely proud and happy for him!!! Look at him!!! He's amazing!!!! I still just confused lol

Yeah there were things that could’ve been more explicit and what that tells me is that either 1) it isn’t happening, 2) he can’t talk about it now for whatever reason, or 3) both

  • Team Dorian: DORIAN!
  • Team Chaol: CHAOL!
  • Team Rowan: ROWAN!
  • Team Sam is not actually dead: SAM!
  • Team Dorian: *stares down rivals*
  • Team Chaol: *stares down rivals*
  • Team Rowan: *stares down rivals*
  • Team Sam: *stares down rivals*
  • All: *turns towards me*
  • Me: H-hey, don't look at me. I'm Team Whatever Makes Aelin Happy...
  • All: ...
  • Me: ...
  • All: ...
  • Me: Please don't kill me?
  • Team Arobynn: AROBYNN! Wait, am I too late?
  • Me: Actually, I change my mind... I'm Team Whatever Makes Aelin Happy and I'm Sure Arobynn Can't Do That So That's Out of the Question...
  • Team King Of Adarlan: KING OF ADARLAN!
  • Entire Room: *silent*
  • Team KoA: What?
  • Me: ...does your team even exist?
  • Team KoA: Dude, it's the Interent.
  • Team Arobynn: Dat tru
  • Me: *points to Team King of Adarlan and Team Arobynn* *points to door behind me* You may show yourselves out, NOW.