i'm gonna sleep for like 3 hours

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

he’s probably only been at work 3 hours and already tried to throttle a certain Frenchman

Ta-da!! Here it is! I finally finished it! :’D I know I already made a comic for this scene but my brain decided it would be a good idea to animate it because I need more practice. And like I said, it’s nothing special at all; just your normal hugging and talking it out. 

But here you go @scribefindegil!! I know there was absolutely no need for me to do this, but it’s just in my nature to do stuff like this. Hope ya like! :D My fave part would definitely be the shine on the glitter. There are mistakes and things don’t look good. Hopefully the dialogue is readable. Lot of trial and error with this one.

(Also, stupid me forgot to put a watermark or my tumblr page on it so if you see it anywhere else without credit, do tell me.)

I’m in a good mood today because I Adulted™ today. I got up all by myself at 6:00 in the morning so I could go get some blood drawn. And I was successfully able to talk to the receptionist at the place without saying anything stupid and it all went well. I also got called ‘sir’ twice today, which is an added bonus. Also I finally have free time to reblog stuff lmao.

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Would you fancast some of your favorite blogs as ACOTAR/ToG characters? :)

Yeeesssss!!!! Are you talking personality-wise or aesthetically?

Imma do both


@catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks​ is absolutely stunning and would 100% be a gorgeous and amazing and savage Manon Blackbeak

@paperbacktrash​ is also insanely beautiful and lovely and gorgeous and would be a fantastic Nesta Archeron

@highlady-casandra​ is so cute and absolutely adorable and lovely and would be a great Elain Archeron aesthetically but personality-wise I’d say Cas is very Aelin

@feysandsmut​ is also such a stunner and so so gorgeous and I would see as such an amazing Amren, except her hair isn’t entirely black but idc she just gives me strong Amren vibes

@rowan-buzzard-whitethorn​ is adorable and gorgeous and fantastic and I think she would be such a perfect Feyre Archeron with the freckles and that cute but fierce aesthetic

@aedicnS L A Y S oh my god the girl is stunning and looks like she could kill you with a look and gives me such Kaltain Rompier vibes and I love it 

@christina-dh​ is a fuckin babe and so beautiful and she’s definitely probably a combo of Lysandra and Morrigan personality-wise, but aesthetically I’d probably have to say she’s a cross between Lysandra and Hasar? 

@rowanismybae is so so cute and adorable and precious and I feel like she’d be such a cute Yrene Towers (without freckles)

Personality-wise I already did a couple, but here are a couple more :)

@propshophannah feels very Alis to me - she’s the mom of all of us kids and I love her dearly for it

@aelin-and-feyre is a very Feyre kind of girl, personality-wise imo, and I appreciate her so much for it

@greek-praetor is probably a solid mix of all three illyrians, although I feel like he’s probably the most Cassian out of the three? Or more Rhysand? Definitely more Cass or Rhys than Az though.

@stag-of-the-north is prooooobablyyyyy Nesryn? Yeah, I’d say she’s Nesryn Faliq personality-wise

@meabhdbutsexii is definitely the Suriel personality-wise lol, but like the fandom version of the Suriel, not the super scary book version

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head she says as if she didn’t just spend like 1.5 hours working on this. And with that, I’m off to bed! So so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!! In my semi-defense it’s now 3 am lol. Gonna be doing tags tomorrow - or later today I guess? After I sleep lol

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Hello love! I have a request for you ❤️ I'm working my way through chapter 13 of FFXV to rescue Prompto and it's making me sad lol. Could I get little AU scenarios of the Chocobros taking care of their s/o after saving them from Dumpster King (Ardyn)? I say AU because I'm gonna stay in dreamland where Noct doesn't get sucked into the crystal 😅. Thanks a bunch! ~3^

Hello love!! Ahh my first request!! Also, yes, I also like to believe that no one was hurt/blinded/died because mY BABIES.


  • Noctis thanked the Six for keeping his s/o alive. Ardyn had taken them in the confusion of the train. He was already beating himself up for not keeping an eye on them. He held them close for hours, letting them cry on his shoulder. They wouldn’t stop shaking. Even as they slept. 
  • He let them sleep on the bed alone, let them have their rest. The boys had gone out in search of food. Noct stayed behind. He didn’t want to leave them alone again. 
  • He heard them muttering in their sleep. He went to go to pull the blanket back and check to see if they were awake.
  • But their hand shot out so fast, gripped his wrist so hard- where did they get that strength from
  • S/o is panting so hard, fear etched into their eyes. Shaking even harder.
  • Then they meet Noct’s eyes and they feel so guilty, they nearly attacked him.
  • Sobs are choking out and they put their fists in their eyes, trying to stop the tears, the flashbacks, the pain.
  • They lean against him and he wordlessly places them in his lap. He wraps his arms around them as tightly as possible.
  • “It’s okay, its over now. He won’t hurt you again. I promise you.”
  • Whenever they wake up crying or when he feels them shaking, he asks if he can hold them, and they nod every time. He holds them and talks to them, about his dad, about his time in Tenebrae, anything to get their mind off things. The soft rumble from his voice in his chest calms them down and they eventually stop shaking.


