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Do you have any idea what a treat we’re in for on January 16th when the dads take to the press and flay them to fucking shreds for they way they’ve covered Sherlock thus far? For their casually homophobic dismissal of a gay relationship? For making fun and belittling people who were actually just watching television correctly?

They’ve been waiting to drag them for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS, the most effective trolling in modern television, they’re gonna have some choice fucking words once they’re finally free

give me the classic “listen bruh we’re high (or drunk) but your lips look sort of appealing rn so i’m gonna kiss you ok?? ok nice now we’re fucking && holy shit, that night was only supposed to be a one time thing but here we are again — wait, we’re just friends, y'know that right?? cool, cool, let’s do this && oh fuck, you’re making breakfast in your underwear and looking damn fucking beautiful, i think i’m in love with you even though we’ve only been doing this for a couple of months — but wait !! you’re seeing someone?? why didn’t you tell me?? i mean, idc bc we were nothing serious but ///: holy fuck i’m in love with you” plot pls


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [2/10] male characters » Furuya Satoru

“Even though I was given this jersey number, I am still not trusted as the ace. I want to achieve the level of pitching that doesn’t let anybody complain about either the results or the substance, pitching that is acknowledged by everyone.”

You know your manmi is a badass when you tell her that a thing you planned on attending isn’t gonna happen and she makes that sound you know means she’s not interested in that outcome, so she picks up her phone, makes two rapid fire phone calls, and tells you to just wait, the thing is always done last minute.

Queen of all she surveys.

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Wait do you not want us to call you adzie, or is that the name you want to change to? Sorry if I missed something (I don't want to say the wrong thing and make you uncomfy!)

Nah, it all good to call me Adzie - that’s always gonna be my preferred name online!!!! x

I just have another name I’d change my actual birth name (which is not Adzie) to legally that I also won’t/wouldn’t use frequently online if I can help it.

Message for Mark

Mark, ( @markiplier )

You are an exceptional person. Honestly, you have no idea how much you mean to so many of us. This may sound sappy and cheesy but I’m rolling with it.

On Twitter you said all you do is make excuses but you don’t. We don’t mind you having a life. That a good thing! Videos can wait. We’re not going anywhere. You don’t need to worry about us getting disappointed or annoyed. There’s gonna be one or two stupid people who get frustrated and say dumb stuff about it, but the subscribers that actually care about you want you to have fun with your job. Not get stressed over the amount of videos you put up.

You did a 3 HOUR recording session! That’s a long ass time. That’s 3 school lessons. That’s 6 epesode a of Gravity Falls. That’s on average 12 YouTube videos. You put so much effort in and we appreciate everything you do for us. Truly. You upload 2 videos per day. That’s incredible! I could never do that. Only a few people could ever do that. It takes so much dedication to do what you do and we can see how much work you put in.

I don’t know if you are stressed or if you are sad for some reason or another but trust me, if your worried about work, don’t be because we are all here for you and you take as much time as you need to do your videos.

We love you Markimoo, please don’t forget that.

From, the whole fandom.

Temporary Bliss (Part 4)

 And I have returned! Sorry this one took a while but things happened lately that got me pretty distracted since the last update. To make it up I made this one pretty long and made sure to include some cute moments. This chapter is a pretty important one so I wanted to make sure I got it just right. Hope you enjoy and here is part 4. Also I’m gonna see if I can get this on A03 soon so I’ll let you guys know when that happens.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part five

Part six

Part seven

Day 3

Marinette’s finger hovers over the doorbell as she looks up at the large mansion standing before her. She looks around her to see if Alya or Nino had arrived yet only to be disappointed by the lack of their presence.

She really doesn’t have anyone else to blame but herself, she was so anxious about going over today that she only grabbed a snack from her house and her bag and left. Now that she was early though she really doesn’t have a choice but to go at this alone for a while.

She looks at her phone screen while debating whether or not to just wait around the house for Alya and Nino to show up before letting out a sigh and putting it away.

“Come on Marinette.” She tells herself. “You can handle being alone with him for a few minutes.”

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You know even though Coco is really riding off the heels of Book of Life, I still enjoy seeing more films featuring different cultures and realizing just because a film is about one specific culture doesn’t mean it will lower their ideal audience size. It’s nice. I think the media we produce as a country says a lot more about our population then our current president does. It makes me a little less bitter about how things currently are in America. 

Biba - Fear & Other Emotions

“It wasn’t me that killed you. It was fear.”

