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I just wanna say, I'm so happy you're embracing your feelings towards Rebecca. It's just reached a whole other level of ridiculous now heh 😂😂😭😭.

this was probably the wrong (right?) time to send this message because i’ve been yelling about this theory all evening and….

i have some more Thoughts

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happy birthday, self. _ノ乙(、ン、)_

  • April 1, 2017
  • I don't always love you, you know?
  • Sometimes I come to the conclusion that you're just a boy. Granted, the most beautiful boy I ever met. But so what? It's over now. I should be thankful for the good... and for the bad because I learned from them. You were a chapter in my life, and it's done. On to the next.
  • But other times I come to the conclusion that Fate made us for each other. That no one can replace me in your heart as no one can replace you in mine. That I'm not with you because we still have lessons to learn... grow on our own. But someday, we'll be together again, and this time, forever.
  • Whichever one is true, here I am, living. I have just one life, as far as I know. So I'm gonna see as much of the world as I can, laugh as hard and as often as possible, take really good care of myself, and just carpe the hell out of this diem.
  • Maybe one day we'll find ourselves back in and at the center of each other's lives. Or maybe you've already found your actual true love, and mine is on his way to me.
  • Either way, I'm glad that at some point in my life, I kissed the most beautiful boy in the world, and he kissed me back.

Morning Routines. (Prompto)

He religiously sets an alarm, but always wakes up a little bit before it. Some days it slips his mind that the alarm hasn’t gone off so he’ll be in the middle of something and panic really hard because the alarm just started blaring. Those moments, he feels really grateful that he lives alone. And tries to shrug off the embarrassment by going back to doing things. He only brushes his teeth and has a little bit to eat and drink. After which he heads out for a jog. He aims for an hour, excluding the time it takes to head back home. Some weekends he might even drop by Gladio’s to do a little exercise together.

At any rate, when he heads home, he goes straight for the shower. Singing his favourite songs while he’s at it. The length of his shower really depends on how tired he feels at the moment. And also on whether or not he has a lot of other things to get done during the day. After cleaning up and getting dressed he has a little more breakfast to guarantee more energy for the day. He then usually sends a “good morning” text to Ignis, Gladio and Iris. Pointedly not sending one to Noctis because in his case, a “good afternoon” text makes more sense.

Since it’s still pretty early, he sits down to make a list of the things he needs to get done. Errands and the like. Keeping it safely, he starts getting some chores done. And everyday he ends up taking another shower because between dusting and cleaning the bathroom, he needs one just for the sake of his own sanity. If he doesn’t have anything important to attend to he just picks up his camera and goes around town taking some pictures.


ladies in film: aubrey miller (the first time)

“You know, it’s not some beautiful thing. It’s not some treasure that I have to guard until I find the one or the right person because there is no right person. There’s just some dude, okay? And it happens, and it’s a little gnarly and kind of uncomfortable. But, one day, one day it’s gonna be terrific. It’s gonna be like crazy porno sex terrific and so, I just gotta get from here to there safely and on my own terms.”

