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Remember when people use to hate Super Junior when they debuted because they had “too many members” and now groups be coming out with like 12+ members and no one says anything because it’s a normal thing now. LOL

Remember when Super Junior got a lot of hate for having a Chinese member in the group and now almost every group has one Chinese member and no one says anything because it’s normal. 

Remember when Super Junior debuted and people thought they were trash but now SJ’s all over their tvs, radios, concerts, brands, lectures, business summits, ambassadors, and have fans all over the world. 

  • Nick: Can we talk about the time I listened to the song? Cause it's always a bit weird for me, and for you.
  • Harry: Yeah. Car's the best time cause I can look at the road instead of staring you in the face and being like 'What do you think?'
  • Nick: I was just praying for no traffic.
  • Harry: At the traffic lights you are like 'NOOOOOOO!!!'
  • Nick: 'NOW WE HAVE TO LOOK AT EACH OTHER!!!' But I did feel terrified. I was prepared to do stop, drop and roll if we slowed down, if it was bad. And I felt like we both knew that's what we were doing that day.
  • Harry: Yeah, we were like 'D'you wanna get breakfast?' 'Ookeeyy' 'Should we go for lunch now?' 'Oooookeeeyyy'.
  • Nick: 'Gym?' 'Yeeaaah' I was like 'I'm gonna have to hear this song, aren't I?' But thankfully, it sounds really good.
comprehensive analysis of sam & cap meeting for the first time
  • ‘oh hey look how fast i can run look how fast and cool i am look at me’
  • cap is wearing a t shirt 2 sizes 2 small that may as well be soaking wet come the fuck on cap put on some fucking clothes
  • i can’t hear anything steve is saying over his flexing
  • ‘what unit u with? where u work? what’s ur name? u got a boyfriend? where yo boyfriend at?’
  • flimsy excuse to hold hands (’oh help me up from this tree i’m so tired i can’t possibly get up by myself’)
  • sam immediately all ‘must be weird coming home after the whole defrosting thing’ like wow personal much? buy a guy a drink first
  • steve is like ‘uh ya it’s weird that’s personal buy a guy a drink first’ and goes to leave
  • sam: -anguished expression- oh god i fucked it up
  • sam:

damn it sam save it! save it! don’t let him go! -says the first thing that pops into his head-

  • steve like

‘what the fuck buy a guy several drinks first?’

  • sam: your bed, it’s too soft. when I was over there I’d sleep on the ground, use rocks for pillows, like a caveman.


  • what
  • sam: -explains what the fuck he’s talking about, beds are too soft, etc etc etc’
  • steve: ohhhh the marshmallow bed thing? ya i get that. fucking soft beds right haha -is apparently into the whole caveman thing-
  • sam: nice, saved it -high fives self-
  • steve: -demonstrates how Knowledgeable he is and how much Perspective he has and how Funny he can be’ we use to boil everything!!!!
  • steve literally sounds like one of those beauty queens having a question sprung on her that she didn’t expect
  • ‘Miss New York how does the world of today compare to the days of world war 2??? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘no polio is good’
  • ….’no polio is good’….
  • ‘we used to boil everything!!!’
  • somehow sam is still cool with this. it’s probably bc steve has mouth-watering melon pecs
  • Sam Makes His Move

you can tell this is his Move. he tells this to all the ladies. there’s no way you can get someone listening to marvin gaye and not get laid instantaneously

  • steve doesn’t know what the fuck sam is talking about but this is a great excuse to show off his arms by pulling out his little notebook

are you looking at those arms sam?? bc i am

  • btw
  • this

this is the face of a man who is DTF

  • ‘Miss New York, what are the most significant historical events and cultural changes that have occurred since world war two?? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘uhh…. I Love Lucy. Moon Landing. Berlin wall… up and down. Steve Jobs…. apple….???? Disco. Definitely. Thai food. Star Wars and Trek. Nirvana… I’m pretty sure that’s a band. Rocky and Rocky 2. And whatever this guy just told me. idk I’ll look it up on the Google later’
  • ‘all right Sam, duty calls. Thanks for the run…… if that’s what you want to call running.’
  • ‘Oh, that’s how it is??’
  • ‘Ohhh that’s how it is.’
  • this is better flirting than i have ever implemented in my nearly ten long years after hitting puberty
  • ‘Hey anytime you want to stop by my place of employment that I told you explicitly within minutes of meeting you but now I’m bringing up again to make sure you remember where I work and where to find me again, make out with me me look awesome in front of the girl at the front desk, just let me know’
  • Steve: hella B)
  • nat: -rolls up-
  • nat:

