i'm gonna miss them. and this. and all of you

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little langst for u: lance is kidnapped by the galra and it takes a while for the team to rescue him. in his absence, they realize how much life he gave them and now they miss his winks, his finger guns, his crappy jokes, and his laughter. when they do get him back, he isnt the same: he doesnt goof around, make cheesy pick-up lines, or even smile anymore. he is quiet and obedient, just as the team always said they wanted him to be, and now do they regret it


Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)

Love me now

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! For me it’s doesn’t matter as I’m single forever 😂 but those who’ve their loves with them, I hope you stay together as long as eternity wants. I wish I had someone too :( but it’s okay. Anyways I’m gonna make myself happy with this Valentine special imagine! Hope you all enjoy and give feedbacks!

There’s a little bit of smut in the starting. So skip that much if you’re not comfortable in reading it. Plus thank you for 1K!

Valentine’s Day was never a thing for you till 4 years back. But after you met Harry and got in a relationship, this day became special as ever to you. Valentine’s Day. The day of love never failed to spoil you. Harry always find ways to make you feel special. And Valentine’s Day was the day above all.

You stretched your arm out across the white crumbled bed sheets where Harry slept last night. Your hand didn’t found a hold of Harry as your searched on the sheets, head in the pillow you sighed. You rolled on your left, Harry’s side of bed. You inhaled in taking the aroma of Harry’s colonge. As the smell of him filled your nostrils waking your mind, you sit up finally and step out of the warm comfort of your bed. Small scuff of the carpet tickled your feet as you scrunches them to stop the fizzy feeling.

With a happy sigh you passed downstairs on the wooden stairs of Harry’s L.A mansion. It was big. Big one for one more family to settle in down.

As you walked to the kitchen, the warm fragrance of bacons and pancakes hit your nose warming you up in the chilly morning of the states.
There he stood. His back facing to you as he hummed to self the melody of one of his songs. He was wearing his black Calvin Klein boxers, covering his little bum in perfect way. His tanned, muscular thigh made you shiver.

You wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed your cheek agains his back.

“ e'lo poppet.” Harry said in his morning, heavy voice as he turned to face you and wrapped his own arms around your waist.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby” you said reaching one arm up to caresses his cheek. He looked beautiful. With sunshine flashing on his side face, revealing how deep his green eyes was. The golden Rays mixed with his skin and made him look like an angel.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to yeh too” he replied flashing you his bright white smile. You stood tip toes and brought his face to yours so that you could unite your hungry lips with his. You moved your lips along his as he cupped back of your neck pulling you as close as possible.

A wince left his mouth as the bare skin of his back touches the lid of the Pan which was on the stove.

“Careful” you giggled, stretching one arm out from either side of Harry and turned the stove off.

“Sorry love.” Harry chuckled. He tucked some hair behind your head and sets you on the kitchen island in one swifts motion. You giggled wrapping your arm around his neck.

“Hi.” You giggled

“Hey!!!!” He laughs as he sponges your neck with sloppy yet tiny kisses. You threw your head back giggling.

“Hmm I love yeh” Harry mumbles as his kisses changes from playful to loving ones. He twirls his tongue and suckles on the fresh, sweet smelling skin of neck. It starts to get wet as Harry continues to shower your neck with deep kisses.

“Hmm” as soon as the small moan leaves your lips, Harry wraps your legs around his waist and grind his pelvic to yours creating friction. You could feel his hard erection beneath the cottony fabrics of his boxers as your own panties pool with the wetness.

“I need yeh babe” Harry groans in your neck. He tugged at the end of your tee which basically was his, you lift your arms up to let him slide it up your body. You were now completely naked as the white shirt was the only thing covering your body. Chills ran down your spine as the cold air hit your nipples hardening them.

“So beautiful m'love” Harry whispers as he takes one of your nipples in his mouth, sucking on them and leaving with a pop. The cold metal of his rings hits the warm skin of yours.

A whimper of pleasure leaves your lips as you tangle your fingers in his short yet curl growing hair.

“Tug on ‘em yeah?” Harry says while his lips are still wrapped around the soft skin of your nipples.

Obliging him you give a hard yet soft tug on his hair.


You both laid in silence after you finished making love in front of the fire place. Everything seemed so magical. The air was filled with the scent of vanilla candles and sex. Both, yours and Harry’s cheeks were tinted pink as you rested your head on top of his chest.

His fingers caressed your small back.

“Cmon poppet get ready” Harry speaks ,his deep voice echoes in your ear.

“Why?” You asked tilting your was up so you could see his face.

“Cuz it’s Valentine’s Day and we need t’ go out and have fun” he said as he brushed hair outta your face.

