i'm gonna put this on your shirt

IKEA shenanigans
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  • Person A, lying seductively in bed: honey come join me
  • Person B: if you don't put on your shirt I'm legitimately gonna leave you here
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  • Person A: I'm gonna choose a random tag and whatever unfathomable word is on it, I'm gonna name our kid that
  • Person B: p l e a s e s t o p
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  • Person B: you gotta stop crying about all the rooms
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  • Person A: *staring at all the desks*
  • Person B: *walks up to them* what're you doing?
  • Person A: I'm wondering which of them you'd look best pinned aga-
  • Person B: *kicks them in the shin*

Marinette’s heart lurches painfully at his question. In the past several months she’s become expert at the Art of Reading Adrien, and the way that he nervously fiddles with the scarf belies the even voice she hears. She hopes he doesn’t think she’s going to deny him this.

“Close your eyes.”

He complies, and as she twists off the couch to face him, she hears his restrained breathing. 

Scratch nervous, he was terrified. She puts a hand between his shirt collar and his scarf, hoping to ease his nerves as she leans closer and takes him in.

Framed in the red sunlight and his eyelashes grazing his cheeks, he looked serene. Had she not known him, the assumption would have been fair.

Her eyes slide along the strange patches of light thrown across his face and drift down to his mouth.

…How long had she really wanted to do this when she wasn’t busy lying to herself? She tries to push the thought out of her mind as the centimeters between them compress and her bangs mingle with his.

She’d dedicated to memory his laughter at the first stupid meme she’d shown him, the pride in his compliment when she made a bad pun to his face, the way he’d bear hug her at the end of her shift and try to stop her from making it to his door, and the pain that the gesture did little to mask.

She does her best to etch into her memory the brief hitch in his breath as she gently touches her lips to his.

She’d stolen his first kiss.

the dummies go to IKEA
  • 1.
  • Minho, lying seductively on a bed: honey come join me
  • Key: if you don't put your shirt back on i'm legitimately going to leave you here
  • 2.
  • Taemin: i'm gonna choose a random tag and whatever unfathomable word is on it, i'm gonna name our kid that
  • Key: p l e a s e s t o p
  • 3.
  • Onew: you have to stop crying about all the rooms

He found a snuggly spot.

(Please be very, very careful about snuggling with your beebs in bed!  I’ve seen way too many stories from heartbroken people who dozed off and accidentally smothered their birds.   I know how hard it is to resist the temptation to keep snuggling with your bird, but please, if you’re tired or feel like you might fall asleep, for the bird’s safety and your own peace of mind, put your bird away IMMEDIATELY.)

I’m finally going to share some of my thoughts on Tythan since I reblogged Eth’s ask regarding the ship. This isn’t a ship blog (other than tyler x reader) stuff, and will never be a ship blog so I’ve been quiet on the subject.

It’s fine to ship things privately where the boys won’t see it. So I don’t have any problems with discord servers or shared google docs because the boys won’t see it. 

What’s not okay is even though Ethan has repeated said that ship stuff of any kind makes him uncomfortable people tag him and Tyler in it anyway. They recognize that they don’t have any control over it but I personally think it’s super disrespectful that people continue to tag them even though they don’t want to be tagged in it.

I won’t lie, I lowkey think they’d be cute together. BUT I keep that too myself because I don’t want to make them uncomfortable because I really care about them and their feelings. And I don’t have any dellusions that they actually are together.

Another thing is, some shippers really do take it too far. Not just with the blatant tagging, but also by insisting that there’s “proof” of Tythan. It’s not real guys. Unless they ever say it is (which, based of Ethan response, I doubt they ever will) it’s really not cool to turn into zealots of the ship. Idk what other word there is for it. Ty and Eth live together, they’re friendly and they happen to own the same shirt - that doesn’t mean that they are romantically involved. 

I don’t know if you guys noticed but yesterday during the livestream Tyler put ‘Tytan’ as his name for one of the jackbox games. Ethan thought it said Tythan and immediately his mood dropped and he was so uncomfortable. You can’t tell me that shipping it doesn’t affect them when they both say it makes them change their typical high spirits.

Please just keep your ships to yourself out of respect to both of them.

Finally back with art now that exams are done !! This one is for the Young Avengers Exchange (so sorry it’s late !!)

Prompt was : Festive happenings in which America is wearing a holiday jumper which does something horrendous like light up or sing a song or something. Possibly Kate’s doing. Amerikate always welcomed!