Hey so I’m thinking about Kara and M’gann again and I wrote some stuff because goddamn it I am gonna build this city from the ground up if it’s the last thing I do.

strange girls in a strange land

It’s never a secret. For the first time in Kara’s thirteen years on Earth, there’s no great revelation. There isn’t anything to reveal.

This weight that she’s carried with her into every relationship outside the Danvers that she’s ever tried to build since she landed—it suddenly becomes inconsequential, when they’re together. The fact that Kara is Kryptonian, that she is Supergirl. The distinction between Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El and National City’s resident hero. The deception; the disguise.

There’s no pretense between them, no pretending, no parts to play. They meet in the ring as Supergirl and Miss Martian, and then a few days later Kara Danvers shows up at the alien bar—and M’gann knows. It’s not something she needs to deduce or figure out after they’ve known each other a while. She just looks at Kara and she knows—it’s just a simple unconscious observation, as clear to see as the gold of Kara’s hair or the blue of her eyes.

M’gann slides Kara an Aldebaran rum and Kara doesn’t even realize that she’s still wearing her glasses.

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hockey players as a party I went to
  • Tyler Seguin: <I>[flipping sunglasses up and down]</I> "straight- not straight- straight- not straight- straight- not straight!!"
  • Beau Bennett: the guy who came as harambe
  • Mitch Marner: me very loudly shouting "I WANT TO FUCK AN OLD MAN!!! WHERE'S MY SUGAR DADDY!!" <I>(Alternately: "He brought handcuffs? Now that's kinky.")</i>
  • Dylan Strome: <I>[me putting a glow stick down my shirt]</I> "my tits are glowing??!??? so beautiful..."
  • Connor McDavid: my friend stepping outside and immediately falling over- and the corresponding 'she's got muddy tits' meme
  • BGally & AGally: the two Liam's getting drunk and making out
  • Sidney Crosby: the v short v sad looking Jon Snow
  • Jake Virtanen: my friend like pouring koppaberg into my mouth until I inevitably choked and it spilt down my shirt
  • Noah Hanifin: "really- I just wanna fuck trump- I love how his hair looks like a dead cat, ya know, I love that complexion of his."
  • Jack Eichel: "I'm gonna scoot up on that boy over there- I'm gonna pull him."
  • Carey Price: "I didn't come as brokeback mountain!! Stop it!!"
  • P.K. Subban: "Now that's a cowboy I want to fuck."
  • Conor Sheary: "now... I am small"

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Would you happen to know an article or list for the official ages for the mercs? The tf2 wiki currently doesn't show their ages in their bios and I was just curious. I've seen posts around with Scout's age but what about the others? (I've seen some stuff of the mercs such as sniper being 26 years old and spy around 45)

At this point in time, the only actual confirmed age is Scout’s at 27-ish.

Everyone else’s age at this point is just speculation or personal headcanons.  However, if you look, there are some well-thought out guesstimates.

Here’s a Reddit post and a Tumblr post where two separate estimates have been made (Reddit guesses on left, Tumblr on right):

Soldier: 52, give or take 4 years / 51

Demo: 35-ish / over 30

Heavy: 45 / 38-40

Engineer: 54 / 55

Medic: Late 30s to Mid 50s / ???

Sniper: No older than 40 / 30 

Spy: 50s / 50.

Pyro: ???we just don’t know??? / ????

