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Voltron characters as things my friends (and I) have said
  • Shiro: why do I have to adopt the shitty children
  • Keith: *jumps from one emotion to another* parkour
  • Pidge: I'm gonna fucking OD on pixie sticks
  • Lance: I think I have a kink for those coats
  • Allura: You wet dingdong
  • Coran: Humans are just weird little meat sacks that make poor life choices

guys Julie is lying everything in the trailer is reversed which means this isn’t the last season of skam technically it’s the first which means we have 6 more to go everyone gets a season Even gets a season Jonas gets a season Chris Berg gets a season and Sana gets another season to make up for this one everything is okay we’re all gonna be 100% fine


Gendrya Spies Au

And it kills her - more than any knife or bullet that inflicted her pain in her work - that he would rather agree to be transferred than stay with her in the field.

“This is all a means to an end for you, Stark. Any mission is about your father, your mother or your brother. For me is about belonging. The unit is like a family, and I’ve never had one of those.”

“Just make sure your death is not another one I have to avenge or I’ll bring you back and kill you myself Waters”

I finally got around to adding the rest of the sims to my undertale household.

I’ve got Undyne, Alphys, Papyrus, Mettaton and Sans all living in one house. I also added Toriel, Asgore and Frisk but they live elsewhere because that’s just too many sims to look after in one house.

I’ve tried my best to base them on @everlasting-random-art  ‘s designs, but due to the limitations of the sims, I’ve had to mix them up a little. Like Sans has a cute beanie for example- okay, maybe that was just my influence.

Pictures under the cut!

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I’ve been drawing a tiny Ethan so much lately, today I felt like drawing a big one ovo and it turned into another sappy inspirational because hi i’m rin have you met me?


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

  • AU!Castiel: So Lucifer was free, with no Michael to oppose him and making hell babies so he could be even more powerful?
  • Mary: Yes, so you now you understand. We had to send him here to save the world
  • AU!Castiel: Bitch this world is falling apart and now you decide to throw in a new Lucifer to make things easier for you?
  • Mary: Well now wait-
  • AU!Castiel: Humans are dying faster than bees and you're like 'Fuck this world in particular, send in a SECOND Lucifer'
  • Mary: Dean...Dean could explain it better
  • AU!Castiel: When I meet this Dean, I'm personally gonna throw his ass back in hell. Pour honey on him, leave him with the badger demons and lock the doors behind me
  • Mary: ....
  • AU!Castiel: One hundred human babies left alive in the world to protect, and now I have to put up with this shit. Another Lucifer. Two of them. Deuxcifer.
  • AU!Castiel: I'm gonna go evil fallen angel I assing swear

And the last part! Which leads straight to this one.

Feeling lost? Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Coffee shop AU)

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I'm practicing colorful gifsets (you know, like the ones you've done with one side being gifs of one color and the other side another one) and as i don't follow many people who make gifs like that i'm gonna ask u... do u have any tips to make all the gifs end up being the exact same tone? because i find it so hard


Okay, so I’m guessing you’re referring to these types of edits right? :


In order to make sure all my gifs end up with the same colour, I focus primarily on using the selective colour and hue/saturation adjustments. I normally have all my gifs open (I use Photoshop CC 2015 but any edition should do) so that I’m able to compare how well the colours match across the gifset. 

It’s also really important to pick scenes which don’t have too much movement and are not too busy (i.e pick scenes which are well-lit and have nice, solid/clear backgrounds). I also wanna add that when it comes to colouring gifs, I don’t have a set technique and will literally just play around until I get the result I want - that sometimes means having lots of layers.

So for example, say you want to make another gif that matches this one:

Here’s how to do it under the cut…

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illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!

I’ve seen a lot of criticism about the fact that Rose apparently had ten gazillion incredible powers. For me that’s not the problem - I just want consistency. If you’re going to give Rose, who we’re fairly sure was an average Quartz, tons of cool powers, make it so all Gems are super powerful but are told constantly by the Diamonds and higher-ups that such things don’t exist, and attempting to stretch your powers beyond their use in your assigned role would be unforgivable.

Give me a scene where an Amethyst learns she can create pocket dimensions in some unique way. Give me a scene where we learn, maybe from a bitter Diamond or Agate, what Gems are truly capable of - in every individual there is the possibility to create whole worlds, to shape reality for the better.

We see the edges of this theme with Pearl learning how to fight and summon a weapon despite never being created for that role, and with Peridot’s metal powers, but it’s never truly talked about in the context of, Gems are capable of so much more than they are told. Direct parallel to human potential under oppressive societal rules right there. That would be SO relevant to what this show has been trying to say all along, and would keep it consistent. If Gems are overpowered, I’m fine with that - but make it matter. Don’t just have it be one power after another that Rose Quartz gets.

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Ok, you're probably not gonna see this but I'm kinda obsessed with your writing (almost gave me enough guts to try it myself), but whatever, that's another story. Could you make a jaded Fox/ djwifi "Excuse you, I have a boyfriend" prompt?

Aww, thanks so much, @tellmeimhotaff <3 Definitely give it a shot! Writing is one of my favorite things to do! Hope you enjoy this drabble. :)

“Excuse you, I have a boyfriend,” Alya snapped, pushing Jade Turtle away.

The hero blanched and took a step back. “Sorry, I…I wasn’t thinking. I apologize, Miss.” He did a bow. “You’re safe now. Sorry if I was too forward.” He gave her one last look and then called up his glider and sailed away.

