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The Magicians + text posts (3/?)

shepards-dead-fish said: Rant about bioware love interests and their betrayals

Picture me laughing for a million years because WHICH ONE? Omg, I love them. I love exploring that sort of dynamic in relationships. 

So betrayal is a harsh word. I think I’m gonna rant about BioWare liars. Oh, there are so many to choose from. 

You’ve got Anders. And Blackwall. And Solas. And in swtor there’s Malavai Quinn. And now Mass Effect finally decided to get into the act with Reyes Vidal. 

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I LOVE THEM ALL. Look, I know these aren’t good people. But they’re fucking good characters, and that’s what I need. I want to read about interesting characters. 

(And there’s also the fact that I’ve got to believe in the redemption of a person, no matter how lost they are. That’s basic Hippo 101. There is hope for everyone.)


Can I just say if the new Sleeping With Sirens album doesn’t contain either a) political themed songs and/or b) at least one song that sounds at least somewhat decent if played on a piano then I’m probably gonna go rip up my Kellin poster

Quinn O’Neil: Moodboard

I was tagged by @ohsimly and @silverowlblog to do this and since I did Katy’s of my own free will, here is Quinn’s cause I wasn’t gonna do a moodboard for a baby lmao

Since I did face and voice claims for Katy, his face claim is the model up on the left and his voice claim is a guy that will break into an Irish accent when he’s angry

I think everyone has done this but i’m tagging @thesimperiuscurse @something-wicked-sims @thewinterflakesim @itsoceansecret @imsysimsy @enchantedunicornhideout @simplysickandtired! Have fuuuuuuun

hey guys, i thought i’d post a video of my cosplay since i’m so pumped i just had the best day ever!!! everyone was so supportive and asked me for pictures and everything and i just feel so happy jdkfhkjld aaaaa cosplaying is awesome