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The Avengers as music albums.

newtina thoughts #1
  • first things first, let’s get the fact that they’re already canonically married with at least (1) child and (1) grandchild and (3) kneazles out of the way
    • like legit married for decades in good old true love fashion like
    • y’all we’re gonna get to watch them fall in love and possibly even mARRIED DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH PAIN THAT PUTS ME IN
    • (also finally, luna lovegood is married to rolf scamander. just. family christmases man. newt and luna. just saying. they would be bffs)
  • anyway, newtina
  • what I love about newtina is how different they are as people, but they complement each other splendidly?
    • like newt has his head in the clouds when he’s thinking about his beasts and tina is incredibly level-headed
    • but they both have the same sense of spirit and also can we talk about their sense of righteousness???
    • newt with his ‘i can’t believe you have a law that disallows you from being friends with no-majs’ and tina with her ‘you abused this child i will punch you’
  • tina is a boss lady tbh just wanted to mention that again in case you had forgotten. like. she walked into high-profile macusa meetings. SEVERAL TIMES. it’s a regular habit of hers. Don’t you just love that?
  • she is every inch as tender hearted as newt
  • possibly every inch as trusting, too, since she brought him and jacob into her house and gave them a room to stay in. like tina honey please
  • they have one hell of a ‘how we met’ story
  • i haven’t talked about the ‘jump i’ve got you’ because i am too weak but like. ’I’VE GOT YOU’????? NEWT THAT IS THE SINGLE-HANDED MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU COULD HAVE SAID TO HER YOU DORK
  • finally, a few very important reminders:
    • newt scamander and his hufflepuff scarf
    • newt really not wanting to say goodbye. that last pause? when he’s boarding the boat? and everyone else has already boarded and the docks have gone from crowded to empty? like?
    • tina’s little skip in the end like she can’t quite believe it
    • that skip was such a perfect lil addition like omg they’re so good together

Chanyeol B-day Countdown ; Different Sides of Chanyeol

D-15 : chanstagram 

“How do I…?”

“How do you look?”

Aithlin’s brows flattened, but the warmth in Dorian’s eyes coaxed a smile out of him. “You shouldn’t interrupt me, but… yes, how do I look?”

“Like the most beautiful creature in Thedas.”

“’Aside from myself, of course’.”

Dorian laughed, low and sweet, and shook his head, forefinger tucked up beneath the curve of Aithlin’s chin. “There you go, putting words in my mouth again, when I’d much rather you find another way to engage it. A kiss, maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous?”

I was so so amped to get a chance to commission @oatson, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed with the experience! Not by a long shot. Please, if you have a chance, go commission her. She’s such a sweetheart and (obviously) so talented! I mean, look at Aithlin’s arms.


in order

“trixie i see we both wore no makeup today”
“of course, waste of time. who would we be doing it for? society? men?”

“we should do charlie’s angels.”
“nah, that’s for basic bitches. what about peace signs?”
“that’s literally more basic.”

“katya i want you to strum my leg like a guitar.”

“alaska you look so good out of drag.”

(jinkx has to take my phone off me because i’m too small to take the picture)

“state your name an occupation”
“my name is rachel and i am a homosexual” (katya giggles and high fives me)

I literally love documentaries so much like what the heck, history documentaries, animal documentaries, anything. Throw me a three but wolf documentary and I’m gonna enjoy it, I love documentaries so much, like, if you know me you’re gonna have to put up with me blurting out random facts about things, whether you care or not, I’m gonna do it. Imma be like “Bro you know Wolves can run on their toes, which helps them to stop and turn quickly and to prevent their paw pads from wearing down” Like can anyone relate or..

a mix for everyone who feels unsteady, overwhelmed, and scared. for those who are running out of hope and strength. this is for you. it’s gonna be alright. filled with happy, hopeful songs, throwbacks, and just some fun bops that will put a smile on your face.

i made this last night while scrolling through facebook and seeing all of the heartbreak and fear in my friend’s posts as a result of the election. i truly believe that music can help people, even just for a bit. so i made this 83 song playlist to make my friends smile and i hope it helps y’all too. <3 

They better make Golisopod the most badass pokemon in the anime like I’m expecting a fucking Jojo attack rush from him. If the pokedex says he uses all 6 arms to fight I wanna see him beat the living shit out of something with those six arms. First Impression may be a good move but he’s got 5 more impressions that’ll fuck you up real good.