  • “It should have been me, they should have taken me!”
  • Prompto would be the most emotional. He would cry as soon as he saw his s/o again. He would hold them and kiss them, make sure they’re not injured. Cry some more.
  • Back at the hotel, he’d never leave their side. He’d ask if they were okay every half-hour. They would nod and ask to be held. He’d grab a blanket and wrap it around him and his s/o. 
  • Sometimes, they won’t ask to be held. He’ll ask anyways and they say, “No, I’m okay for now. Being touched makes me feel claustrophobic.”
  • He’ll understand but he’ll be so sad. Sunshine needs his cuddles.
  • But then he’ll just start sending memes to their phone. They’ve been spending most of the time on their phone, trying to get their mind off things, especially when they cant sleep.
  • He’ll send things funnier than the last. He’ll feel 10x better, seeing them smile. He’ll feel even better once they seek contact again but he’s taking it one step at a time. 
  • He gets them a chocobo plushy. Its perfect, because now the nightmares are becoming less frequent. All thanks to Mr. Kweh! 
  • “Mr. Kweh, huh?”
  • “Short for Kweh-ton Tarantino!”
  • He’d want to cry with how much progress they’ve made. He’s so proud that they’re so strong.


  • If he could see how broken his s/o was when they were saved, his heart would have broken and he would have stormed up to Ardyn and murdered him.
  • But he could feel it anyways. They’re trying to be strong for him, they don’t want to burden him. But he knows something is off.
  • He’d ask them to sit next to him. He wants to take their pulse. But even as they’re just reading a book next to him, he can feel their pulse quickening. He can hear their erratic breathing.
  • “I’m going to make some tea, Ignis.” 
  • And as they’re making tea, banging around, he could hear them sighing, pacing. Tapping their toes, fingers. 
  • “Darling?”
  • They’d nearly drop the leaves. He walks over to them, putting a hand out to them. They’d take it and he’d pull them in for a hug.
  • “Please, don’t suffer alone in this. I’m here to help you. Talk to me, sweet.”
  • S/o would start crying, saying that they don’t want to burden him, that he has enough to worry about, they’ll be fine-.
  • “You are not fine, you’re in a right state! Please, darling. Let me help.”
  • And that’s how Ignis begins doing what he can do again. His s/o helps with his cooking, and he relearns how to do everything without his eyesight. His s/o puts out the ingredients and spiced, makes sure everything is perfect. He’ll instruct them with how to do things. And once he’s confident to do things by himself he’ll make them their favorite whenever possible.


  • He’s so fiercely protective of his s/o. The fact that they were somehow taken right from his hands still angers him and he has to take a few breaths to calm down. 
  • He noticed a change right away. They weren’t as chatty or cuddly. They smiled less often and appeared to be deep in thought. They’d chew on their fingernails more often. Actually, he doesn’t think he ever saw them bite their nails. 
  • What would really get him was when he would hear shushed sobs. Or them sniffling. Growing up with his sister, when he would hear sniffling, something was always up. He asked and asked but his s/o would say nothing. They’d shake their head and say it was silly.
  • “I guess I’m still dealing with the whole Ardyn thing.”
  • He’d have to swallow down the bile coming up his throat and take a deep breath. 
  • He’d bring them to their lap and talk to them. Ask them what they were thinking about. Whatever it was, the nightmares, flashbacks, he’d be patient to help them through it. 
  • “My arms and ears are always open to you, baby.”
  • He’d give them the sweetest kisses. 
  • He’d teach them more self defense. Especially on days where the adrenaline and anxiety is extra high. 
  • They’ll run relaxing baths when they were done sparring and he’ll hold them close. 
  • He’ll be more relaxed when they laugh. When they laugh, everything in the world is good. 
  • He’ll thank the Six each and every day for them.

Ahhh okay!! I hope i did okay!!! eeeee my first request!! I hope you like it nonny, I hope you’re having a really good day! I hope they aren’t too different in length or substance. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I was tagged by @mi-chan09 ✨✨ thank you!! 💕

Name: Inês

Nicknames: I really don’t have a nickname lmao but my friend @theshygirlwholikesmetal a bunch of random names for me so

Gender: female

Star sign: leo

Height: 1.56

Sexuality: bi

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Animal: honestly idk I really like cats and anything that looks like a cat lmao

Average hours of sleep: oh shit idk 7 hours?? 6?????

