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Favourite Voltron Scenes [1/?] Lance’s Plan… 

Then, when he pops out the other side all like “oh why doesn’t my ship work?” Voltron kicks his butt! Pew pew pew! Whom whom whom! Huh! Hi-yah! “I’ll form the head.” That’s what you say, Shiro. Yeah? Yeah? Yeah! We won for all time!

69/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.

“I want to know you.”


Painted on PS [2017.08] thank you for coming to the stream :D

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You mightn’t like what I’m going to say, but just let me get it out. I did take you on thinking I could train you. ‘Course I didn’t have the money for that, but I reckoned you could learn on the job… until. But you’re getting married to someone who hates you doing this. I’m not going to ask you to ruin your marriage over a job. I need a partner who can share the long hours, who can give up their weekend at the drop of a hat. I wouldn’t ask that of an assistant, but I’d demand it of a partner. That’s what broke me and Charlotte up in the end. Amongst other things. She hated what I do. Hated that when she finally demanded I choose, I chose the job over her. If it’s what you really want, I’ll put you on a surveillance course when I get the money. But I’m not spending that on an assistant.
That is what I want. This is what I love.
Then cheer the fuck up and give me that sandwich if you’re not going to eat it.

The Silkworm 2x01


get to know me meme: [1/10] tv series - The 10th Kingdom

You’re cold, Virginia. How did you become so cold? You are still lost in the forest. But lonely, lost girls like us can rescue themselves. You are standing on the edge of greatness.

The Houses as Summer Things

Hufflepuff: Melting popsicles. Pebbles between your toes. Fireworks. Lightning bugs blinking in the twilight sky. Sweat dripping down your neck. Sandals. Freckles blooming across a nose. The telltale streaks of sunscreen. Flowers wilting in the stifling heat. Sunsets.

Ravenclaw: Sunglasses. The frothy spray of the ocean. Bug bites. Watermelon and blueberries. Waking to the sound of birds chirping. Iced tea. Picnics in the park. Early morning bike rides. Legs caked with sand and salt water. Freedom.

Gryffindor: Sunburns. The lazy hum of early afternoon. Pop music. Rolling down the windows of your car. Shadows and chalk drawings. Thunder storms. Children giggling in the sunlight. Lemonade. Band-aids decorating skinned knees. Adventure

Slytherin: Tank tops. Hiding beneath trees to evade the sun. Tan lines. Late night parties and the smell of barbecue. Staying up late to name the constellations. Crickets chirping. Sundresses patterned with polka dots and stripes. Receiving postcards in the mail. Warmth.


If the whole cast attended NYCC 2017..


SPL’s List of Lovely Ladies Céline Dion

Please don’t make your career your life. Let it be your passion, let it bring you pleasure, but don’t let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that.