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Honestly don't know how I'm gonna cope if Taylor does an Aussie ss cause I know I won't go. I just want her to know who I am so bad but I've never been noticed on here and no one that taylor follows, follows me so there's no way she'd find my blog. Like people meet her multiple times and I just feel so hopeless I want to hug her so bad. I try so hard to be optimistic but she's my best friend and she doesn't know me at all

Guys if you watched my livestream eariler today you know these asks literally tear my heart a part. The thought of someone thinking they’re not worthy to meet taylor or think they’ll never meet Taylor literally BREAKS me and I’m actually crying right now. I was like that too, and I know coming from someone who has met Taylor before it’s easier said than done but one day you will be able to tell her how much she means to you. 

It may not be today, or tomorrow but one day you will. 

The contents of this letter threw Elizabeth into a flutter of spirits, in which it was difficult to determine whether pleasure or pain bore the greatest share. The vague and unsettled suspicions which uncertainty had produced of what Mr. Darcy might have been doing to forward her sister’s match, which she had feared to encourage as an exertion of goodness too great to be probable, and at the same time dreaded to be just, from the pain of obligation, were proved beyond their greatest extent to be true! He had followed them purposely to town, he had taken on himself all the trouble and mortification attendant on such a research; in which supplication had been necessary to a woman whom he must abominate and despise, and where he was reduced to meet, frequently meet, reason with, persuade, and finally bribe, the manwhom he always most wished to avoid, and whose very name it was punishment to him to pronounce. He had done all this for a girl whom he could neither regard nor esteem. Her heart did whisper that he had done it for her. But it was a hope shortly checked by other considerations, and she soon felt that even her vanity was insufficient, when required to depend on his affection for her – for a woman who had already refused him – as able to overcome a sentiment so natural as abhorrence against relationship with Wickham. Brother-in-law of Wickham! Every kind of pride must revolt from the connection. He had, to be sure, done much. She was ashamed to think how much. But he had given a reason for his interference, which asked no extraordinary stretch of belief. It was reasonable that he should feel he had been wrong; he had liberality, and he had the means of exercising it; and though she would not place herself as his principal inducement, she could, perhaps, believe that remaining partiality for her might assist his endeavours in a cause where her peace of mind must be materially concerned. It was painful, exceedingly painful, to know that they were under obligations to a person who could never receive a return. They owed the restoration of Lydia, her character, every thing, to him. Oh! how heartily did she grieve over every ungracious sensation she had ever encouraged, every saucy speech she had ever directed towards him. For herself she was humbled; but she was proud of him. Proud that in a cause of compassion and honour, he had been able to get the better of himself. She read over her aunt’s commendation of him again and again. It was hardly enough; but it pleased her. She was even sensible of some pleasure, though mixed with regret, on finding how steadfastly both she and her uncle had been persuaded that affection and confidence subsisted between Mr. Darcy and herself.

Caelum Twins AU

This one probably won’t be as popular I’m so sorry to disappoint you.. Augdhdhdgdjdjsjs. But enough testosterone, time for a lady’s touch.

• Vega Lucis Caelum was spared by the crystal, but it doesn’t mean you can count her out. She loves her family fiercely and she will not bow out when asked to, only when dead.

• Currently in college, on track to University, but taking a gap year to relax, destress and spend as much time with her brother and father as much as possible.

• On days where they’re both busy, she asks the waiting staff to send them both pots of tea with handwritten notes telling them both to take a few minutes and enjoy the tea.

• Quite introverted like Noctis. The attempt on Noctis’ life when they were younger and also in Nifelheim affected her as well. But she pushes it down and worried more about Noct more than anything. Prince and Princess of Stoic Emo Angst.

• Recommends scents and oils for aromatherapy for anything. Seriously, what ails you? There’s a scent for that.

• Big video game enthusiast. Will play even Prompto under the table.

• One day, she cut her hair short and styled it like Noctis. She put on her sports bra, an old shirt of his and nearly fooled everyone. Ignis could tell when she was eyeing the veggies he was cutting up.

• Actually grew to like veggies. Except carrots. Hates carrots unless forced to eat and only then, dipped in ranch. Or in cake.