All of these, however, are just guesses, so people are free to come up with their own ideas.  My very general guesstimates are:

Soldier: Low-to-Upper 40s
Demo: 35-ish works for me
Heavy: Mid-40s
Engineer: Low-to-Upper 40s (depends how young he started college-level classes)
Medic: Mid-to-Upper 40s
Sniper: Low-to-Mid 30s
Spy: Low-to-Upper 40s
Pyro: An immortal lightbulb

But, until word of canon speaks, anyone is free to make their own guesstimates because nothing here except Scout’s age is actually official.  So go ahead, headcanon the merc’s ages how you want, and have some fun with that freedom.

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Why are people literally arguing that OT is still around? If they weren't things would look much different. Liam has Cheryl (ew), Harry can't even acknowledge his bandmates and is still dealing with some of the same things as before, Niall is still tied to Modest with Modest Golf. None of them are fully free.

i have no mcfreakin clue how it isn’t crystal clear to people


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

  • "I'm not anti-social, I'm just anti-you."
  • "Sometimes I need what only you can provide - your absence."
  • "I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here."
  • "Good morning, I see the assassins failed again."
  • "Moral fibre? What, is that a new breakfast thing or something?"
  • "Stop acting so oblivious."
  • "Have you no conscience?"
  • "Good Guy, Bad Guy. What matters is I'm the guy with the gun."
  • "I'm an apathetic sociopath; I'd kill you if I cared."
  • "If we really learned from our mistakes, I'd be a freaking genius by now."
  • "I don't particularly want to kill you. I just wouldn't mind if you died."
  • "Lazy? How dare you. It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy."
  • "Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject."
  • "If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty."

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It's a message! The scripts: think about it. The only ones who care enough to read them are us! They can't right up tell us to stop losing faith this close to the revelation, so they gave us the scripts. There is a code in them. I have never made a meta in my life but belive me: I'm gonna find it. I need help tho. LOOK FOR THE MESSAGE

Yeah, Lovely I was just having this convo with @yorkiepug, that the only people who would actively be looking at the scripts are those in the fandom, so they did release these scripts for us, but then WHY NOW? Only a week after the BBC’s rather shitty and uncaring copy-paste reply to the complaints, they release the scripts, then someone *happens* to find a script that was hidden-until-recently on the Emmy’s website from 2014? A script that is *supposedly* the final one but… uh… it’s definitely not (especially if this is a “submission” script, HLV would have already aired… so why this sloppy unfinished "final" script and not the real script?). This is all REALLY stupidly suspicious to me.

They’re using us to advertise the show weeks after the series has aired, to keep the fandom alive. But WHY? is the big question. This is not normal post-episode shit.

It just has me really suspicious.


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Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
lighting star shooting star
I’ll give you my Galaxy

A/N: as you all know, or if you don’t know you’re about to find out, hob is my ult. the boy means more to me than he will ever know and i could write a million love stories and they still don’t even halfway express how i feel about him. anyway, y’all did not sign up for these corny confessions so! here’s my hob fic that no one (but my heart) asked for and happy early birthday to the loveliest boy in the whole world

wc: ~2.8K

this is a touch smutty but mostly super super fluffy

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the signs as "Matt the radar technician" quotes
  • Aries: A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Kylo Ren had an eight-pack. That Kylo Ren was shredded.
  • Taurus: I don't know, but can you stop yelling me? You're starting to STRESS ME OUT.
  • Gemini: Hearing that Zack lost his son really struck a nerve with me. Especially since I'm the one that killed him.
  • Cancer: *looking at the teamwork poster* this means something to me now.
  • Leo: What do you guys think of Kylo Ren? Do you believe him when he says he's gonna finish what Darth Vader started?
  • Virgo: Yes. Exactly. EXACTLY.
  • Libra: Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a radar technician.
  • Scorpio: I really learned a lot today. I think people are going to love the new me.
  • Sagittarius: *defending light saber* No it's not, it's awesome.
  • Capricorn: Jerkface.
  • Aquarius: Look, I found Kylo Ren's light saber. *close* Look at it up close!
  • Pisces: *force choking the stormtrooper*

