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Totally Canon Natalie Things
  • sarcastic asshole
  • like it’s pretty much her only defense
  • she’s had friends but she kind of pushed them away when high school started
  • most people just call her “Piano Girl” because no one actually knows her name
  • some teachers even call her that
  • Henry calls her that to annoy her but it has a different meaning from him
  • she has a soft spot for the movie “Bambi”, especially Thumper
  • (but who doesn’t lbr)
  • she knows how to cook because more than once neither of her parents were stable enough to cook/order food
  • introvent to the max
  • actually just really doesn’t like most people
  • she has a couple of internet friends
  • was moved up a grade and sometimes got picked on for it
  • doesn’t have a piano at home so has to find random places to practice
  • she starts to get gigs out of it
  • she does end up going to Yale
  • she and henry end up moving to NYC and she commutes a lot
  • Henry writes her a song to celebrate when she graduates
  • he entitles it “Piano Girl” and it’s a sort of funky yet classical piece
  • she really likes vintage stuff
  • she’s all for vinyls and old looking bikes and that stuff
  • her parents come to her and Henry’s wedding, but that’s like the only people who came for her, while Henry has a bunch of people (coworkers, people he just started talking to, etc.)
  • she feels really awkward
  • but Henry attempts to joke around with her and she feels a bit better
  • she makes a lot of jokes out of irony
  • when she and henry move into a real house they buy a huge piano
  • she becomes a piano player in a city orchestra
  • teaches her kids to play piano
  • makes sure she goes to every single one of her children performances
  • like she could be puking and she’ll still be there, bringing a bucket
  • her kids think it’s weird
  • but tHEY DON’T KNOW
  • they also don’t really know their grandparents
  • on either side
  • active and loud member of PTA
  • when Nat retires she teaches neighborhood kids to play piano
  • never has real holiday feeling until she and henry move out together
  • she gets really into holidays
  • fin

Kondou Shouri
Today’s rehearsals complete.
Somehow the two of us ended up doing a lot of stuff and staying out really late.  We had all that rehearsal, and then we talked a bunch too.  
We wanted something sweet so we went to Starbucks~
This is actually my first time since coming to Tokyo.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

MIR|RORS - writerdragonfly


Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.
John Sheppard is dead. Long live John Sheppard.

A twist on Demon!John for @lovelessayase.

With thanks to @brumeier, who’s fic inspired this despite having absolutely nothing to do with it, and @airydoorway and @popkin16, who listened to me babble. Fic to follow. <3

The starlit sky is endless in front of your pilotchair within the rundown but dependable starship. It’s a quiet night, but one that had already seen its fair share of misdeeds. You’re a bit shaken in your seat. You suppose allowing yourself to be seduced by the criminal you were intending to cash in is cause enough for apprehension—and you, Jake English, professional bounty hunter, had to bloody go and do it TWICE.

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