Well, when you’re from a world created by Billy Kaplan, stars that light up on your swearter might just be normal fashion sense where you come from, you know ? Maybe it does sing. Or has magical properties. Inter-dimensional radio? Who knows.

so i personally subscribe to the siren rhys theory

but it’s also been kind of implied that at least some of the siren’s tattoos need to be showing for their powers to work, and rhys is always in long sleeved shirts

so imagine rhys preparing to use his powers during a crisis by frantically untying his tie and scrambling to take off his shirt in front of everyone

he does get to blow everyone away with some badass siren magic, but first he has to deal jack’s mockery and fiona yelling at him to put his goddamn shirt back on

badass-boytoy  asked:

Time constrained: I have a question about my top surgery consult. It's Thursday and I'm not sure what to expect. It's my first time meeting the surgeon and I'm nervous. Will they make me take my shirt off? What the heck is gonna happen at this appointment?

Great questions!

It’s normal to be nervous before such an important transition milestone.

Yes, the surgeon will need to examine your chest closely. You’ll likely be left in a room by yourself (you can also ask to have a companion with you) to take off your shirt and put on a gown. Then the surgeon will remove the gown to examine your chest. This may include touching, pinching, poking. Then you’ll be able to put your shirt back on and the surgeon will offer their professional recommendation as to which Top Surgery procedure would give you the results you seek. You’ll have the chance to book a surgery date if you choose to move forward, and may also be given some handouts (pre-/post-op checklists and information.)

Questions to ask the surgeon at your consult:

Don’t forget to bring a notebook to write down the answers to your questions!

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna FaceTime my long distance daddy tonight and he wants me to surprise him with something that little me would do... I'm drawing a blank! Help I need ideas!

If you have a tee shirt of his wear that and nothing else but his favorite pair of your panties. Put your hair up in a pony tail. While your talking to him color cute little pictures for him. And hum a cute song while your doing it. Be super cute for him (:

overwatch characters as things I overheard during highschool
  • Genji: "It's ass-grab Friday."
  • McCree: "Put your shirt back on, you Sasquatch man!"
  • Pharah: "Hurry! There's no time! GRAVITY!"
  • Reaper: "Well, it's 8:52, I'm gonna go burn in Hell."
  • Tracer: "You were walking around the street, like some kind of walk-streeter."
  • Bastion: (Watching someone draw) "Leg. Leg. Head."
  • Hanzo: "This fucker made me let my lizard out!"
  • Junkrat: "He went to the bathroom and came back with a bag of chips. Tell me THAT isn't gross."
  • Mei: "I'm not gonna give you my sweater, so just imagine you're warm."
  • Torbjörn: "My whole body hurts cause I'm so mad."
  • Widowmaker: "That's the sound of thieving at Walmart."
  • D.Va: "I love CS:GO and wasting my grandparent's money!"
  • Reinhardt: (Looking at a picture of a Steelix) "Is that a minion?"
  • Roadhog: "I would strangle you but my hands are covered in chapstick."
  • Winston: (In regards to a certain way to peel a banana) "He didn't know you could pinch the butthole!"
  • Zarya: "They're over there talking about dicks... I thought they were all lesbians?"
  • Lúcio: "I'm done with life but I'm not done with Dance."
  • Mercy: "A bunch of accidents are accidental."
  • Symmetra: "I can't hold back the urge to repress the people."
  • Zenyatta: "Why do I have everyone's feelings?"

anonymous asked:

I would love to see the top five most obscure pictures of Michael you currently have saved to your computer. Go.

i can’t believe you’d try to limit me to five but:

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can i have an imagine when you live with all the boys and they always flirt with you? i'm an italian girl and i really love your imagines. <3

Thank u love ! <3

“Taylor pick up your shirt.” You tell him immediately after he drops it on the floor. “And put it back on, maybe?" 
"Just cause you thirsty for this” He says, flexing his muscles, and tensing his stomach. You roll your eyes and walk to the kitchen to grab an apple.
“Hey sexy” Gilinsky says, picking through the fruit bowl.
“Jack.” You greet him, grabbing an apple quickly and darting off.

“Hey (y/n) I’m gonna need you to pick something up for me.” Sammy says walking past you, you turn around as he and you walk in opposite directions, “if it’s weed, forget it.” He snickers and turns to walk away. You roll your eyes again, what a nut house you think to yourself

You walk into the living room to find Nash and Cam mid vine, “Oh damn, what was I meant to say again?” Nash asks
Cameron grunts and repeats his line as they start over again. 
“Oh hey (y/n)” Cam says noticing you standing and watching. 
“Yo let’s make a vine with (y/n)!” Nash suggests.
Cam agrees, walking over to you and picking you up, putting you over his shoulder, “Oh my god, Cam put me down!” You say, kicking your legs.
He laughs, “you’re so cute when you try.”

You film the vine, which - of course - consisted of them making fun of you somehow; and leave the room to go upstairs and read.