• Makes a point to see her father at least once a day. It breaks her heart to see him every time tired and looking a little older, but she knows about his limited time and gives him a hug everyday.

• When Noctis was going to be sent off to his wedding, Regis insisted that she go along with him.

• Hated Gladiolus for quite sometime. Nothing personal, just wanted to blame the muscle pain on someone. He didn’t take it hard, he was pushing her to see what she could handle and she exceeded expectations.

• likes to cook big meals for everyone.

• Sleeps with an owl plushie Noctis gave her for her birthday, doesn’t sleep without it.

• Agreed with Noctis one day to go to a gala as him. She cut her hair again and despite wearing a suit and not speaking due to a “throat infection”, she had a great time with Ignis

• Ignis, however, was shitting himself the entire time, thinking people would see through Vega’s facade and could tell right away. But in all, she pulled it off very well, not even Regis knew.

• but not until Regis came over and hugged her, kissed her cheek, “Thank you for tonight, it was quite amusing. Goodnight, my little dove.”

• Vega let out the most wonderful laugh.

• Always has music playing around her. Cannot function without it, it helps lessen her daily anxieties.


Gahhh pls dontnhate meeeee

SUPRISE~ Lin Manuel Miranda X Reader
  • (Your POV)
  • "Oh Y/N! He's gonna be so surprised!" Phillipa sing-songed as she brushed some makeup onto my face an Rene did my hair, Jasmine sitting on my couch, finishing some small adjustments to Phillia's costume so I could go on tonight. "You sure he's got no clue?"
  • "Im not sure..." I confessed, "I just hope he's not angry... And that my bump shows up enough in "That Would Be Enough" and that it will stay hidden in everything else. And that I don't forget choreography. And-"
  • "You'll be fine." Rene pitched in, running the straightening iron, "Besides, you know how much this is going to surprise him. He's going to be overjoyed."
  • "And feel free to change some things to make it more personally and natural. Especially your intimate moments with Lin." Jasmine added in, standing up cheerfully and spinning around. "Phillipa, how excited are you to finally watch?"
  • Phillipa responded with laughter and smudged lipstick onto my lips, "More than you could ever know! Even more pumped that I get to watch Y/N's broadway debut." She smiled at me and I frowned embarrassed, looking down.
  • Raising their wine glasses, Rene and Jasmine echoed "May there be many more!"
  • "You sure you're okay with this?" I questioned. And she nodded.
  • "Of course... But I have to go set up the after-party... I'll see you in the crowd. Go kick some ass." She smiled, squeezing me before heading out of me and Lin's house. Rene took my hand and helped me stand. Smiling brightly and I forced a smile. Clearly noticing she nudged me and muttered a stop before grabbing my hand and pushing me into Jasmines grasp, briefly doing a group hug before costumes were shoved in my hand and we were off.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hiding from Lin before the show was beyond hard. Also trying to keep in character throughout the opening number after seeing Lin's face. Not to mention when I vomited after Schuyler sisters, Rene helping me change while Leslie held a bucket out for me.
  • Thank goodness mints exist.
  • Nervously I kept pacing around backstage until That Would Be Enough and Jasmine literally had to pushed me on stage....
  • Oh no... Oh no....
  • Now or never....
  • "Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. Look around, look around."
  • I couldn't meet his eyes until I felt his hand on my bump.
  • "How long have you know?"
  • "Four months or so..." I replied grabbing his hand
  • ".... You should have told me"
  • "I wrote to the general a month ago." I grabbed his hands leading him to the bench unable to break eye contact with him.
  • "No."
  • "I begged him to send you home."
  • "Eliza you should've told me!"
  • "Im not sorry." I smiled gently, bringing my hand to his face and wiping away stray tears before looking away again. "I knew you'd fight until the war was won."
  • "The wars not done."
  • "But you deserve a chance to meet your son." I half spoke placing his hands on my stomach to show it was real and not an act. "Look around look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now."
  • Removing a hand from my belly, he held it out fingertips pointing up towards the celling. "Will you relish being a poor mans wife unable to provided for your life?"
