i'm gonna put this on your shirt

Okay Tara, time to be productive!

Take your meds
Get in the shower
Put on your new awesome marauder shirt that you made rob buy you (remember to love him.)
Look good = feel good
Clean a little bit. He’ll be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Take a break to write some fic. The ship crew will be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Walk the dog. She’s proud of you anyway, but just pretend her pride will increase…
STUDY STUDY STUDY. The world will be proud!
And then you get to enjoy the walking dead.
GO Tara GO!

@flyingchancla replied to your post “You: Hello  Me, a Jintellectual: YO ”

These kids are getting us to be hip with old school slang and emojis.

RIGHT, gonna put on my best old Nirvana shirt from high school and dig out my old Shell Toes and super baggy pants and be like YO……

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¿Vas a comer eso? - Inspired by Rhett and Link’s “Are You Gonna Eat That?” with my own creative spin on the food (and birds) interacting with some type I constructed in Illustrator; then I put everything together and edited/illustrated it in Photoshop. It is available on RedBubble to put on your bodies and walls (as t-shirts and prints and other lovely items), but I thought I’d share it with Tumblr as well for the sake of it. Boosting is love. (Removing any credit tags and/or re-posting is not.)