i'm gonna squeeze the shit out of her

My Secret

Because I’ve been watching Maid Sama mood lately and one scene just wouldn’t leave me last night. The next thing for it might be better but enjoy this one for now. 

Maka stared at her reflection in the employee bathroom, inspecting every small aspect about herself. Maybe she wasn’t the cutest person in the world or the girl with biggest breast size, but she was a strong, independent woman who could handle any obstacle. It wasn’t that hard for her to control her temper – even if the person it was directed to deserved it. No, she was always able to keep her cool around her overbearing father (well, sometimes) so this boy was no different. It wasn’t like Soul Evans had any control over her and her emotions. She could handle him.

Tugging down her skirt that was far too short in her opinion, Maka left the bathroom. She stopped by the kitchen to pick up her tray of food, and left. The young maid stood in front of the door that would lead her to the dining area for a few seconds to collect her bearings. Taking a deep breath in, she released a more relaxed one out. There was nothing difficult about Soul Evans.

Her fake smile flew across her face like it was completely natural as she opened the door, and walked toward the table where the white haired boy was sitting.

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