  • Grabbing the hand and lacing my fingers through his, "I relish brig your wife." I laughed gently as smiled, tear fell from my face, "Look around. Look around. Look at where we are! Look at where we started. The fact that your alive is a miracle. Just stay alive. That would be enough." We pressed out hands on my swollen stomach, "And if this child shares a fraction of your smile or a fragment of your mind. Look out world. That would be enough." Standing up and pulling away, pacing, " I don't pretend to know. The challenges your facing. The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind. But Im not afraid. I know who I married. So long as you come home at the end of the day. That would be enough."
  • Suddenly feeling Lin wrap his arms around my waist and sway us gently I closed my eyes "We don't need a legacy. We don't need money. If I could grant you peace of mind. If you could let me inside your heart." Lin turned me around, leaving one hand around my waist and the other on my face, stroking it gently and I opened my eyes, "Let me be a part of the narrative! In the story they will write someday! Let this moment be the first chapter. Were you decide to stay. And I could be enough." I said leaning into his embrace, my head on his shoulder, "And we could be enough." Lin slowly pulled away, still securing my waist tightly and leaning in, "And that would be enough."
  • Slowly, his lips touched mine for a split second before I made my exit.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Tears filled my eyes as I walked off the stage and Lin quickly ran to me.
  • "Y/N... I don't understand... What's going on?" I hugged him and kissed his cheek.
  • "I'll tell you later. I promise." I smiled gently, "Chris has something to tell you." I smiled, seeing Rene who winked at me. "Look. Go out tonight. You work so hard. I'm gonna be at Rene's. I'll see you." I smiled running off, ignoring Lin's calling and heading to the after-party.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • "What if he's pissed?" I panicked, tapping my finger on the table. Daveed and Leslie chucked and Jasmine rolled her eyes.
  • "Stop it Y/N! He's not pissed. He is confused." Anthony protested, hugging Jasmine to him, "You know how much he wants a kid. He'll be so excited."
  • "I know.. I know but-"
  • Daveed laughed and wrapped a arm around me "You need to breathe... GUYS HERE HE COMES! EVERYONE HIDE!"
  • The plethora of screams as everyone rapidly dashed to a spot to remain as footsteps inched closer. I remained still until Pippa grabbed me and shoved me backstage while she got a mic stand and stool and sat on it once reaching center stage.
  • "Chris can you tell me now what the hell is going-" He stopped seeing Pippa who waved gently, "What's going on guys?"
  • "SUPRISE!"
  • Everyone leapt from their spots and Lin chucked, as everyone, one by one hugged him but still he asked confused , "Still don't get what's going on guys... Where is Y/N?"
  • Pippa smirked and held the microphone up and spoke, "Well the surprise isn't just this party Lin. Come on out Y/N."
  • Feeling anxiety fill me up as I made my way onto the stage I pinched my hand and took Pippa's spot as she ran out behind Lin.
  • Take a deep breathe
  • In
  • Out
  • "Um... Hi Lin. Wow... Okay.. I am nervous..." I said and everyone behind Lin chuckled, "Let me start by thanking you for not killing me on stage and apologize for kinda surprising you. I could see you were a little bit thrown off and for that I'm really-"
  • "Kindly shut up Rene. Anyhow what I'm trying to say is that I am... We are... Ugh. Fine. I really am pregnant Lin." I spoke and before I could get another word out he ran to me, tear filled eyes and hugged me tightly, cheers erupting in the crowd.
  • "Oh my darling." He smiled brightly, kissing my cheek as tears fell from my eyes.
  • "Lin. You aren't mad?"
  • "No... I am surprised. And happy and overjoyed." He chuckled, letting me go and grabbing my hand, "And so... So in love with you and our little miracle."
  • Smiling brightly I chuckled, "I have a name too."
  • "Mmmmm so you know the gender?" He smirked.
  • "Yep. The name will be-"
  • "Shhh..." Lin laughed. "That is a surprise that will be saved for later."
Goretober - Day Four

Day Four - Teeth

Not gonna lie I had a few glasses of wine while I wrote this one aksndkgfgfkg. I have no idea if it’s beautiful or just plain weird.
I’ll leave the judgement up to you guys. I hope it’s okay! (At least it’s a little shorter this time…)

TW: Blood, Gore, Death.