“Hey uh, (y/n)?” Jack Johnson says peeping into your room.
“God Jack, ever heard of knocking?!” You joke
He smirks, “Nothing I haven’t seen before.” 
You roll your eyes for what feels like the seventieth time that day, “In your dreams, Johnson. What do you want?” You put your book down and he sits on your bed and starts asking for girl advice before promptly leaving. 
You finish the last few pages of your book and get up to go check out what everyone is up to.

The guys are in the living room playing Fifa when Matt turns around when he hears you coming down the stairs. “Hey! (y/n)!” He pats his lap and you go and sit down on it, “so who’s winning?” You ask.
Matt goes through the plays, and the score as you pretend to care. 
“Hey (y/n), you know that guy at the last Meet & Greet?” Nash says, eyes planted firmly on the screen.
“There were a lot of guys at the Meet & Greet, Nash” You sigh, brushing your hand through Matt’s hair. 
“You know, the guy guy” Nash says.
"Ohhh, the guy guy” You say. “… Still not following.” 
"The guy that totally wanted to get in your pants” Carter clears it up as he too stays firmly focussed on the game.
“Oh” You laugh, “Yeah?" 
"Uh, he called you” Nash says.
“What?!” You exclaim, 
“Yeah, I told him not to call again because I was your boyfriend and I was pissed.” He smirks, 
You throw a pillow at his head and he grunts in response, “Every single time, Hamilton!” You yell, getting up to start hitting him.
“Ouch ouch ouch!” He says as you hit him and he shields himself with his arm. He pulls you down onto his lap and starts tickling you, “Don’t hit me!” He warns, as you laugh uncontrollably. “Nash stop!” You yell. 
Shawn pulls you away from Nash’s grip and you thank him. 
“You’re a loser” You tell Nash, half joking as you leave to go back up to your room.

wow what a life

but can you imagine getting your nipples pierced and you haven’t told calum yet bc you’d much rather him find out on his own. so you walk into the living room while he’s playing fifa and you straddle him and he’s whining bc he can’t see the tv anymore so he says “babe i can’t see the game i’m gonna lose!!” instead of responding you crash your lips onto his and as usual things are getting heated so he puts his hands under your shirt to grab your boobs and he instantly looks up at you and says “oh my god no you didn’t” so you shake your head yes as you pull your shirt off and reveal your new piercings and he mutters a “fuck yes i love you” under his breath as he’s taking your hand and pulling you to his bedroom for a very fun night.

