i'm gonna try and make one for every member

what dating jin is (probably) like
  • jin: try this~ :D
  • you: jin you have made me gain 5 pounds this week with all your cooking sTAHP-
  • jin: but D:
  • you: don't do that
  • jin: (continues to make puppy dog face)
  • you: i refuse
  • jin:
  • jin:
  • jin: pls
  • you: (sighs)
  • you: fINE.
  • jin: :D

“To love you is to fall, knowing that I’ll still be caught in the end. To love you is to gaze at the sky and get lost whilst counting all the stars in the sky, searching for the one star that will try to out-shine you, without ever being successful. To love you is to be at peace; to see beyond the negativity. To love you is to feel embraced, protected from all harm. To love you is to live a never-ending dream; one I do not want to wake up from.

To my dearest @huiyomi.


3/3 - ♥ happy birthday to my favorite rongmama park chorong. your childish antics always have and always will annoy me. please never grow out of your dorky kid leader ways. i’ll be anticipating the day you become apink’s rapper with the cutesy voice. i hope you get your dream car. i love you.