i'm gonna love this hot mess

There’s just something so pure and magical about rewatching the affair days - when they’re dancing around how they feel about one another and they’re all loaded eye contact everywhere they go - but knowing that they’re now married, and they’re so in love it’s ridiculous, and they’ve never loved anyone the way they love each other, and they love each other so much they don’t know what to do with it sometimes.

Ah, Robron.

i want…..a street racer pynch au. sure ronan races all the time, but i keep thinking about adam as a local street racing legend. like, give me adam in a fast n fancy car which he also happens to mod himself bc he’s a mechanic on the side. adam has custom rims and an expensive ass wrap and glowy lights under the body of his car. and ronan’s raced him so many times before and even tho he loses every single time he doesn’t care bc adam is too hot and pretty boys in fast cars are ronan’s weakness. and ronan thinks the drag strip at night is the sexiest place on earth but every time adam rolls up he literally cannot take it bc he’s too gay and a lil bit in love w/ this lanky racer boy

idk, i saw @diisarmed doing it, so now i think i have to do it too??? checking my autofill tags for ‘bobbi’/’bobbi voice’:

#bobbi voice: am i gonna die?
#bobbi voice: u could fight me AND kiss me afterwards???
#bobbi voice: this sad eyed hot piece of ass is also a pie stealing motherfucker
#bobbi morse voice: TREAT ME RIGHT!!
#bobbi morse voice: my abs are nicer than both bucky’s and steve’s pass it on
#bobbi morse voice: my life is a mess and i want to run away from my problems
#bobbi: 100% does not interact with the tiny smol without sara’s supervision
#bobbi: i don’t really like kids
#bobbi: *100% goes out of her way to make sure kids feel safe and happy all the time*
#bobbi voice: sit on my back while i do pushups and then i’ll sit on your face as my reward
bobbi: see if he wants an oreo
#bobbi: will u marry me so i can play with ur puppy all the time
#bobbi: i am not apologizing to the cat man
#bobbi: yes. good. my dream is to always appear as a total milf even when covered in fingerpaints and snot                                                                                                    

feat. appearances by @diisarmed, @damisas/ @patriotics @soldierize, @monsterise and @saraqxeen among others

If/Then Songs Explained (From the point of view of Elizabeth or the person singing it)
  • What If?: I've fucked up before and now I'm gonna take a chance and whatever happens happens
  • It's a Sign: Believe in fate and good things will happen - EVERYTHING IS A SIGN
  • A Map of New York: Make this map with me and you can basically control all of Manhattan
  • You Never Know: You're rejecting me now but you barely know me and maybe I can be the best thing that will ever walk into your life
  • Ain't No Man Manhattan: Everyone connects to each other in some way even a hobo and a doctor and Manhattan is awesome so don't underestimate it
  • What the Fuck?: Maybe I shouldn't have slept with all of these guys because now I'm in big fucking trouble and I'm an emotional mess
  • Here I Go: I really like this guy but I'm too worried about our odds but fuck it I'm gonna be with him anyway cuz he's hot and amazing
  • You Don't Need to Love Me: I really love you but you don't have to love me back let's just be friends with benefits and use each other when we're desperate ok?
  • No More Wasted Time: I'm not gonna waste any time I'm a great city planner and and I'm gonna kick ASS!
  • Surprise: I'm getting old and a shitload of surprises are gonna happen like babies and weddings
  • This Day: I'm getting married today and I'm so fucking happy with my life. I screwed up before but thank god someone loves me even though I'm a pain in the ass.
  • Walking By A Wedding: I'm sad because I'm alone and so into my work but I'm watching someone get married wishing it were me
  • Hey Kid: Having a kid scares the crap out of me but maybe it won't be so bad
  • Some Other Me: In another life we could've been all of these things maybe we wouldn't even know each other
  • Best Worst Mistake: I love you and I want to take it to the next level but you're not realizing that and you need to stop being so afraid of being in a serious relationship with me
  • I Hate You: You're leaving me and I hate you so much but I only hate you because I love you and I don't want you to leave and I'm also fucking emotional about it
  • You Learn to Live Without: I have sadness in my life but I'm gonna deal with it and move on and be okay
  • The Moment Explodes: Unexpected shit is happening and it's opening up my mind to so much maybe I shouldn't take the people who are in my life for granted
  • Love While You Can: We have no reason to be apart because we love and care about each other so much
  • What Would You Do?: You can wish that things were different but that doesn't change what is already happening
  • Always Starting Over: I leapt and it led to loss so I'm gonna start my life over and take a risk again
  • What If?: I'm taking another chance and not over thinking my choices anymore.

Me: *new episode of SU* aaaaaaaaaaa

Me: *new character appears* AAAAAAAAAAA



I’M gAY diD u knOw I’M suPeR gAY pls sned HELP I’M WEAK


Ben Mendelsohn as Director Orson Krennic 

Krennic is a manipulator within the Empire. He understands the system and he knows how things work, but he also is not above trying to bend it to get what he needs or what he thinks he wants.”

He’s also intended to be a contrast to Imperial officers we’ve seen before. “Tarkin is the model for these really cool, icy types, you know? Krennic runs a little hotter than that, so that’s kind of fun and it’s a little bit different… He is unpredictable and volatile.”


FINALLY it is 100% finished!! unfortunately it just became too hot for me to wear it anywhere :(

BUT I AM SO PROUD OF IT OH MY GOD :’) it’s the first thing i’ve knit that i would actually wear out of the house and i’m so happy that it’s finished and i didn’t mess it up entirely somewhere along the way! it’s just great and i love it. i like the buttons especially they’re super pretty <3

Me: Barry thinking since his confession he is now free to move on with his life

Me: like going out on a date(s) with Linda Park is gonna change anything…go ahead…have your fun

Me: My reaction to Iris and her countdown to move in day with Eddie

Me: Waiting for Iris to end it with Eddie

Me: Barry and Iris need to stop playing. Barry loves Iris. Iris loves Barry. They both need to act like they know and do something about it

Me: It’s about damn time. Thinking about all those beautiful Westallen vids we gonna get as a result

Me: Now I’m gonna need a minute

Me: most likely I will be unable to stop saying this…..goodbye voice