  • <p> <b></b> (When the Marauders practised Legillimency/Occlumency on each other)<p/><b>James:</b> *to Sirius* Legillimens!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> *in his mind* Fucking Regulus I'm going to kill that little shit fuck you for ratting me out to mother again you little fuck bloody Merlin why is Peter so fucking dumb I'm giving up on teaching him anything the poor sod is just hopeless James is poking into my head again get out mate hey I think I'm gonna ask Evans to take me to Disneyland one day and oh a roller-roller will be awesome too bet Remus is gonna puke he's got really delicate digestive system after all those chocolate hahaha Peter just tripped over his own foot again the stupid idiot hope he's okay though because we couldn't afford him anymore idiotic than he already is James you're still in my head fuck off I need some privacy I'm gonna think something dirty about my girlfriend redheaded Marley McKnickers is so fucking sexy it should be illegal I feel your pain Prongs and by the way GET OUT oh lord why should practise this again it's stupid and I'm tired I can actually do it while I poop but I'm rather sleepy so excuse me ooh I smell chocolate is that you Moony I'm hungry I want chocolate give me my chocolate sod off Wormtail it's my chocolate I smelled that first I want puppies by the way for my birthday so I have some friends as Padfoot and also the newest Queen album fuck you Remus I stand by opinion Freddie Mercury is the true king of rock and I still want my chocolate I'm entitled to free chocolate every hour of my life because I've a raging bitch for a mother and for the last time James Fleamont Potter GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD YOU TOSSPOT!!!<p/><b>James:</b> *flinches as he finally breaks the spell* Fucking hell, Padfoot; mate, how is it that you don't get aneurysm with all that bullshit inside your head?<p/></p>
While Viktor and Yuuri skated together during the gala night
  • Yurio: urgh these two gross lovebirds disgust me to no end *takes the 154th picture of them* these pictures are for practice purpose only
  • Otabek: *thumbs up every time Viktor/Yuuri nails their jumps*
  • JJ: I bet I myself can perform this better than them both
  • Phichit: I know they're not gonna get married unless Yuuri wins a gold medal but who knows life is full of surprise so here my opinions on how the wedding should be organized *shows a notebook filled with ideas and sketches and illustrations*
  • Christophe: Oh dear I guess Viktor wouldn't let Yurri do another pole dance with me at the banquet this year but what if I get them both drunk off their balls hell yeah maybe that'll distract Viktor for some minutes
  • Yakov: one Yuri was already too much to handle now I might get TWO YURI'S AND ONE VIKTOR NIKIFOROV
  • Michele: they look so adorable skating side by side I wish Sara and I would get to skate like that one day
  • Sara: brother I know you love me but you need to stop, like, right now
  • Emil: *sweats nervously* Yuuri hugged me once and I freaking hugged him back passionately Viktor gonna slay my ass
  • Georgi: awwww young love *sends the 99th message about the meaning of love to Anya*
  • Leo: Guang-Hong you shouldn't be watching this I'm afraid some NC-18 might happen between them-
  • Guang-Hong: Leo, it won't happen because 1) they're performing in public and 2) with my own eyes I have witnessed Viktor taking off his clothes while embracing Yuuri and survived so nothing in the world scares me anymore
  • Minami: *writes down furiously* life goal: pair skate with Yuuri the idol of his entire existence
  • Yuuko: *ready to be taken to hospital due to blood loss from intense nose-bleeding*

i had a pretty rough week, but this amazing fic by NorthernSparrow got me through it! (warning that it is SUPER NC-17 but it’s absolutely brilliant)

i did this little series of drawings based on my favorite parts, but i can not describe how much of a dream-fic this is. it felt like it was custom-fit to me. it was funny, and at multiple points i was like, “WHAT aww…WHAT WAIT OH. OH SHIT!” and i was so happy. this fic was better than the best way to wind down after work. and being from iowa, i really wanted to start the iowa women’s knife-fighting league. i was also absolutely floored by the angel travolta, good ol’ knut, and that guy that is super enthusiastic about nipple clamps!! i didn’t get around to drawing Lady Velvet and friends, but i probably will some day

 if anybody ever asks me what my favorite fic is, i’m definitely gonna say this one. ‘cause like, damn

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"Why don't you sleep?" "Idk not tired" In reality: I care so little about my own self worth at this point in my life that I can't bother to sleep and would rather spend my life in my little fantasy world I've developed and who knows maybe I'll get so little sleep that one day my heart will just stop and no one will have to worry about me not being able to sleep anymore

Tag urself are you the ‘what is sleep’ depressive or the ‘I’m always asleep’ depressive

it’s time for unpopular silm opinions

Melkor seduced Mairon because of his cleverness and talents, not because of his nice ass. Melkor doesn’t kiss him/fuck him/or do something erotic while seduce him, and new Utumno lieutenant was a virgin. Once, Melkor give him as a reward one of his own concubines to show Mairon how amazing can be feelings of a mortal flesh. Some days (or years, who knows how long ainur can make sex lol) later Mairon comes to Melkor and told that he wants to try the same with him.

Melkor’s face  at that moment was brilliant


*uploads all the OP sketches from the past week or so*

wow I’m so active (I’ve drawn stuff in the past 3 days only)

all hail cool aunt and best mom (man, there’s always a part of Viola’s face that looked wonky to me, had to redraw the one in the middle so. many. times.) (btw I really liked you causing an outburst of Bellemere art the other week, Sai— I’m just gonna assume you’ll see this post)

also some other stuff -namely Boku no Hero Academia, an OC and some Nardo- because that ain’t worth a post of its own

Happy birthday to one of the kindest and multi-talented girl I have had the pleasure of calling my friend for many years now, @kittykittyhunter, here’s a little poem from me, I hope you are having a great day <3

It’s another round around,
another roll around the moon
and I know you wished for more,
(oh so much more)
but I promise, you are doing just fine.

Don’t count your mistakes,
never count your doubts and misshaps.
Count your heartbeats
taken from moments you never thought
you would take
soaked in smiles and happy disbelief.

Oh, my dear sweet moonlight,
I know you are growing
and your steps are getting braver
and your smile clearer
but I know sometimes your pen faulter
and you doubt the strength you have in it,
but never, please never doubt
the faith I have in your talent and passion.

