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Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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RvB: Misquoted

Taken from this lovely post.

“I’m not kidding,” Tucker said the morning of, and Church kept laughing. “Hey, asshole! I’m not kidding.”

“Tucker, that’s the most melo-fucking-dramatic thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Yeah, well, you’re the one who asked for reassignments.”

“Five years of dealing with you assholes, hell yeah I asked for reassignments.”

“Fuck you, Church. I don’t even care. My ass gets on that plane and I forget you, and this shitty box canyon, and this shitty sham of an army.”

Church clapped him on the shoulder, a grin in his voice, and said, “yeah. You’re welcome, buddy.”

“Goodbye,” South said, quiet. North’s head was in her lap, their weapons discarded behind a stone somewhere. She knew this was over. She had made sure of it. Some part of her wondered if she should take off the helmet and make sure his eyes were closed.

Her secure channel kicked into life, the voice of Recovery Command. “Recovery One is on his way to you.”

She took her hands off the latches. “Copy that. I’m ready.”

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I'm quickly losing my love for the show and for Daryl as a character. Between the burn we got last season and the way 5b is shaping up, I just don't think Caryl is going to go anywhere, not because of the B3thyl ship or any other ship but because I think tptb just aren't going to go that way. What do you see that I don't?

Oh my dear sweet, meloncholy Nomy.. I feel you I really do.. Wish I was as good at this as Sanja is but I’ll give it my best shot  But first i’ll give you a nice big old Dixon bear hug..

Ok I get the frustration with the character and this ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ cycle that he seems to be on yet again. Just when you think he’s making progress he falls back again. And then I took a step back and  looked at the big picture here and  a thought occurred to me that this  is a lot like real life.  

People do get into these cycles and patterns of behavour and will often times continually fall back on them.  And I do think we often underestimate just how screwed up Daryl really is too.  Abuse, neglect and serious social isolation take a long time to do their damage and a long time to undone.  So his story dictates this  pattern of  somewhat self-destructive behavour. This also true for Carol as well I might add. The fact that they have SOO many things to overcome is what making this take so damn long. 

Not that I’m saying it’s not aggravating and maybe sort of lazy that the showrunners keep repeating the process, i’m just saying that RL recovery can be this aggravating too.   And there is a part of me that believes this maybe the ‘third time’s the charm ’ so to speak. I’m thinking this may be the last round of it to endure. And when hearing of potential upcoming storylines, i’m more certain of it by the day. I do feel like certain issues will get addressed. 

Now the skepticism after  4B an all the mayhem and drama it caused (did  it ever? and we are still dealing with it now) I can can understand the tiring of interest in wanting to continue. 

You see Nomy I believe as well that TPTB are following the idea of drawing it out because it really is the Golden Goose for them. There is a notion that chemistry like this, the Unresolved Sexual Tension or UST  is golden and the only way to kill or end it  IS to get the 2 in question together. There is this fear, for good reason, that once it happens it’s done, as Norman said a few times.  The old Moonlighting thing. Give into it and the UST disappears and the interest fades. It’s happened before. 

I have to believe that Norman and Mel have such great oncreen, and offscreen chemistry that this wouldn’t happen but who knows right?  I’d like to see them try, but I like others feel like they may draw it for awhile. Eventually however you do have to shit or get off the pot.  And I don’t think these showrunners are stupid, they know what they have there  haand they will play it up for awhile until we scream ENOUGH ALREADY  and want to kick in our television sets.

I’m patient person.. or at least I try to be haha And I keep my expectations low, following the Lloyd Dobbler method. 

I don’t put all my eggs in one basket, meaning the ‘romantic’ basket. I’ve seen the fallout when it it all or nothing many, MANY times. All you need to do look at the B ship fallout to see what happens when you put your expectations impossibly high. For them it was romance or bust basically and they never considered it could be anything but.  And that sets you up for disappointment every time. 

If Caryl never goes ‘romantic’ canon I would be ok with, because I love the relationship in general, love it the way it currently is. Their love is already canon to to me, the rest is just gravy.  

But you wanted me to tell you what I see that you don’t. I’m not sure you don’t see it I just think your tired of dealing with it and that’s understandable too. It’s harder for me to tell you what I see than it is for me to show you so I will require visual aids.

And because this will take up alot more space I’m gonna go behind a read more for the rest..

Caryl positiviy under the cut..

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