Dog or Cat person: definitely a cat person

Blankets you sleep with: it depends 3 or 4 on winter 1 or 2 on summer

Dream trip: would go anywhere with the right company tbh I would like to go to London or Rome. Disneyland is also on the list

When I made my blog: I have no idea lmao

Followers: I hope my 234 followers like my shit posting

Why I made my tumblr: the first tumblr I had was for the *~aesthetic~* but I got tired for it so made this one

Reasons for my url: it’s a pun with Gerard Way’s name lmao I needed a new name (nickname?) to use online and I wanted something related to mcr so a friend of mine came with this

I’m going to tag: @theshygirlwholikesmetal @d-joana-a-shippadora @klancifyher @heavydirtysuper-soldiers @the-weird-olive @pantsu4senpai @clvricestarling @scandiberia

I hope u don’t mind being tagged :’)

I’m going to sleep now and wake up to a fricking whole new album I might seem very calm and under controle but really trust me I typed every word like 3 times because of the many typos I made since I’m stressed and excited and not under controle at all and I’m also just rambling words and not knowing what I’m saying because tomorrow is the day we listen to 15 songs on a new album and have that album in our hands and carry it like it’s our child and sing every word to every song and cry and dance and laugh and throw stuff and most of all love the woman who made this album possible and we all might sink and drown and die this day is gonna be insane


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1) Name/Nickname: Sabas, Sab/Fluorengi, Pieraite

2) Gender: Male

3) Star Sign: Libra

4) Height: 5′ 10

5) Hogwarts House: What’s a “harry potter”?

6) Favorite Animal: Snakes and birds! (kangaroos at a close second (but I also recently learned I really like seals…))

7) Hours of Sleep: 6-8 hours is what I tell myself. 4-6 hours is what I do to myself.

8) Dogs or Cats: Small cats > small dogs but big dogs > big cats

9) Number of Blankets: Three! And they all match cause I’m not a heretic

10) Dream Trip: I think Hawaii. It’d be cool to visit that place

11) Dream Job: VFX artist!

12) Time: 2:27PM and I have to go to work soon uh oh

13) Birthday: October 20th

14) Favorite Bands: Oh boy don’t hate me for this uh…Glass Animals and…Twenty One Pilots

15) Favorite Solo Artist: Twarda’s been a huge inspiration to me but there’s like way too many to choose

16) Song Stuck in my Head: Die House - Cuphead OST

17) Last Movie I Watched: It might’ve been the second Austin Powers but that was actually like two months ago. Has it really been that long??

18) Last Show I Watched: Impractical Jokers

19) When Did I Create my Blog: Earlier this year lol

20) What do I Post/Reblog: I post bullcrap and reblog once in a blue moon

21) Last Thing I Googled: Denise Hatton (I thought she was the one who sang Mr. King Dice’s theme but turns out she just did additional voices for Cuphead)

22) Other Blogs: Thanks for reminding me I need to keep my Mizu blog updated: http://ask-a-mizutsune.tumblr.com

23) Do I get Asks: I’ve gotten two from the same person shoutout to @symphonicvocalist those asks made me happier than you’d probably think

24) Why I Chose my URL: It’s just my username I go by for art stuff I guess

25) Following: 15

26) Followers: 60 (oh but my Mizu blog can have 400+ no I get it 😒)

27) Lucky Number: 17!

28) Favorite Instrument: Looove the violin and piano

29) What am I Wearing: My Kaa shirt and some jeans. About to change into my work clothes like for real

30) Favorite Food: Chicken fried rice no question

31) Nationality: U S of A

32) Favorite Song: One of us - New Politics

33) Last Book Read: I started reading Eragon, just need to finish it!

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d like to Join: I mean the world of Pokemon would be cool, don’t you think? Monster Hunter Stories cause I wanna be a rider ): And lastly, uh…dude I can’t think of a third idk

Tag: @dathmach @symphonicvocalist @draconiccriminal @spookyrukie @everysinglepheel And I mean if anyone who sees this post wants to go for it, then go for it

  • me: It's time for bed already
  • me: But I'm gonna check my tumblr before
  • me: *sees something about OTP*
  • me: Oh my gosh...
  • me: *search for more*
  • *3 hours later*
  • me: Okay it's really time to sleep.
  • me: But they're so cute, I love them so much, like they did it then, and this time too, and what if they...
  • *few hours later*
  • me: shit.
  • and then there comes morning and school.