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(the possible beginning of my patater enemies to friends to lovers fic)

Kent’s played against the Falconers millions of times before, but this time it feels personal.

This time, Jack is on their team and he chose them over Kent and it still hurts to think about that and, this time, Kent gets a bit carried away.

He makes a few unnecessary hits and a few more that are undeniably dirty and it’s not even his job to hit people, but he does it anyways. It doesn’t make him feel better, but it feels like he’d proving a point, and that’s something, at least.

Eventually, Jack scores a goal and Kent actually feels proud, and he doesn’t know what to do with that, so he pushes it down and keeps playing.

He knows that he’s not at his best, and his team knows it too, and Kent hates it and, more than anything, he doesn’t want to lose.

Of course, storming the Falconers’ net is a whole new level of stupid, and he knows that too.

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what better time to go back to sleep than 5.30pm


Sometimes my train just gets outta control and eventually goes off the rails completely. That’s what happened here ehehe. Illustrations for @ceruleancynic’s terrible high school Kylux AU Boys on the Radio chapter 5. All dialogue is naturally lifted straight from the fic.

Also this.

If any of my followers like Taylor Swift don’t read this.

So at Taylor Swift’s age, Adele has been in a committed loving relationship and is settled down with a son. Has albums about her exes yet we have no idea who any of them are, she’s down to earth, funny and witty and yet mature, classy and sophisticated.

Even Miley Cyrus, (who I personally don’t like but still respect) dealt with the break up with Liam and went a bit nuts in the process but still loved him. Was still supportive of him and close to him. All these years her heart only belonged to him. And now at 23 she’s getting married or is already married to the love of her life and is changing herself for the better for him.

And then we have miss still stuck in high school with her bitch clique, changing boyfriends like the seasons, lying and pushing people down to walk all over them to further her own career. Claims not putting her music on Spotify is taking away profits from other artists while it’s really only for her own gain so she can be richer. Acts like she’s a relatable teenager and always plays the victim when she’s a grown ass businesswomen who actually knows exactly what she’s doing. Moved on from a year long romance in the span of 2 weeks and now their relationship ended.

Now tell me she isn’t the problem.

Anyway uh. I don’t want to go into personal backstory stuff bc im sure I would say something wrong and get called out but. Due to all the back and forth of certain communites on tumblr, I’m just gonna. Go on hiatus so I don’t get sucked back into that nightmare again.

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happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating, everyone! this page fought with me the entire time it was being made from backgrounds to sketches even to dialogue, so please excuse any wonkiness. the next one’s gonna be a bit more of a doozy, and very soon, we will be OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM. get hype.

as i said before, there will be NO UPDATE NEXT WEEK, on account of the new year, so this is the very last update of 2016! i’m going to try to get a little extra together for everyone anyway, though, and of course i’ll still be streaming art! see you soon!

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anonymous asked:

SLEEPOVER SATURDAY: Top 3 things with vintage lesbians (real or fictional)?

OOOOOHHHH this is genuinely so so tricky, like i might have to cheat a bit + split it into top 3 tv + top 3 books 

top 3 tv:

  • bomb girls (really + truly gone too soon)
  • call the midwife (my faves r happy + in love as far as we know, they probably had a fab time in a very empty nonnatus when everyone else was away in south africa. and they went on a v gay holiday to paris which makes my heart v happy)
  • i’m torn between seis hermanas (canon vintage lesbians with such wonderful chemistry but i got massively behind + am told Bad Things are happening to them now) & the bletchley circle (not quite canon but essentially practically canon + they mean like A Lot to me). i’ll put them both here because i’m too indecisive
  • also these aren’t top 3 because the writers for both are kinda shitty but 1) home fires 4 teresa fenchurch 2) dracula 4 lucy westenra. both examples of vintage lesbians who got screwed over by their writers smh

top 3 books:

  • THE NIGHT WATCH BY VINTAGE LESBIAN GODDESS SARAH WATERS, legit one of my fave books ever. i was feeling really frustrated w/ reading when i finally got round to starting this after i started my summer holidays last year & it really really reminded me why i love books/reading so much, i fell in love w/ it (also would put the paying guests on here too but i never quite got round to finishing it because my degree got in the way as per but that’s something for me 2 finish next holidays!!)
  • carol - patricia highsmith, like….i think this is the first book i read w/ lesbian protagonists/about lesbians + so aahhh yeah it’s v important to me
  • fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe - fannie flagg. similar 2 the night watch in that i couldn’t put it down which is saying a lot because my concentration when it comes to reading can b kinda terrible even for things i want to read but this is such a wonderful book, one of my absolute all time faves
  • okay these top 3s are really getting out of hand but i have 2 mention code name verity - elizabeth wein. not technically canon vintage lesbians, i went into it thinking they were actually canon so that was lowkey disappointing because they should so obviously be canon. anyway, i read it all in a day + it made me cry, like i actually can’t remember crying more at a book than i cried at this so ! again, one of my fave books

why did this escalate so much o my god!! anyway, thank u!!!! this was such a fun question to answer haha

boyyyy one of my housemates just came back w/ a guy + they’re just talking abt politics or sth in the living room

So, I finished reading Killing Stalking and… Well, now I need some chocolate and kitten videos. I have weird faves like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but seeing  Yoonbum with permanent broken legs left me so edgy. I can take everything, but please, someone fix that.

I must confess I wasn’t able to concentrate on character’s backstory, because really, they were so Ramsay and Theon for me. It was like an au!asoiaf. The way Yoonbum fears Sangwoo, the way Sangwoo plays with Yoonbum’s feelings - making him feel important sometimes, and letting him think he would be able to scape other times -, all the mommy/daddy issues. The way Sangwoo hates people like Yoonbum, but also feels related to them.

Hell, Killing Stalking is for Thramsay the same thing 50 Shades of Grey is for Twilight.
When I was reading the manga I even felt the same sick in my stomach I had when I read the Theon/Reek chapters on books.

Now, seriously, I need to read something cute and full of happiness.

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What is that about a PJO musical, is that real?

YEAH IT IS. There is a PJO musical, I remember it touring around college campuses and small theaters a few years ago, and this is the same show I believe, but I guess it’s gotten a bit bigger now. It’s gonna be showing at a theater in NYC (not on Broadway tho) from late March to early May. You can read about it here and even listen to a song from it that was released with the news today! Apparently it’s gotten really good reviews for being really accurate, which is something we never got from the movies, so that’s pretty neato lol

This is not Madagascar related but it’s related to stuff that’s gonna be showing up on this blog so... read or don’t read

Okay so no one probably cares but I’m gonna do this ‘watch all these movies that are apparently essential to having a childhood but I’m the odd one out’ thing. I’m going to attempt to write a bit of a review/reaction thing after each movie to improve my writing/analysis skills. I debated putting this on my main blog instead but I figure that most people who follow this blog are animation fans to an extent, and if we’re being very very vague this is an animation blog, so it’s going here. If you don’t want to read it, most of it will be under a ‘read more’ anyway. I’ll probably reblog these to my main too, because I can. My goal is to watch every Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks film, including ones I have actually seen, and to just express my thoughts. And see what I was “missing” as a kid by having not seen most of them. I’m not gonna do all the Disney, then all the Pixar, etc, but for each studio I will watch them in chronological order. Let’s do this (and see how long this takes because we’re looking at 106 movies here). 😎

So had another death talk