Word count: 507

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Sickness (A TinLamp Story Part 5)

It’s been a few days since Spinach Can died. And yet, things still weren’t the same.
The teachers held a service for her the next morning, saying a few words to honor her, and then, burying her. It was odd, that the night that she passed away was overcast and rainy, but the morning they buried her was sunny and beautiful. Birds sang as flowers swayed against the breeze
It just wasn’t fair.
As everyone left when the service finished, Larry kneeled by her tombstone and sobbed on the pile of earth that buried Spinach Can. He still couldn’t believe that the one who he truly loved with all of his heart,
Was gone.
He stayed there, kneeling and sobbing his eyes out on Spinach’s tombstone, until eventually, Tony came by to tell him that it was time to leave.
Larry nodded, and as he left, he gently stroked the tombstone
Now, that took place two days ago.
But today, things took a turn for the worst.

As he walked back inside of the house, he trudged towards his room. He didn’t want to speak to anyone. He wanted to be left alone.

He passed Colin’s room. Colin was looking gloomy and exhausted. His eyes had dark rings circling around them, and tear stains marked his cheeks. He glumly sat down and began to plug his charger in. But instead of doing it normally, he just fiddled with it, twirling it in between his fingers.

Larry sighed sadly walked by Tony and Sketchbook’s room.
Sketchbook wasn’t there. Instead, Tony dashed across the room, looking underneath the beds and in the drawers, looking for something.
Larry quickly ran up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Tony! What’s wrong! What the heck are you doing?” Yelled out Larry.
Tony looked at him. Larry’s eyes widened as he saw Larry’s face.
His face was pale, sweat dripping down his face.
“Larry! Thank goodness you’re here! You have to help us!” He turned around, and continued looking.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Larry.
What Tony said next sent shivers through him.
“Sketchbook is missing, and Bread Boy is gone. We can’t find them anywhere!”
Larry nodded and began to look. He ran out and looked at Shrignold’s room. His door was closed, but Larry could see the silhouette of someone in the room.
Larry raised an eyebrow at the shadow, and tried to open the door.
It was locked.
He shrugged, thinking it was probably Shrignold or one of the glitched teachers, and continued to look.
After hours of looking, he decided to finally give up.
He trudged back into his room, shutting the door behind him. He then collapsed on his nightstand, tears filling in his eyes. Things didn’t feel the same.
He felt so…
He looked at Spinach Can’s old bed. He remembered the time where he jumped on the bed just to wake her up, excited to tell her about his dream. She ended up swatting Larry’s face by mistake, which ended him up lonely. He remembered as he dragged himself back to his nightstand, he felt Spinach Can jump on him and give him a kiss on his cheek. He remembered him smiling, as he talked to Spinach about the dream.

He felt his eyes water.

He could remember the time he heard her sing with her family. He could still perfectly hear her saying her all time famous quote:

“What’s that? A tasty snack? You don’t wanna go and eat a snack like that!”
He could hear her small giggles and her big bursts of laughter. He could hear her cries and sobs. And then, he could hear her coughing and vomiting…
His lip began to quiver.

He could see her smile. Her goofy, yet so adorable smile, with leaves of spinach hanging out from the corners every now and then. He could see her eyes, shining and glimmering with happiness. He could see her messy spinach hair, always sticking out from her top. He remembered the feeling of it, since he was always stroking her hair. He could remember the time they declared their feelings towards each other.

Well, of course, everyone was shipping them, and Larry needed some encouragement to talk to her. On that night, Larry was drunk, and he decided to talk to Spinach, since she was basically singing to herself in the corner of the room. Larry wobbled to her and just immediately spilled out the sentence that always made him cringe.


Spinach Can looked up in confusion and in embarrassment.
She then looked at the beer bottle in his hands.

“Oy! Are you drinking? That stuff will make your teeth go grey!”
She then tried to slap it out of his hands.
Larry looked down and giggled.
“It’s so *hic* cute when you try to take *hic* my drink away.”

Spinach Can looked up at him, her eyes exploding with fury, but her face blooming red, like a rose bush. She took a moment to look closely at his face. For some reason, he looked so cute to her.