If Connor appears in my house...
  • Me: O____O Hello....
  • Connor: O_O hello.
  • *long silence, takes a while to get a sense of situation*
  • Me: uhhhhh, well, you are not home, you are in 21st century
  • Connor: what?
  • Me: *starts proving the fact by showing him around*
  • Connor: what is that? What the hell is this? What are those? What the fuck?
  • ---
  • Connor: Where is Charles Lee??
  • Me: don't even.....
  • ---
  • Connor: .....you are dressed...weird....
  • Me: *offended* if jeans and a shirt are weird, wait till we go outside....
  • ---
  • Connor: I'm hungry.
  • Me: bruuhhhh, I have to cook now? *he gives me a cold look*
  • Fine fine....
  • ---
  • Me: *calls a friend* ...and yeah, Connor is here.....
  • Friend: lol, I thought you didn't smoke, lol you cray cray
  • Connor: why are you talking to a piece of a rectangle?
  • Me: uhhhhh, sit down...this is gonna take a while....
Elsanna (The Heat scene)
  • Anna: *Pulls Elsa into the bath*
  • Elsa: "I told you, I don't have to use the bathroom!"
  • Anna: "Oh, did I asked you about your bathroom habits? You were killing us out there! You don't fit in, take off that fucking jacket."
  • Elsa: "Is- is a good jacket."
  • Anna: "Really? You look like you are gonna sit on the table and do their fucking taxes, take it off!"
  • Elsa: *starts taking it off*
  • Elsa: "My God. This is ridicoulous."
  • Anna: "Just take it off now!"
  • Elsa: "Okay, okay, the jacket is off."
  • Anna: "Now unbotton your bottoms."
  • Elsa: *freaks out*
  • Elsa: "I'm a federal agent!"
  • Anna: "I know, and you look like one."
  • Elsa: "Aaaaaah..."
  • Anna: "You think you are gonna bump into him and he's not gonna think sth is up?"
  • Elsa: *unbottoms her shirt*
  • Elsa: "Okay, better? Can we get out of here now?"
  • Anna: *stares*
  • Anna: "I think it's worst. My fear is to put you into a bikini and that you still looking like a fucking bank teller."
  • Elsa: *rolls eyes*
  • Elsa: "Do you have to use that language, do you?!"
  • Anna: "I'm trying to make a fuckin' point."
  • Anna: *puts her hand on Elsa's face.*
  • Anna: "Ok. Your face, and whatever is beneath this shitty outfit is maybe not terrible."
  • Elsa: "You know, I dress properly, and I-"
  • Anna: "I got it, I got it, it's when this, *points into Elsa's mouth* your big flappin' mouth, starts running. It's just a boner killer."
  • Anna: *touches Elsa's shirt*
  • Elsa: "Wait, what- what are you doing?! What are you doing? What are you doing?"
  • Anna: "I just want you to shut up."
  • Elsa: "Gooooooood..."
  • Anna: *starts cutting Elsa's shirt*
  • Elsa: "Oh my God! I just bought five of this to Boston!"
  • Anna: "I'll cut the other four."
  • Anna: "God, that's a terrible fabric."
  • Elsa: "It was one of my favorites."
  • Elsa: *stares at herself at the mirror*
  • Elsa: "K, I look like if I had been attacked."
  • Anna: "That's not my fault."
  • Elsa: "Oh! It's my fault?!"
  • Anna: *kneels* *starts cutting Elsa's pants*
  • Elsa: "Stop cutting my clothes!"
  • Anna: "I'm making shorts! Everybody likes shorts! Jesus, hold still!"
  • Elsa: "Just... Woah, that feels awkward. Weird. Just don't touch that area."
  • Anna: "Don't hunk down, or you are gonna suck my hand in there."
  • Anna: *finishes* *stares*
  • Anna: "Jesus."
  • Elsa: "What??"
  • Anna: "What are those?!"
  • Elsa: "They're.. They are just my spanks! They hold everything together!"
  • Anna: "Why?! Wha- what's gonna come fucking poppin' out?!"
  • Elsa: "Nothing! It just keeps everything where it's supposed to be!"
  • Anna: "Shit, like medically?"
  • Elsa: "No! No medically, just.."
  • Anna: "You gotta ventillate that oven. There's a lot of compression and heat."
  • Elsa: "It gets plenty of ventilation, thank you."
  • Anna: "Srsly my hands were on fire."
  • Elsa: "K, just stop it." *tries to take Anna's vest off*
  • Anna: "N-no, I don't need that."
  • Elsa: "What do you mean?"
  • Anna: "I... I show my sensuality through movements. When this starts going on it's all... You'll get it."
  • Elsa: "So I have to look like this and you have to look like that?!"
  • Anna: "I know, it's not fair."
  • *both get the hell out of the bath*
  • Anna: "Heat it."
  • Elsa: *makes her best pose. *puts her hands on her hips* *stares sexy at everyone*
  • *Guy stares*
  • Anna: "What are you looking at?"
  • Guy: "I like how your friend's shorts nake me feel in my shorts. Gosh, sorry, that was more cool than I meant it."
  • Elsa: "Let's proceed." *walks into the crowd*
  • Anna: "Oh, God.. We are death."
  • Schuyler: Wait, slings are free? I want a sling!
  • DM: Sure, you can literally just rip a strip off your shirt and use that.
  • Schuyler, enthusiastically: I make seven.
  • DM: Okay, you no longer have a shirt. That's gonna chafe.
  • Schuyler: Oh, shit. I'm not gonna have any nipples left buy the end of this, guys.
  • *later*
  • Doug: Hey, can I have one of your slings?
  • Schuyler: No, make your own!
  • Doug: You have SEVEN.
  • Schuyler: ... I'll trade you a sling for you shirt.
  • DM: You know he's small-sized, right?
  • Schuyler: Oh. But I can still put it on, right? I need to lessen the chafing.
  • Me: It's gonna look like a large sports bra.
  • Schuyler: So long as my nipples are protected, I don't care.
  • Me: Sports bra. So sexy.
  • Schuyler: I'm gonna Sense Motive to see how sincere that compliment was.
  • Me: Not... barely... at all. It's not. I was totally being sarcastic.
  • Schuyler: *scowls at me*
  • Me: *shrugs*
Okay Tara, time to be productive!

Take your meds
Get in the shower
Put on your new awesome marauder shirt that you made rob buy you (remember to love him.)
Look good = feel good
Clean a little bit. He’ll be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Take a break to write some fic. The ship crew will be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Walk the dog. She’s proud of you anyway, but just pretend her pride will increase…
STUDY STUDY STUDY. The world will be proud!
And then you get to enjoy the walking dead.
GO Tara GO!


¿Vas a comer eso? - Inspired by Rhett and Link’s “Are You Gonna Eat That?” with my own creative spin on the food (and birds) interacting with some type I constructed in Illustrator; then I put everything together and edited/illustrated it in Photoshop. It is available on RedBubble to put on your bodies and walls (as t-shirts and prints and other lovely items), but I thought I’d share it with Tumblr as well for the sake of it. Boosting is love. (Removing any credit tags and/or re-posting is not.)