i'm gonna-

i’ve read my fair share of fics, i’ve seen many beautiful fanarts, and i’m grateful to the artists/writers for taking the time to share their talents with us…

…but there is a thing that i’ve seen acknowledged rarely and it’s something that is very dear to me…

the curve of suga’s hips

you know the saying ‘’business up front, party in the back’’…


exploit this in your art and fics, i beg you

If Sherlock had flown away on that plane and died like he was supposed to, baby Watson would have grown up with stories about john and sherlock and maybe would wear a little deer stalker and carry a magnifying glass trying to solve things like where her daddy’s keys went or why he looks so sad when he tells her those wonderful stories


Kondou Shouri
Today’s rehearsals complete.
Somehow the two of us ended up doing a lot of stuff and staying out really late.  We had all that rehearsal, and then we talked a bunch too.  
We wanted something sweet so we went to Starbucks~
This is actually my first time since coming to Tokyo.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud