i'm half joking about this

it’s gotten to the point where no matter how irrational or improbable it is, anytime a character in the new Twin Peaks talks about someone without mentioning them by name, my mind immediately goes: “AUDREY”

the anonymous billionaire who’s funding the glass box project? Audrey. the person who hired those two people to kill Cooper’s doppelganger? Audrey. the woman Albert and Gordon were talking about bringing to the prison to take a look at “Cooper”? Audrey. that barista who sold Tracey her two cups of coffee? wasn’t even mentioned at all but hell, that’s Audrey too.

Reasons to Vote for Summer!Leo

The Summer Gauntlet is approaching so I decided on doing my part to ensure that Leo makes it to at least the finals round this gauntlet, or even better, finally get that win he deserves.

  • A+ Lines
    • Summer!Leo has one of the best lines in the game. Everything he says is a gift. I’d put down a recording I did of his lines because of Max Mittelman’s amazing performance, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Either way, his lines consists of such gems as “Tropical islands? Forget it! And this swimsuit? Don’t even get me started!” and “I actually like walking the beach at night, but swim?  In the ocean? *laughs* With my body?” And that’s just his voiced tapped lines. If you inherit skills to him or get a bad level-up, he literally sasses you about his clothes. He’s an adorkable edgelord, and that shows in all his lines, voiced or not.
  • A+ Specials
    • Iceberg is part of his natural kit, and given his high res, he can make good use of it for a cheap SP price. That, and his special quotes are gold. He goes from stuttering about tropical attacks to drowning in tomato juice blood.
  • Confession / Maxed Lvl Convo
    • Arguably one of the best in the game. This man literally tries to be a tomato. Sure the summer units are just fanservice, but hey, I’m here for a good time and Summer!Leo definitely did just that.
  • High Res
    • As someone who doesn’t have Julia or Sanaki, it feels really nice to have a unit who can soak magic like no tomorrow. This is coming from someone whose magitank is a -Res Nino. Plus, his naturally high res helps him capitalize on skills like Atk Ploy, which can be useful.
  • Flat is Justice
    • Sure he ain’t packing the abs of Frederick or Xander or have anything on their bulges, but come on, you can’t tell me that Leo isn’t even remotely charming. I rather like his flatter bod compared to the other males. His body isn’t even that bad if we’re talking about that.
  • Tobi
    • His artist, Tobi, is the artist who did Klein and Clive. In fact, what drew me to Summer!Leo in the first place was that his art looked clean af. Basically, I’m a big fan of Tobi’s art, and they didn’t disappoint with Leo.
  • Absolute Meme
    • He’s packing the tome-ato, which unfortunately isn’t even called anything like the tomatome for max meme potential. Leo’s also a meme for gauntlets, so meme + meme = more meme, and I don’t see the problem of that. There’s also about how he wants to throw ashses to the waves, so Leo’s come ready to meme it up.
  • Let the boy win for once
    • I am highly amused at how much IS wants Leo to win, and hey, I want him to win as well given at how persistent he is in gauntlets. He has literally participated in every odd-numbered gauntlet. Sure Elise has been in three gauntlets as well, but she already won the Healer Gauntlet. It’s Leo’s turn to win, and he’s coming with memetome and fanservice to up his chances. So please, please help the boy win.

can my mutuals please tag all aggressive hate towards miranda and cora with “i’m wrong” 

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God I love your writing it's so great and your portrayal of the characters just draws me in and makes me want to know everything I'm just such a sap for domestic fluff. Especially RexObi in the b99 au. Like I just wanna know what their married life is like. What's their downtime like, what do their wedding rings look like? What did they have for dinner? Who says I love you the most? What I'm trying to get at. Is you're brilliant and you draw me into the world.

Friend, how are you so sweet thank you so much.  Domestic fluff is my jam and there is a real possibility I will write like a 20k fic where they go grocery shopping and argue about the best way to pick out produce.

Their wedding rings are just simple platinum bands, although you just know Anakin and Fives tried to convince them to use like shitty 20 cent rings from machines or a ring pop.

“I know you’re being facetious,” Obi-Wan said, “but just in case you convince yourself this is an actual option, I am not giving Rex a ring pop.”

“First of all, talk like a normal person,” Anakin said.  “And who’s being facetious?  I even found a blue one for your special day.”

Blue is not a flavor.”

“Then what flavor is it?” At Obi-Wan’s frown, Anakin said,  “Ha!  You don’t know, do you?”

“It’s not blue,” Obi-Wan said.

“Yes, it is!”  He shoved the ring pop in Obi-Wan’s face.  “Admit it!  Admit blue is a flavor!”

Ten minutes later found Shmi stepping around Anakin’s desperate attempts to prevent Obi-Wan from throwing the ring pop out the nearest open window.

“It’s so good to have you boys home again,” she said, and went to pour a drink.

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I desperately want to write, like I have the drive to write but… i… just can’t

And like this isn’t the usual procrastination, i know what that feels like, this is more like self doubt and lack of inspiration and exhaustion and frustration all in one

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you know, pre-the new prophecy ashfur really wasnt that bad. the second arc is really what fucked him up. so long as someone has only read the first arc, it's okay to say they like him.

I mean obviously

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“I’ve got a feeling we’ll be the story of the century." 
A William/Otto/Sacharissa story told in popular music from 1920-1955.

Earl Robinson and Vern Partlow - Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People  

Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor - Good Morning

Bing Crosby and Trudy Erwin - People Will Say We’re In Love

Frankie Carle and his Orchestra - Rumors Are Flying

Johnny McKeever - Would You 

Ruth Etting - Guilty

Fats Waller - It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie 

Billie Holiday - What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Johnny Marvin - I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me

Frances Day - I’ve Got You Under My Skin

The Colonial Club Orchestra - You’re The Cream In My Coffee

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A very serious and educational art lesson:

Jean Michel Basquiat is an american artist from the late 70′s, he is well known for his primitivist/neo-expressionist paintings and also for his frequent use of crowns (sort of his trademark):

he was good friends with the ever so wonderful Keith Haring,

who even created Pile of Crowns for Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1988.

Harry (Styles) loves JM Basquiat, (he even calls him The King, i love harry)


my insider confirms that harry bought the shirt

I hate being peanut butter and j**lous

Also, this isn’t directed at a specific person

I’ve wanted to draw Iris Wildthyme’s incarnations for a while, because it’s difficult to find references for her and I’ll need some if I ever want to draw her (I’d still really like to draw a few scenes from The Scarlet Empress).

From the depths of the ocean, my ship has reemerged!

Hilda x Ange is back on the waters baby!

The show had me worried for a minute with all that Ange x Tusk stuff (ew) but I’m glad things are back on track. I thought my ship had sunk due to the onslaught unleashed by the Ange x Tusk fleet, but instead it only submerged into the blue like the mighty submarine!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE Tusk. He has his moments (like his Plan B this episode was pretty good) and in another world he and Ange would be great, but Hilda is the one for our lost princess! I’ve been sailing the Ange x Hilda ship since they escaped Arzenal. You don’t sit and rot in a cell with someone for over a week and not form some kind of connection. Hell they even said they would destroy the world together. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s LOVE.

That scene with Hilda in the shower was more romantic than any sexual mishaps Ange and Tusk found themselves in previous.

Ange shall go forth to open Cafe Ange…with HILDA at her side!