First, I saw a few people confused about the flashback scene in ep. 11, so let me offer an explanation - the Shogun attacked and cut his young son because the lights had been switched off suddenly and he feared another assassination attempt in the ensuing darkness. He didn’t realise that it was Biba at first, only after someone brought a candle to reveal the scene, but after this incident the Shogun’s relationship with young Biba was changed for good (it’s not explicitly stated why the Shogun began to fear his son, but it’s probable that he feared as Biba grew older, he would one day seek retribution for what was done to him - his paranoia was so great that having once mistaken his son for a potential assassin, he began to fixate on the possibility that one day it would be true).

he turned out to be right but whatever, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy and all his own doing so i have no sympathy

So some years after this, AGAIN motivated by fear, the Shogun decided to arrange for both his son and the faction who wanted to fight against the kabane rather than hide inside the walled cities to be left for dead. Biba somehow lived through the betrayal, and was banished from the safety of the capital by being appointed as leader of the Hunters. His father was obviously hoping he would die out there, but instead he continued to survive and learned how to fight the kabane and win.

Ever since then, Biba has spent his whole life desperately trying to NOT BE LIKE HIS FATHER and never let his fear show.

THIS is the key to understanding his character (and I was so happy to get that flashback because now everything makes sense).

Biba’s father lived in fear, his actions were ruled by fear and he even grew to fear his own son. Biba is willing to go to extremes to prove that he is not the same (fighting kabane outside the cities, destroying the walls, crazy science projects, standing his ground before an out-of-control Horobi, etc). Even his philosophy has its origins in his father’s fear and cowardice. He is so fixated on not showing those same traits that instead of acknowledging the need to have fortified cities to protect the general populace, we get ‘liberation.’

(in case you hadn’t realised, Ikoma is the middle ground between Biba and the Shogun in that he sees both the need to protect the weak AND to fight against the kabane)

Horobi says to Biba “You are always afraid.”

I’m sure that it’s true (and I think we’ll see proof of it before the end).

Fear is the real enemy in this series.

Ikoma has a line right at the beginning, “You cannot lose your humanity to fear.”

The sad part is that both Biba and his father have done exactly that - the Shogun thanks to his increasing paranoia and decision to live behind the walls of his stronghold as the kabane increase their hold, and Biba in going to any measure to avoid showing his fear. Fear and how you respond to it is the big overarching theme of the series and there are so many examples, from Ikoma running as his sister was attacked, to the mistrust of the kabaneri, and the Shogun’s awful excuse for attacking his son. I could list a lot more!

I thought it was really interesting that Biba exploits the people’s fear and utilises it as a weapon in episode 11, when in contrast Ikoma’s wish is to eliminate the primary source of fear in the series (the kabane themselves). Biba’s use of the kabane against Iwato and Kongoukaku also ties into this.

Biba’s actions are definitely not right, but in a sense perhaps they’re needed to clear the way for change. Ikoma is our hero who sees the need for the ability to “fight the kabane without fear”, but without the fall of Kongoukaku, would that even be possible? I’m not saying that this justifies what Biba has done, but that it might have positive consequences in the end. I can’t help but think of his words, “One needs fuel to accomplish anything.” In order to take back the land from the kabane, there would have to be a regime change.

So what about Biba and emotions other than fear?

“Destroy it all. Fear, sadness, love… Destroy it all.”

Biba doesn’t tend to show intense/genuine emotion often, although it’s there from time to time, when he’s not managing his appearance in public (and it’s most obvious when he’s killing people - but also pay attention to his scenes with Horobi). I think it’s been shown clearly that he does feel fear and sadness, but in the quote above, don’t you think it’s interesting that he also lists love? And that he’s not instructing Mumei to destroy the city, but to destroy feelings?

Fear is bad, sadness is unpleasant…but love?

This scene comes right after his memory of riding a horse with his father - a memory that is clearly from a time before his father’s fear caused the decline of their relationship. As a child, he had a loving relationship with his father, but those good times have been tainted by his father’s actions. Remembering that he once loved his father and his father once loved him is painful, and that’s why he names love here.

He behaves as though he has conviction in his political ideology, but he’s much more influenced by emotions/his view of emotions than I expected at first. I keep thinking about how he basically had ‘liberation’ thrust upon him as a child, and I wonder whether he would have taken that path if he’d had the choice? I hope the series makes it clear what he would choose to do next, even if he never makes it that far.

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Wait so your asexual buty ou post a shit ton of sim smut

lol don’t make things weird anon.. because I personally don’t have interests in relationship/sex means my characters aren’t suppose to?

they enjoy sex very much if you haven’t noticed, bruh. also i don’t post ‘shit tons’ of ‘sim smut’. i can’t even recall the last time i’ve posed my sim giving a blow job, i mean seriously. 

i think this is the reason why some people (a large portion actually) in the sims rp community fail to differentiate themselves from their characters and end up taking situations very personal. i’ve noticed here quite a bit (in my own experience) that folks tend to confuse their characters with a perception of themselves and have them react OOC. it’s unfortunate because it leaves the other person in an uncomfortable position.. aka me.

you are not your character.. i wish more people understood this.

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Palmon Gijinka cosplay is done waaaay ahead of schedule!!! AX isn’t till July!! (Just waiting on the gloves to be made, also make up later cos I was too tired to try it on rn)

gonna be using my Palmon backpack to carry things (and to be a quick answer incase people don’t think in some half assed Bellossom /sob)