The way he smiled.
The way his eyes shimmered.
His cute drunken voice.

She shook her head in embarrassment.
“Alright! Do as you wish you adorably handsome lamp!”

She then began to hop off, her cheeks glowing red. Larry smirked and began to walk back to his pals, who were grinning at him.

Later that night, he felt a small hand tug at his light switch. He slowly opened his eyes to see the same spinach can on top of him.

He immediately began to turn red and struggle as he remembered everything he said to her.

“H-Hey there, calm down, buddy, I just wanted to tell you that you look a bit uncomfortable, so i was w-wonderin’ if you wanted to sleep with me in my room…”
Larry dug his face in his lampshade.

“Y-You hate me, don’t you?” He mumbled.
Spinach Can’s eyes widened.

“N-No! Why on earth,..” She then suddenly remembered what he said to her earlier. She blushed.

“O-Oh, hehe…Oy, it’s ok…” She put her hand on his shoulder.

Larry blushed harder.

“I think it’s flattering for you to think of me that way…”

She kissed him on the cheek.

Larry’s eyes widened as a star on his chest glowed.
He undug his face from his lampshade and looked at her. She giggled.
“So, do you want to?”

He let out a small grin.
That’s when they became boyfriend and girlfriend, until…

Tears were streaming down Larry’s eyes as he remembered her. He whimpered,
“Spin, c-can you hear me….?”
He held a sob as he whispered,
“I love you, Spinach Can…”
He then shut his eyes and flicked the lights off.


Larry’s eyes snapped open when he heard a scream come from a few doors down. He leaped up and ran out of his room, only to see Shrignold holding Sketchbook, her eyes closed and her face pale.

Shrignold was weeping.

Larry’s face turned pale.

“N-No…Not again…”

The teachers stood around him, telling Shrignold it was too late and she was gone, while they too were crying in pain. Larry saw a few words scribbled on her, and it clearly said,

“I love you all, never stop being creative.

Larry couldn’t breathe. He turned and ran. Ran as fast as he could.

Away from the sobs.

Away from Spinach Can’s old room.

Away from everyone and everything.

Once he was in the darkest parts of the halls, he slowed down, and collapsed right there, wheezing, and trying to catch his breath.

As he did, he dragged himself to the wall and leaned against it.
He closed his eyes as tears fell out of them.


Larry opened his eyes to hear a soft moan of pain.

“H-Hello? I-Is anyone there..?”

He switched his light on, and screamed when he did.

Bread Boy laid on the floor, knifes plunged into his back. Blood oozed all over the floor.

Larry gasped and immediately began to attempt to take the knives out.
Bread Boy laid there, silent, as tears and blood stained his face.


Larry looked at him, with multiple knives in his hands. He had one knife left to remove.

“S-Spinach Can’s g-gonna…t-take care o-of…you…”

Larry’s eyes widened in shock.

“She s-says…she…l-loves…you…”
“B-Bread Boy!! Stay with me!!! Don’t go!!!”
And with that, Bread Boy went limp.
Tears ran down Larry’s face as he punched the floor in anger.

As he looked at his dead body, he saw one knife was left on his back.
He gently gripped the handle of it, when suddenly…

Larry looked up in pure fear, when he saw Steak Guy running towards him and Bread Boy.

He picked his body up, and began weeping.
“N-No…NO!!!! NOT M-MY BREAD BOY!!!!!!” He weeped in pain.

“F-First Spinach…a-and now…you…..?”
His voice cracked in pain.

He sat there, holding his corpse, rocking it back and forth, as if he was alive.

Larry stood in front of him, the bloody knife now in his hand.

Steak Guy looked up at Larry, his eyes exploding with fury.


Steak Guy stood in front of Larry, his fists clenched.

Larry backed away as fast as he could.
“N-No! S-Steak, I-it wasn’t-”

Steak Guy punched him right in the stomach. Larry’s eyes widened as he hacked and coughed in pain.

Larry slowly fell on his knees, clutching his stomach and coughing up a bit of blood.
Larry didn’t even see Steak Guy right next to him, who lifted his leg back and kicked Larry to the wall, before violently throwing punches and kicks at Larry. After a few gruesome minutes, Larry sat there, trembling, with his body in extreme pain. Blood oozed from his nose, as well as from a few other scratches on his body. Blue and purple bruises covered his chest.
Steak Guy then snatched the knife out of Larry’s hands and began to stab him with the knife.