“But I wanna stay in with yeh” you said snuggling close to his chest. Harry chuckles.

“I know love. But I’ve a surprise fo’ yeh.”

After a few minutes of pleading you give into him and get ready in a plain clad cream-silky blouse with a black skirt.

You stepped down the stairs and saw Harry standing at the end already dressed in navy blue tuxedo. The expensive material of cloth fitted his toned body perfectly in every way. From the the curves of his biceps to the end of his feet.

“Hey there hotness” you said sending him a wink as he takes you in his arms pecking your freshly done red lips.

“Hey there sexy” he smirked bumping his nose with yours lovingly.

“Ready t’ leave?” With a nod you link your arm with Harry’s who leads you out o the house to the black shiny Mercedes of his waiting outside.

Being a gentleman, he opens the door for you and sits inside as well after you’ve settled on the leather on his car seat.

“Where are we going ?” You asked pulling out the straps of seatbelt and clicking it in.

“Surprise is meant t’ be kept a secret baby” Harry says staring on the engine and driving off to an unknown place.

The whole ride to the place you sit quietly humming to the song on radio as Harry kept pecking the back of your hand time to time.

You step out the car and the cool ocean breeze hit your face making you shiver. God knew why Harry brought you to a beach in this damn cold weather. You wrapped your velvety coat tightly around your body, immediately regretting the decision of wearing a skirt.

“He you forgotten it’s February Harry?” You asked sarcastically as you feel the tip of your nose going red from cold. Harry laughs wrapping his arm around his shoulder pulling him to you as he nuzzles his nose in your hair.

“Jus’ wait and watch” Harry mumbles and links my small hands with his as we walk down the sand. You even regretted wearing heels as you had to keep them in car because they’d sink into the sand.

Walking down the sand with your head on your Harry’s shoulder, you come to a halt as you see a small cottage on the beach. It was surrounded by tiny red petals of rose and candle which were of course covered with glass lid to keep them from blowing off.

“Oh my god Harry.” You gasped covering your big opened mouth with your hand. You don’t think that it could’ve been more beautiful. That little cottage was perfect. Everything was perfect.

“Yeh like it?” Harry asks as he walks to stand beside you, looking at your with love in his green pupils.

“I loved it!” You jump on him, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as you place multiple kisses all over his face.

Harry laughs and tumbles a bit but holds onto the ground. The small particles of sand were tickling his feet as he himself refused to wear shoes as you were bare feet.

“I’m glad tha’ my little queen liked it”

You smile softly as him and gets off him to go inside and explore the inside of the little house. It was beyond perfect. A small but big enough to fit you both bed lying in middle with small decorations made.

“Honey?” Harry calls for you from out as you hum in response.

“Can yeh come ou’ fo’ a bit?”

“Yeah coming” you chirped as you swayed out of the house. Your breath hitched when you saw Harry kneeled down. His face was a Clear evidence of how nervous He was.

He pulled out the blue velvety box and held it open. If only God knew if you’ve ever seen something more beautiful than this.

“Baby…well I’m not tying my lace or something.” Harry chuckled tries to lighten his stress as you smiled with tear in your eyes and a hand covered your mouth.

He held your hand as he continued.

“Yeh, are the best thing of m'life. I know the words are cheap and common bu’ they’re true. Yeh are m'world. I’ve got lucky since I got yeh. I feel lucky t’ have yeh. I-I’m no one withou’ you. An’ I wan’ yeh to keep Makin’ me feel lucky everyday. So. Ms. Y/n y/l/n, will yeh so me a favour and Marry me?” By the time he finished you already were nodding like thousand times. He smiled showing his dimples and wasted no time in sliding the beautiful platinum-diamond band on your ring finger and connecting his lips with yours.

“Yes” you mumbled against his lips. And he carried you inside.

This day couldn’t be more perfect for you.

I know I’m gonna miss teen wolf so much when it’ll end, because I love all the characters as if they were my own children and I watched them while they were growing up (and falling in love and becoming endgame as fuck uh-uh), but above all i think i’ll miss dylan and tyler bonding together, you know? their friendship is one of the things for which I am, and i always will be,  most grateful to this show. 

I don’t know if this has been said before, but I realized something about the 2015 N7 Day trailer. When Shepard says “know that wherever you go, we will be with you,” she isn’t just talking about humanity and the Milky Way races. When she says “we” she means everyone who’s been along on Shepard’s journey, all the characters we love. When she says “we” she’s talking about our squad mates, about Joker, about Anderson, about everyone we’ve met across three exhilarating, emotional, uplifting games.
Shepard wasn’t saying goodbye to the Pathfinder.
She was saying goodbye to us.