Things we can do with Trump's wall (aka coping mechanism for Mexicans)

- Paint it white and project movies on it
- Make a climbing wall
- Build houses besides it so we only have to build three walls
- Paint street art on it
- Make a fronton court
- Make an oriel
- Parkour
- Put shreds of glass on top ( just to give the Mexican vibe)
- Make a DIY board like the one in stranger things to pass messages between family and friends
- Have a massive ‘put on Trump’s wig’
- A taco stand

Cosas que podemos hacer con el muro de Trump
- Pintarlo de blanco y proyectar películas en él.
- Hacer una pared de escalar.
- Hacer casas junto a éste para solo construir tres paredes.
- Pintar arte urbano.
- Hacer una cancha de frontón.
- Hacer un mirador.
- Parkour.
- Poner pedazos de cristal hasta arriba (solo para dar la vibra mexicana).
- Hacer el alfabeto de Stranger Things para pasar mensajes entre amigos y familia (con todo y lucecitas).
- Hacer un juego masivo de “Ponle la peluca a Trump”.
-Un puesto de tacos.
~Give more ideas in the tag #things we can do with trump’s wall~ Den más ideas en #cosas que podemos hacer con el muro de trump

really underwhelming follow forever

hey i really want to make a follow forever and I don’t know how to make graphics or make it look fancy at all so I’m just gonna come out and put down my best friends, treasured mutuals, people I’ve known the longest and so on… I love u all and I’m really glad I have friends like you
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Wowzers ! It’s been one whole year since I’ve been on this account. One whole year of memeing, having a good laugh and all around just having a wild experience. I literally remember the first time starting this account—- I didn’t know how it was gonna pan out. Booster Gold had always been a character who I’ve grown to love and see, er, somewhat evolve over the years. This was the character that brought me into the DC community. The first actual character that made me pick up a DC comic and read through. I love this character ( then hate him, then love him again—- It’s a complicated relationship ) and to just see so many people who do as well it’s !!! So mind blowing. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you’ve done. For the follows, for not following and just liking my things. For all the roleplay accounts and non who are here—-Thank you. Thank you so so much for everything. For making this year so wonderful. For welcoming me with open arms and allowing me to show you one of my favorite characters. Just, thank you.

Booster Gold’s Premium Membership ( Special Mention )

@thisguythisgardner : Ben ! Oh my godBen. My pal, my bud, my amiguy. I might go a bit sappy on you just giving you a heads up. ANYWAYS—-They say that your writing partners often make your roleplaying experience good or bad and that’s 100 % true. You’ve made this experience 10x more enjoyable for me thinking about our two losers. All because you jumped into my IM to ask how I feel about the two together. You’ve made me think, analyze Booster more closely, create headcanons that would fit his character ( which I should really put on here to make it #canon ) and just all the rad verses and plot ideas we’ve made with our boys. And the art oH BOY. Drawing our boys to improve my art style. It’s still insane how much the two are literally the same person2 green lanterns. Like whoa mama. You’re always here to talk to me about these two or just anything else and I love every moment of it. 💛💚

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(I'm talking about the recent art you rebloged)

aaa got it

to simply put it:  d̫̥̰̫̓̆̉̎̑ͣ ̲͕̳̟͙͙͌e̬̱̘̱̔ ̻̖̣̫̥͖ͭ̾̾̾ͨ̃̎a̯̘͈̞̚ ̩̜ͨ͂ͧ̾ͭ̆ͯ͟d̳̏̉͂

yeah you’re going to have as much backstory on this guy as much as Abel
Not gonna give out their actual name, so let’s call them REDACTED for now     -uo

Omelas Theory (Jungkook)

First off, I’m gonna put it out there that I literally don’t know whether any of this is actually right, and I know there might be/a r e a lot of loopholes but bear with me. I’m pretty sure atleast like 70% of you would’ve already though about this too lol but I need to get this out. I didn’t make any connections between the Spring Day mv and the HYYH mv’s bc it would turn out too long, this is just loosely based off of the Omelas theory. And in case any of you don’t know what Omelas is, I’ll explain.

There’s a short story called The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, and Omelas is basically like a utopia; a city where everything is perfect(ly happy). But good can’t exist without evil, and for the sake of the city’s happiness, one child is suffering. It’s locked away in a basement in the city, isolated from everyone else. The point is that (I can’t really explain this well but) the people living in Omelas realise the significance of their happiness when comparing that to the pain and suffering of the child, so they don’t allow ‘it’ to leave and live with that ugly secret even though it’s a horrible thing to do and Omelas is supposedly the ‘perfect’ city.

Now my theory comes from the fact that the whole (4 pages lol) story is pretty vague. The narrator says that people think the child is 6, when it’s nearly 10 years old. There’s also an ‘option’ to choose from, whether the child was born defective, or fear made him that way.

 There’s also other things in this story which makes it sound extremely vague, even with the rich descriptions of what’s happening in Omelas, and the room that the child is locked in 

(again, the narrator says an either/or to what kind of building the basement is in). Whoever made the decision to put Omelas in the music video obviously took advantage of the fact that the story is vague and really open to interpretation.

Going to my theory, Jungkook is the child as I see it. (There’s also more theories about Namjoon and Tae and Jin and Jimin and Hobi and…yeah but for now I’ll just explain this bc even tho I don’t see the big picture as being entirely Jungkook-centric this is part of the story and I’m gonna do theories for each member.) He’s seen alone in many scenes:

in the train at the beginning,

near the rusty merry-go-round (I think that’s one idk??),

again during nighttime near that same place,

when he walks towards the motel with the large Omelas sign, when he walks into the room where they did laundry and so on.

He’s alone, isolated, separated from everyone else. But the thing is, the short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas doesn’t really give an in-depth explanation on the child and it’s background. There’s no saying that the child in that basement could’ve and could’ve not had a past before being well, the child in the basement. And that’s the basis of my theory.

