i'm gonna pounce it

  • Abby: I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.
  • Marcus: I had those fears myself.
  • Me: I would sleep better if you two would just kiss
Brace Yourself(Villain!AU)
  • *Genos and Saitama lay in bed, just waking up for the morning*
  • Genos: *hears a distant tapping from down the hall* Master, do you hear something?
  • Saitama: hm? *lifts his head and listens*....wow, he's starting way back there
  • Genos: ???
  • *the tapping grows closer as Saitama lays on his back with his hands up in the air. The door swings open as Ryu launches into the room and towards the two villains*
  • Kyu: Yah! *get's snatched out of the air by Saitama's outstretched hands*
  • Saitama: Got ya! *Kin lands on his face* Oh no! He had back up!
  • * the bots giggle as Kota climbs up on the bed, sitting next to Genos' head*
  • Kota: I'm gonna get you too, okay, Mama?
  • Genos: *laughs softly* okay
  • Kota: *pounces gently on the cyborg's face*
  • Saitama: Muffled from under Kin clinging to his face* oh sure, you get the polite attacker *Ryu wriggles around to get free, wrestling with Saitama's arm*


if we saved community then we can save in the flesh

traditional TV stations have no idea the power that the Internet has when it comes to content. they are literally stuck in what they think is a working routine that just spits out unoriginal shows that we have been watching for years.

it is totally possible that Netflix or any other online video distributer can pick up in the flesh and give us the season 3 we deserve.

never surrender, kids.