You know what? Frick it. I’m making Becky and Carter a couple. They’re cute and I love them.


“Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.” - Jeff Eastin


All six of us fix our eyes on the rising sun.
There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget. While orange light bathes us, while tension flits far, far away, how much we’ve felt - all that we’ve bled - surrenders to our collective love. Lifetimes, days, minutes spent together.
As we watch outward. As we watch upward. As our faces warm.
We live and breathe in quiet, blissful peace.

Found this old piece I wrote from 3 months ago, I've moved on btw

How can you hate someone so much but love them to death at the same time? I fucking love you but hate you for all that you did to me. We coulda been perfect. We coulda had it all. I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna miss the endless weekend with you and the warm sheets on your bed. That bed. That’s what I’ll miss the most. Crawling into that bed with you at the end of the night with a movie playing and your legs wrapped around mine. The comfort. The long road trips we took just for the hell of it just to get lost for a while to escape reality. But that’s the thing that killed us, reality. You see, our worlds would have never combined. They say opposites attract but why didn’t we last? Your world wasn’t the one for me. You looked at life so much differently and I respected that but I knew I could never fit in with your world. I knew that all along but I kept pushing that thought into the back of my head, which obviously made it much worse in the long run. I set myself up for this. I shoulda kept you out of my life the first time we split but sometime made me come back. Even right now I know I would take you back if you came to me. But why? What’s making me do this? Why can’t I ever seem to let you go? The thought of you with someone else makes me heart shatter and my brain combust and my body shake. Knowing that I am going to wake up alone tomorrow when I’m supposed to be waking up in your bed tears me apart. I’d rather just not wake up at all. They say you can die from heartbreak and if that’s true then I’m close to death. Every mistake is a lesson but I’m learning nothing besides the fact that your a drug that is in my veins. You are cancer to me and there’s just no cure. This is a life sentence. They say heartbreak doesn’t last forever but I don’t believe it. This is terminal. But once again I’m asking myself why do I feel like this? Why do I love a boy so much who gave me so much to hate? He dictated me, brainwashed me, controlled me, and ruled me. All his lies and stories bring fire out in my eyes and steam through my ears but why do I still love him and love all the memories and moments we had? Why does it have to be like this? What did I do to deserve such a shitty ending to something that potentially coulda lasted forever? I wish my phone would ring and it would be you but this time I don’t think your gonna come back to me. I’m such a weak emotional person and I relied on you more than I should have. I now know not to put all of my effort and trust into someone ever again. I’ve learned my lesson but I just wish there was a better way I could have figured this out instead of what happened tonight. I want to try to be the stronger person and not give into my needs and weaknesses, which is you. I need to put on a front. I need you more than ever right now but you can’t know that. I won’t text you no matter how hard I want to. I’m gonna miss our jokes and late night talks and just always having someone to be there and call yours. But you were toxic. Like an infection in my body. It started out innocent but just spread like wild fire. I fucking love you. But I hate you. Why did you do this to me? Why did you make me this way? And most importantly why don’t you care? I wish I could be more like you. More heartless and bitter and cold to the world. But I’m a wreck with too many emotions who only wanted your love in return. Now that me and you are done it seems as if my life is done, I’m so unsure about my future and without you I don’t want a future. I wish I had the guts to end my life but I can’t do that to my family even though they aren’t much of a family. Plus if I did that you’d win, and I can’t let you win. I never knew one simple emotion like love could lead to so many more. Guilt. Anger. Jealousy. Regret. Sorrow. How? How could you hate someone so much but love them to death at the same time?

E-Sens and I talked about it [a reunion]. ‘Let’s go back to Supreme Team after we’ve released all the albums we wished to as solo artists.’
—  Simon D

A little drawing inspired by this.
I love the actors au. So when I saw this drawing, I needed to do something with Herrscher and Virus. I love to imagine the actors playing them having a very different personality in real life. The actor playing Herrscher being very confident, always fooling around, making dumb jokes and all… And the actor playing Virus being more shy and introverted, blushing when actor!Herrscher imply silly things…

Seriously it was the occasion for me to draw Virus with a TRUE smile on his face and to draw Hershy with a cocky expression. And it was so fun to do~♪

niall's voice is incredible and a gift to us all

as I stated in my post on louis’ voice, please take everything about to be said with the disclaimer that I am not a musician. my knowledge of music is mostly informal. I also have not been in the fandom for very long, so I’ll probably miss some awesome links that you should add so I can cry over them too.

that being said, niall’s voice is really and truly incredible and not enough people are crying about it with me.

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