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(He's a phantom. Danny Phantom)Yo, Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine It was designed to view a world unseen(He's gonna catch 'em all cause he is Danny Phantom)When it didn't quite work, his folks they just quit Then Danny took a look inside of it There was a great big flash, everything just changed His molecules got all rearranged(Phantom, phantom)When he first woke up he realized He had snow white hair and glowing green eyes He could walk through w

I’ve been comparing my body to old pictures from when I was working out consistently a lot lately and now, my legs are so much smaller and so is my butt. But I think I’ve been seeing myself as even tinier than I am and idk why like I took this picture yesterday and I DO have GREAT LEGS and a GREAT BUTT and just because I used to have more muscle and my butt used to be more plump doesn’t mean that my body isn’t amazing af now!!!!!! I’ve been working so hard everyday to love and accept myself no matter what I look like or what shape my body takes and it’s been so good but there are always ups and downs. I’m gonna stop being so self conscious about my butt now if I wanna change this mindset.

Idk what the purpose of this post was it’s just something that’s on my mind ok byeeeeee

Can you imagine if dan and Phil willingly kissed on camera?
I think about this all the time.
Say if it was pinof for example. - “I dare you two to kiss”
And they’re like “alright” and it probably wouldn’t be like a quick peck. It’s been a long awaited moment. They talked about it. Like it’s a consensual kiss from between the two. And Phil’s hand cups Dan’s face, and their heads know where to go and they make it clear. Visible.
A Well known going-to-break-the-internet-for-days kiss.
Like what happens after that?
They don’t have to say they’re dating because chances are they won’t. They still won’t have to, it’ll just lead a whole new plethora of questions. Will they smile after it happens? Laugh? Look at the camera and say “yes that just happened” and move on?
Will the earth stop?
Would it change anything?
We’ll probably all gasp so hard our lungs will fall out of our backs.

It’s actually sad how much thought I’ve put into this I’m just gonna crawl back into my hole now.

Random Bokukurotsuki quotes
  • Bokuto: a good cup of coffee always gets me up in the morning!
  • Kuroo: you always get me up in the morning bro.
  • Bokuto: bro...
  • Tsuki: I want a divorce
  • -
  • Bokuto: hot leg!
  • Kuroo: hot hot leg!
  • Bokuto: Leg so hot you fry an egg!*cracks an egg on Tsukishima's leg*
  • Tsuki: WHAT THE FUCK?!
  • -
  • Bokuto: if you wanna be my lover!
  • Kuroo: ya gotta get with my best friend!
  • Tsuki: ... *sigh* friendship lasts forever.
  • Bokuto and Kuroo: FRIENDSHIP TILL THE END!!
  • -
  • Tsuki: I'm not wearing that! Get away from me!
  • Bokuto: Tsuki, baby, babe, honey bunny, I can't be artemis and Kuroo can't be Luna if we don't have an Usagi.
  • Bokuto: plus your ass would look hot in this, NOW GET IN THE SAILOR OUTFIT!
  • Tsuki: ... Fine!
  • Kuroo: this is gonna be the best sex ever.
  • -
  • Tsuki: *enjoying a ice pop* ...
  • Tsuki: it'd be great if you two'd stop staring
The signs as quotes from my infamous paleontology professor
  • Aries: “I would take off my shirt to show off my 6-pack, but I don’t want to embarrass the rest of the class because I’m so ripped.”
  • Taurus: "What did you smoke for breakfast?"
  • Gemini: "We will give you a good leg day by beating up your leg."
  • Cancer: "Aah, I'm being attacked by dinosaurs!...I've never been attacked by dinosaurs before."
  • Leo: "I'm gnashing! Gnashing! Gnashing!"
  • Virgo: "I've caught it in the reproductive act, which brings up interesting thoughts."
  • Libra: "That's called other stuff, or otherstuffite when it becomes lithified."
  • Scorpio: "I'm Joe Biden."
  • Sagittarius: "They met some dinosaurs who were basically lizards in drag, essentially."
  • Capricorn: "Next time you're in trouble, rumble."
  • Aquarius: “Foolish consistencies in the hobgoblins of little minds.”
  • Pisces: “Now I’m gonna stop crying and we’re gonna look at dogs instead."