Larry let out a scream of fear and pain as he felt blood oozing from his eye. Steak Guy didn’t care- he wanted Larry dead.
Steak Guy then plunged the knife in Larry’s arm, and lifted him up by his lampshade.

By now, Larry was paralyzed. His grip on his chest was slowly loosing up. He knew that he was gonna die. He knew…
This was it.

“Rest in pieces, you son of a bitch.”
Larry felt Steak Guy lifting him up into the air, and then throwing him down to the ground.

Larry’s eyes were so close to shutting. He looked up, and saw…

Spinach Can.


Spinach waved to Larry, as if calling him to follow her.

Then, she disappeared.

Larry then let out a weak smile.
He was soon going to be reunited.
With Sketchbook and Bread Boy,
And especially…

Spinach Can.

He closed his eyes as he felt the floor on his back, sending cracks and glass everywhere.

Then everything went black.
Here it is pals!
Part 5!!!
And I’m still sick, I will be getting a possible surgery maybe-

Well, Enjoy!!


april 9th, 1990  happy 26th birthday, kristen jaymes stewart!

wishing a very happy birthday to a very special girl. you’ve touched so many lives and continue to make an unforgettable mark on mine each day. thank you, kristen, for showing me it’s okay to be me and that who i am is nothing to be ashamed of, but something i should take pride in. thank you for showing us your breathtaking talent in all the incredible women you’ve played, for gracing us with your smile, and being a friend to those who have needed and continue to need you as a source of positivity and inspiration in their lives. you are certainly one of a kind and anyone who knows you, either personally or as an admiring fan, is lucky to have you around. i’m proud to call myself a kristen stewart fan and i will always have your back. i love you, we love you, and we hope your birthday is just as amazing and memorable as you are. happy birthday, babydoll.

If you F#&K with Kara Zor-El
  • Kara to Ms. Grant: "Hi Ms. Grant. How may I serve you?! Here's your latte that I made with love and rainbows!! You're my friend!! My mentor! My everything!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!" *heart eyes and make out dreams* <3 <3
  • Kara to Alex: "I love you Sis!!!" *Forever hugs and eats pizza*
  • Kara to her friends: "I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for being good friends." *Cinnamon roll hugs*
  • Kara to Barry: "OMG ICECREAM AND DONUTS!! YAY!" *Dances around and giggles* "Let's be best friends!!"
  • Kara to James: *makes out with him*
  • -----------
  • Kara to her Uncle: "I'M GONNA MELT YOUR FU#@ING FACE OFF YOU BITCH!!!! ARRRRRRHHHH!!!!!!" *Burns out his eye balls, frying his brain.*
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Me: "Moral of this story....Do not F#$K with an adorable alien cinnamon roll because they can probably burn holes into your eye sockets and melt your brain without a care."
No drawings for a week!

Hey guys, I probably won’t post much for approximately 7 days because weareevilregals is visiting again! ♥ You might suffer random shenanigans from us, though.

Be good while I’m gone, don’t talk to strangers outside the internet, don’t drink and drive, watch both ways before crossing the street and destroy the patriarchy.


- Maryne.

  • Ichabod: Well, I'm about to enter the Purgatory to save my 200 year old wife, so I'm gonna hold Abbie's hand.
  • Me: ...
  • Ichabod: I almost died to stop de Death Horseman and now I'm going to hug Abbie like the world almost got destroyed.
  • Me: ...
  • Ichabod: My wife is about to die because she's carring Maloch in her womb but I'm going to worry about Abbie and let inferred that I would let my wife because of Abbie.
  • Me: ...
  • Abbie *kills fake Ichabod*: He didn't say 'leftenant' the way you say 'leftenant'.
  • Me: ...
  • Abbie: I'm gonna teach Ichabod how to drive because I'm afraid of what can happen to me and he gets defenseless.
  • Abbie and Ichabod: it'S nOT lIke wE hAvE a cRUSH on eaCH oTher