“Can you believe that chump?” Alya grumbled, crossing her arms. “First, thinking I needed to be saved, and then, trying to kiss me! Like it was some God-given right that Jade Turtle deserves a kiss for doing his job! He’s getting to be just as bad as Chat with Marinette.”

“He must have a crush on you,” Trixx teased, floating up from her pocket.

“Well, he can crush away because I’m a one-man woman and Jade Turtle is no Nino Lahiffe,” she huffed.


“Hey there, cutie,” Vixen winked, dropping down beside Nino. 

He jumped and pulled his headphones down. “Hi, uh, is something wrong?” He looked down the street. “Is there an akuma attack?”

“Nah, I just felt like visiting my favorite civilian,” she said, sitting down on the front stoop beside him.

“I’m your favorite civilian?”

“Of course you are. You’re definitely the most handsome.”

He shifted away from her uneasily. “I, uh, I really appreciate that, and…I don’t want to be that guy or anything, but I’ve got a girlfriend.”

Vixen tried to hide her smile. “That’s just too bad for little ole me then, isn’t it?” She stood and made a show of brushing off her suit. “Well, I better be off. You tell that girlfriend of yours she’s a lucky lady.”

“Sure,” Nino nodded, watching her jump away. “That was weird.”

Wayzz appeared at his side. “Women are mysterious creatures,” he replied sagely.

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Eternal gratitude to Reeder for “Julia” (I heard it for the first time a long time before it was in the podcast, and I’ve only grown to love it more the more I listen to it), but I like to think that the song exists in canon. This isn’t something I’ve put a lot of thought into - I was just listening to the song and I thought it would be nice if it existed for these characters, too. There are a few ways this might be true.

Maybe eventually, as Magnus spends more time with his family, he tells them more about Julia. How much she would have loved all of them - how much all of them would have loved her. All of the little things she did that made him laugh, or made him fall for her again every day. She’s never there, but somehow she’s always there because Magnus is always talking about her. He tells all of their stories so many times that his whole family knows them by heart. And one day, for Candlenights or maybe even just because, Barry tells Magnus he has something for him and sits down at the piano. It’s not long before Magnus is crying, but he doesn’t notice because his attention is elsewhere. That’s her. That’s Julia, there in that song. He must have done a good job introducing her to his family, because they know her so well.

Learning to play can be difficult, but the piano is an accommodating instrument for beginners. All of the keys are laid out in front of you right from the start, all cards on the table, straightforward. In a way, that matches Magnus. It’s a stumbling start, and Barry demonstrates impressive patience as Magnus tries to master the new skill. Magnus is very good about practicing, though, and while he might not ever perform on a stage, he’s always been good with his hands. It’s nice to have something new to do with them while his thoughts are elsewhere. As time passes and his skill grows, he thinks about how much Julia would have liked to listen to him play, and the idea sticks in his head. When he’s ready, he asks Barry and Lup to listen to the song, and they note it down as he plays. It’s common to hear the music of that song streaming through the window and whispered in the streets of Raven’s Roost, in some small way filling an absence that’s been there for a long time. When Magnus isn’t there to play anymore, Lup or Barry sometimes still do; the title of the song, which only had one name before, is changed to two. 

Julia could play. Julia could play and fill the whole room with music and laughter and joy. Before - and especially after - the revolution, she would visit the tavern and play loud, excited music while everyone there sang along or danced. Everything, everyone, was more alive when Julia played. When it was just the two of them, during quiet afternoons at the shop when the work was done, Julia played a different kind of music - soft and sweet, another part of her that Magnus had the honor of seeing more than anyone else. Somehow even with the town gone, the sheet music in the little oak chest survives, and he takes it with him when he leaves. Years later, that same sheet music held delicately in his hands, he explains to Lup who wrote it. Magnus doesn’t even have to ask; Lup squeezes his hand, sits down with him at the piano, and goes over the basics. Until Magnus can play the song for himself, she plays it for him; he sits in a rocker that smells like lavender and if he closes his eyes, he can pretend that it’s years ago and another lifetime and Julia is just across the room.

(Whatever the truth is, one day there is a piano and a set of sheet music in a little house on a little island. The house is filled with music even when no one plays.)

I’m Yours

I can only write when things are outta place.

And, oh man…





“Why does everyone think we’re together?”

Sasuke sat at his kitchen counter and drank leisurely from his cup. After a moment of staring out the window above the sink, he turned his eyes to his open door with the frazzled woman in it.

Her hair looked fluffier than usual, as if she hadn’t brushed it yet. There was no excessive color to her face, but her eyes looked stern and worn. She was also breathing heavier than usual, but Sasuke assumed she was being dramatic. She had those tendencies, after all.

“Sasuke,” Hinata said as she closed the door deliberately, “why do people think we’re together?”

Sasuke set his cup of tea down and rested his head on his hand. “Better question: Why don’t you?”

“BECAUSE WE’RE–” Hinata sighed heavily and pressed her back against the door. “What have you been telling people?”

“I haven’t been.”

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Your arts are amazing! Can you please draw Levi kissing Hanji unexpectedly? Like when he grabbed Hanji's hair to make her face closer to his? Thank youuuuuu! ❤

awwww thank you ;7;;; here you go ( ‘ v ‘ )b

//I’ve never actually watched attack on titan before so I have no idea who hanji is and I had to ask google about this scene //and I used the scene as reference of course