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Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing time so far, whether you celebrate the lovely holiday or not! It was honestly such a pleasure to work on this lovely art project. I wouldn’t mind doing another project like this somewhere down the line…

So, without further ado, I give you @lunarcassiopeia‘s Christmas Party idea! Aggressive thank yous to everyone who participated, and all that other mushy stuff I’m too awkward to spew forth! Y’all fabulous! <3 also i’m sorry to anyone that didn’t make the deadline like gosh

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5up as suggested by… uh… well it’s entirely possible I got some multi-part messages switched in my brain. Anyway if you asked for this pose with a different ship, roll again please? There were like three of you at least. Popular pose! Ref from this collection


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It wasn’t until Allison took him shopping that Neil realized how comfortable girl clothes were.
It wasn’t until Andrew kissed and whispered against newly exposed skin, whispering “You’re a menace,” that Neil understood that this was okay, that he wasn’t breaking some unknown social norm.
It wasn’t until the rest of his family of Foxes told him how great he looked that he realized how confident the new clothes made him feel.
And it wasn’t until Allison pulled Neil aside and told him that he didn’t have to wear the clothes if he didn’t want to that he realized that he did want to.
This was one of the few things in his life that felt completely right.

this is a small gift for my beautiful friend @wymack, who got me obsessed with genderfluid!Neil (and who really really likes Neil in floral crop tops). thank you my smol bean for showing me the Light™. ily.

Hey guys, sorry this is so long but I have some questions about the appropriation of the Native American cultures, specifically Dreamcatchers. (more specifically, Dreamcatcher tattoos, because I want one)

I have had dream catchers since I was little, I have one currently hanging over my bed, I probably don’t know enough about their back story but the meaning I’ve always attributed to it is that it catches any bad dreams that are sent to you in the webbing and let’s your good dreams pass through the center, the bad dreams that were caught then fade as the sun rises.

I know the mainstream use of Warbonnets and many Headdresses  are very offensive but I’ve seen mixed results about Dreamcatchers, some saying they should be used and other saying their fine.

I read on this article that to know if something is appropriation

“Consider the 3 S’s: sourcesignificance (or sacredness), and similarity. Has the source community either tacitly or directly invited you to share this particular bit of its culture, and does the community as a whole have a history of harmful exploitation? What’s the cultural significance of the item — is it just an everyday object or image, or is it a religious artifact that requires greater respect? And how similar is the appropriated element to the original — a literal knockoff, or just a nod to a color scheme or silhouette?”

It went on to say that

“Dreamcatchers come with stories (sometimes from dreams) among several tribes like the Ojibwe, Navajo, and Lakota. Since they’re cross-cultural items and adapted for contemporary arts and crafts (w/ kids, and for sale) by multiple tribal artists and schools, there is less concern about appropriation”

My impression so far is that as long as you’re don’t just like them cos you think they’re pretty or girly or whatever, and as long as you actually try to learn their meaning and respect the cultures that they come from, then you’re fine.

Also that largely appropriation happens when restricted symbols are used inappropriately like a teenage girl wearing an eagle feather when she clearly hasn’t earned the right too. I know there is a lot of honor to receiving a feather and that just wearing one because it’s pretty is a huge dismissal of the achievements of others and the traditions all together. But I haven’t so far found a way in which Dreamcatchers are restricted.

I also understand that it is much more acceptable to buy ‘native style accesories’ if you’re buying from an actual Native Artisan and you ask who made them and where the object comes from and actually take interest in the culture behind it.

Okay yeah sorry this is so long but essentially

tl;dr Is having a Dreamcatcher or getting a Dreamcatcher tattoo, cultural appropriation?

I always draw this weird viking/celt/pict/saxon/whatever the bloody hell au this is in december idk why.
I was going to paint over this but apparently i can’t be bothered now¯\_(ツ)_/¯