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“You don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars.” - Anaïs Nin


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any other songs you think even has serenaded isak with? xx

this is a question straight out of my dreams, aaaah! and absolutely!

baby baby by amy grant and tori kelly is sung to Isak while they are both in the shower. Isak is trying to get sexy, his hands on Even’s hips and his mouth somewhere on Even’s neck, but Even’s not having it, but is, instead, using a shampoo bottle to sing this song from beginning to end into while dramatically leaning back against the wall of the cubicle and staring off into the distance.

out of words by erik hassle is sung to Isak while they’re walking back home from a party. it’s nearly four in the morning, the streets are empty and dark, a safe blanket around them, and Even’s walking backwards, his face turned to Isak as they make their way to apartment, singing I’m out of words, baby, no way to explain what you’re doing to me at the top of his lungs, and Isak’s laughing, throwing his head back and telling him Even, stop, but also, much more quietly, keep going, keep going, keep going.

i feel it coming by the weeknd and daft punk is sung to Isak on a late Friday afternoon. they’re both tired, from the week, from the cold, from a weird fight Isak had with his mom and Isak’s standing in the middle of his room, looking kind of lost with this thoughtful expression on his face and kind of cute with his sweater paws and his hood up, and he’s not saying anything but Even can tell he’s sad, so he puts this song on, reaches forward to grab Isak’s hand and kind of twirls him around the room while softly singing along and it’s all suddenly so much better now.

you’re the one by kaytranada and syd is sung to Isak with all the boys present. Even starts out just humming it to himself while refilling the bowl of chips on the table, but makes a show of it when he notices Magnus looking up at him in awe. all the boys join in at some point, and so Isak’s serenaded by not one but four guys, which, as Mahdi helpfully points out, is truly what Isak’s dreams are made of.

versace on the floor by bruno mars is sung to Isak while Isak is trying to have sex with Even but Even’s too into the song and so Isak simply lets him instead.

Detroit already had a perfect name for a post-BLI world: Motor City.

It’s a manufacturing capital again, BLI’s tech city, not just for cars anymore. The scientists there pioneered the droids over years of research. Rebooting the factories won BLI a lot of points in the early days. 

Of course it was a problem that the city was so sprawling- all those cars were built to get them somewhere, right? So they razed a lot of the surrounding area, some of it partially done for them during the wars. But the zones extend through the buildings that got away from the bulldozers and the bombs, going into the areas that were the suburbs once upon a time. The killjoys who occupy these places are the runners and raiders, mostly ones who got out but know it well enough to get back in and out without capture by the high-tech security. These joys work little sabotages, and get the supplies needed out to the ones who live farther away- they built all those cars, so they built miles and miles of highways too. 

Up and down the broken asphalt, reclaimed by nature through nuclear and natural winters, there are settlements that hide in plain sight. The trees have started growing back in, scrubbier than before, browner, but trees. The bright neons of the killjoys in the desert would stick out like a sore thumb here. The forest dwelling joys use things that glow instead, glitter in the day to create flashes in between trees as they run like deer, flares at night to guide travelers to safe spots. Most of them are not actively fighting BLI in any way other than living, truly living. They just wanted to get out and rebel in the simple way of feeling, and so they did. And they guide others on their way as well, up to the neutral northern towns. 

On a clear night, up in the top of the mitten, you can see the stars are coming back. 

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Hello I just want to say your blog is amazing and I have a mighty need for some cute and fluffy Iruka X Sakura cause I am stressed out because of college starting and I'm not in the right math placement and just. I want something to lift my spirits.

Iruka didn’t like D-ranked missions. But with the cute, new kunoichi assigned to help him in Otafuku Gai, Iruka didn’t mind it this time.

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It's so good to find a young female, much like myself, with rational/more conservative views. It's good to know I'm not alone in this boat, especially on Tumblr. But it's really a shame that most of the hate you get is from people who claim to be standing up for women.

Thank you very much!! On sites such as tumblr it’s very easy to get sucked in to the “mainframe” thought process; women are victims, LBGT is trendy, blacks are victims, bring down the white man etc etc (and I’m generalizing here)

But luckily I’ve found a few people with rational minds who don’t just accept what they’re told by easy-press ((cough cough BuzzFeed cough cough)) and actually do some research of their own to form their own, valid opinions.

It’s like George Carlin once said; “I have this crazy thing I do. It’s called thinking, and I’m not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions.”