It’s been a long, long roll this time.
I never thought I would hold my breath this much
and paint over the cracks this much
(or trying to chase the calender pages this much)
I also never thought
my eyes would reflect this much beauty,
never thought I would be able to get this far.

I hope you are feeling the same.
Let’s share a chat and a cup of tea again soon,
and fill our souls with moonlight and sunshine
until the hourglass is of no use no more.

I love you my dear, dear moonlight,
thank you for existing.

Here’s to one more roll
(let’s make it a good one)

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Wait so since he's a cyborg, does Genos age? I'm asking cause if he doesn't... That means saitama is gonna die some day. And Genos is gonna be alone... ((I really wanna see this drawn out now I WANT SAIGENOS ANGST DAMMIT DO YOU KNOW ANY ANGST?))

*sigh* umm okay it’s not easy, why DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!!?

I want you to remember that though Genos body is artificial he still has a human brain and, for all I know, that part of him is getting older on their own. Unless he becomes a complete machine one day (I mean artificial body and artificial mind) I believe he is going to get old with time.
As long as Saitama’s power doesn’t stop him from aging either ( and this is, in fact what worries me so much). They both won’t live forever.

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:) hello ^^ I'm gonna order a pillow with my own picture on it, and I'm looking for some awesome GOT7 pics (or Yugyeom pics, doesn't matter) in a good resolution :) If you have some to recommend, please, tell me ^^ if not, just ignore this ask, i don't mind :) anyway, have a beautiful day and always stay happy ^^

I really like these pics if you want yugyeom but if you want all of got7 just send another message and I look for some got7 one ^^

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I want some florist Narry so I'm gonna write it.

Harry loves the flower shop. He’s spent his whole childhood loving flowers, crafting small, delicate crowns for his cats and his best friends, even if they teased him about it. There was something about the array of colors and smells that lured him to his backyard every day after school, staying out until his mom called him in for dinner. 

Now he owns his own flower shop and knows the names, the common and scientific ones, and meanings of more than a hundred flowers. He spends every day preparing gorgeous bouquets, table pieces, corsages, and anything in between. He’s got Liam, his childhood friend who wore his flower crowns with pride, working with him, handling most of  the business side of the shop, while he focuses on dealing with flowers and customers. It’s a great set-up. 

Harry’s just putting the finishing touches on an “I pissed off my girlfriend” arrangement when the bell over the door chimes, alerting him to the smiling blonde boy who walks straight over to him. 

“Hi, welcome to Florist Gump, what can we do you for today?" 

The blonde stifles a giggle at the name and says, “I saw your ad in the paper, said you needed some extra help?” 

Liam suggested the ad a few weeks ago. Late spring was always so busy, and even with Louis and Zayn pitching in, and they were doing plenty well enough to hire help. Harry’s eyes widened because he almost forgot about the ad, but he stepped out from the counter and extended his hand to Niall.

"Oh, wow, yeah! It’s been a while we weren’t sure of anyone would answer the ad! I’m Harry, I’m the owner, Liam’s in the back, he’s the co-owner I guess. We’re just looking for someone to help out making the arrangements and working the store front. Have you ever worked with flowers?" 

Niall grinned at him and walked swiftly behind the counter. Before he began, he looked at Harry, eyebrows raised silently asking “may I?” Harry gestured around in a “by all means” fashion and watched Niall grin again. 

He worked quitely, humming a bit to himself, grabbing three daffodils, a few sprigs of aster, one light pink rose and organizing the small bouquet. He adorned the finished product with baby’s breath to pull the whole thing together before handing it to Harry, who can’t help but smile to himself. 

"Interesting choices, uhhh…”

“Niall,” the blonde provides.

“Niall,” Harry continues, “I like the Aster paired with the Narcissus.  The pink rose was a nice touch as well. Looks gorgeous." 

Niall’s cheeks grow pink as he smiles and says, “Well so’s the lad who inspired the whole thing.” 

They stay silent and smiling for a moment. Just as Harry opens his mouth to offer Niall the job he hears Liam from the back, “Oh just kiss him Harry you can give him the job later.” 

So my fiancé Sebastian and I have some pets. 2 dogs, and 3 cats. All pets are currently living with him, but now when I am moving to my own apartment, I will take one of the cats, My. And yesterday we had a little a little conversation.

Jack: So I’m planning to get us another ca..-
Sebastian: NO WAY, I’m not having 4 cats!
Jack: Meh… 

~Later that day~

Jack: *sends picture of kitten for sale*
Sebastian: … ok we’ll have 13