Jungkook, the child, had a life before he became locked in the basement. For what reason he was locked in the basement, I don’t know: he might’ve gotten punished, there might’ve been a kid before him who grew too old and died, yadayada. That’s the point of this short story, you pick and choose to make it however you like, and never ever let the child leave.

For the sake of this theory let’s just assume that train cabin that Jungkook is in at the beginning, is the room in the basement. Going from the past to the present, and assuming that the actual child in the basement is older than even 10 years -or let him stay 10 years if you want really, there’s no change to this theory if you do/don’t -, the rest of Bangtan is his friends before the entire basement ordeal happened.

A lot of people already pointed out that the colouring/contrast/theme of the music video is different in a lot of scenes.

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  1. you start game and you make your character and your sibling and your dad just changes skin color and hair color to match kind of like fallout 3 dad
  2. for “reasons,” your sibling is going to be a plot device for at least half of the game (probably stuck in the cryosleep or w/e the crew gets put in)
  3. the dad is going to die. i mean, come on. either that or he gets injured or kidnapped or taken out of the picture altogether. his last words are all “BE THE PATHFINDER”
  4. the first party member you get is “good man guy™”
  5. the second member you get is “chick with balls of steel™”
  6. then you’re stuck with those two until you have some sort of REALLY IMPORTANT THING that causes you to run into the rest of your party along the way: quirky manic pixie dream girl™, seasoned veteran hardass guy™, maverick with a heart of gold™, and the outsider™
  7. THE BIG QUEST that sets everything in motion is gonna require FOUR THINGS™ all inconveniently located on separate planets
  8. the second to last thing is gonna trigger a bad event that causes your team to get kidnapped/trapped and you must find a way to get back on track
  9. you know you’re at the end of the game because your LOVE INTEREST finally decides to let you ride the booty
  10. SHIT GOES DOWN without any time to smoke a cig after playing the fiddle that is sweet sweet sexual magic
  11. like at least 3 fights in succession and then the last fight is sort of lame but the ending is bombastic
  13. to be continued… also buy the dlc!
  • Bruce: *Puts Selina in the passenger seat of the Batmobile*
  • Voice from the backseat: Hey.
  • Selina: ...Jason? What are you doing here?
  • Jason: Shot a scumbag pimp in the junk. And then the face.
  • Selina: Oh. Well, good for you.
  • Bruce: *silent angry driving*
  • Selina: And he's putting you in jail? His own son?
  • Jason: He thinks he is. I slipped out of my cuffs about three minutes after he put them on me.
  • Bruce: Jason...
  • Selina: Oh, what a coincidence. It only took me two.
  • *All Hell Breaks Loose*

SZ fae AU where all supers & dead ppl are Fair Folk

the vindicators are members of the Seelie court, led largly by Queen-Consort Natia and Queen-Regnant Tanis, who’s been watching over her land since long before any of the other fae arrived and even before the two courts took shape

villains & the dead are Unseelie, and the Witchmother is in a struggle for power with an ancient faerie only referred to as the Brazen, who’s been absent for millennia & only recently returned

mission control are human-fae ambassadors, and the Beckets are ambassadors, of a sort, between the two courts

(Danny tries to limit his ambassador-ing time because he has, like, a life to live??? the courts can work out their problems on their own. plus dealing with fae is Super Stressful, especially when you’re autistic and not great with words & they’re intensely verbose & love wordplay & semantics a Lot)

at the beginning of the story, things are largely peaceful but the Brazen is trying to gain more power, which has split the Unseelie into factions and threatens to cause a civil war, leading to alliances between the Witchmother and the Seelie court, who would normally limit their interaction. The Beckets & other ambassadors are busier than ever, trying to limit collateral damage.

Elliot gets his ass mixed up into everything by crossing over a Place of Power during a Significant Moment & winds up attached to the Unseelie court via the Witchmother for…. probably ever.

which makes it p complicated when it turns out that really cute guy he was interested in is Also apparently involved in all this somehow but wants nothing to do with it??? and woah there’s like, an entire other world of people?? fae?? whatever, the Important thing is that they’re on the verge of war & now he’s involved too, Why Is His Life.



“That right there - that’s what I’ve always liked about you…” Thawne started with a wicked smirk curling at his top lip to reveal a set of teeth that suddenly seemed too sharp. “You’re just too smart for you’re own good.”

“Dr. Wells…” You weren’t sure how to get out of this, but playing dumb seemed to be the way to go even though you were currently handcuffed in a room you never knew existed in S.T.A.R. Labs. You still had to try. Quickly forcing a laugh that sounded too nervous for your liking, you asked, “Are you feeling okay? I think you’ve been working too-”

“Stop.” He growled. “You know who I am, don’t you? Say it.” 

You pursed your lips and shook your head chaotically in a last attempt to lie to the man who had the power to reach through your body and stop your heart…

“Go on…” He urged through a rough whisper, his voice menacing and dark. “Say it.”

“Eobard Thawne.” You managed in a jittery tone… “Are you going to kill me?”

“Oh, no.” He said with a dark laugh. “I’ve got bigger plans for you…”

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