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hey there. so, i ended up on your blog thanks to your (awesome) fic yet to come (BTW, is that on FFN too?). then i read the sidebar, and now i got a question - why does a part of the DW fandom dislike Moffat so much? it's a genuine question, bc i'm as removed from the dw fandom as possible & i've always wondered - this is just the first chance i get to ask

No, it’s not on FFN. I’m not quite confident enough to post them there, lol. Glad you like it though!

Now, on Moffat….The really, really short version of it all is that part of the fandom (myself included) feels that Moffat as a writer assassinates the Doctor’s character and treats all his female characters in the same way and his storylines are just ridiculous.

The long version…Buckle up folks, this is gonna be a ride.

(Note: a lot of this is my personal opinion, but I happen to know that it’s an opinion shared by quite a few people).

To start — like I said before, Moffat assassinates the Doctor’s character. What does that mean? It means that for forty-six years before Moffat became head writer, the Doctor was this slight quirky, sometimes dark alien who traveled the universe, showing humans the sights and helping them to see that they were so much more than they gave themselves credit for. Then Moffat comes along, and suddenly the Doctor becomes a self-centered (sometimes dark), hyperactive twelve year old who sees Earth and its inhabitants as a bunch of playthings to be manipulated to his liking (see — the Doctor using humans to destroy the Silence). My personal favorite example of this is River’s rule number one: The Doctor always lies.” Uh, no, actually rule number one is “Don’t wander off,” but I guess Moffat-era Doctor doesn’t care about his companions anymore unless they’re essential to the plot and his own angst.

Next — Moffat and his female characters. I’d say don’t get me started, but you already have. First off, all three of the major female characters he’s written to date (Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, River Song) have existed solely for the Doctor.

And I know, I know — “Amy had a whole life without the Doctor! Clara is independent from him! River was very successful away from the Doctor!”

Amy’s entire character was based on “the girl who waited.” And who did she wait for? The Doctor. Clara was “born to save the Doctor.” River was “born to kill the Doctor” (and then later to become his wife, which WOW, no).*** Moffat uses the Doctor to “justify” their existence, as if they somehow need the justification. The RTD-era companions (Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble) all had real lives that weren’t connected to the Doctor in any way before they met him. Clara and River basically existed from the day of their births for the Doctor in someway, and Amy was the same way from the age of twelve on. She existed to wait for the Doctor — and then later as a baby machine, which is equally problematic in its own ways.

(***My opposition to Doctor/River has nothing to do with the fact that I ship Doctor/Rose and everything to do with the fact that that she was raised to hunt and kill the Doctor and essentially became obsessed with him and then married him. And it wasn’t even a marriage of love. Just another sign that Moffat thinks all his female characters exist to belong to the Doctor in some way.)

Moffat is an incredibly sexist person, and it shows in his writing of female characters — not just the three companions, but all of them. Here’s a direct quote from him on women, if you need any more proof:

“There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands.”

Yeah that quote still ticks me off. But anyways.

And now, my favorite part: Moffat’s writing. Where do I even start with this? To begin, his storylines are an absolute mess. He just throws in as many confusing twists and turns as he possibly can without any consideration for how they all work together. He also gives no thought to plot. He spent two and a half seasons starting all these ridiculous storylines, then got to the last Christmas special and realized, “Shit, Matt’s leaving, I need to wrap up all these storylines now.” And thus we were given The Time of the Doctor. Which was just an absolute mess from beginning to end. There wasn’t even a storyline, just a bunch of random explosions, flashy effects, and some “touching” moments. Because apparently that’s what makes a good episode in Moffat’s mind.

Moffat also apparently can’t stand the thought of the Doctor being anything less than a God and *gasp* having to deal with consequences. The entire 50th anniversary special revolved entirely around both these things. He has been quoted as saying that he couldn’t imagine the Doctor ever pushing that button and destroying Gallifrey because it wasn’t in his character — no, of course not. The Doctor would never make a choice that would benefit the greater good, that’s not in his character at all! *note the sarcasm* He rewrote and essentially erased a major point in the Doctor’s life because his emotional range is so limited that he can’t comprehend the idea of having to write the Doctor with any kind of guilt on his shoulders.

Also his depiction of the Time War was awful. See what I said before about random explosions and flashy effects.

In general, Moffat’s writing has no emotional depth. Parts that are supposed to be “touching” fall flat (like Eleven’s regeneration), and parts that are supposed to be funny are based on stupid stereotypes that end up being more offensive than anything else. Basically if it’s not action-y, he can’t write it.

There are a few other things — one of my HUGE issues with Moffat is that he was once quoted as calling Rose a “clingy girlfriend” and saying how the Doctor was brilliant for ditching her an alternate universe with a clone (not sure if that was the exact quote, but it was damn close and it was horribly insulting not only to Rose as a character but to her fans and all Doctor/Rose shippers), but those are the three major points I can think of as far as why people don’t like Moffat or his writing.