i'm gonna tag this post even though i know i shouldn't

x4evermore  asked:

I'll never understand how antis claim to hate sns but still spend so much time in the sns tag. I can't even look at recent posts without finding someone starting an argument and almost everyone I follow is getting hate messages the past few weeks. I'm so sick of this. Aren't their ships canon? Shouldn't they be watching boruto or something instead of sending anon hate? Whatever I hope you know that you're amazing and ignore the haters! I'm starting to think they just feel threatened by sns

Exactly. They feel threatened by SNS. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spend their time attacking us for enjoying something in peace, would they? Nowadays, I cannot look through the SNS tag without coming across an anti-SNS post talking negatively about our ship either. Haters gonna hate, I guess. Thank you for the compliment, though. I appreciate it. ^_^