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Lucian x Phaedra; Chapter 35.


When they reached the stream, Lucian grabbed Phaedra around the waist, lifting her over the water so her feet wouldn’t get wet. She had seen him do the same thing with his Mont cousins and Tesadora. Phaedra’s face flamed when he did it for her, so absently.

‘You’re a good spy too,’ Lucian said to her. ‘Except spies usually have more important subjects than women named Lady Lazy Muck and Angry Cora and the Ladies of the Sewer.’

She found herself laughing again and he looked at her strangely.

‘You don’t do that enough,’ he said quietly.


‘Best food I ever had was in Yutlind,’ [Finnikin] said.

‘The best food in the land is in Paladozza,’ Phaedra insisted.

‘You’ve been there?’ he asked with excitement.

She nodded. ‘The Provincaro invited my father during one of Charyn’s very brief moments of peace between the Provincari. He is very handsome, De Lancey of Paladozza is.’

‘Then why didn’t your father marry you to him?’ Lucian asked, sharply.

‘Because he’s old. Nearing at least forty-five years.’


‘Do you promise not to get angry?’ she asked Lucian as they travelled down the mountain that morning. Jory was riding ahead.

‘I never make promises I can’t keep,’ he said.

She sighed. How many times had she heard those words from her father?

‘Luci-en, I think Lotte has been letting the bull out of its pen. It’s why no one has been caught yet or confessed. Orly won’t let Gert breed with Bert, and his wife has been hoping that if both animals are free to wander, they’ll find each other.’

Lucian turned in the saddle to look at her, stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed.

‘I have the smartest wife in Lumatere and Charyn combined.’

Confusion and a thank you

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