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Hospital Starters
  • [ Requested by Anon about a week ago. Warnings for blood, suicidal thoughts, and medical stuff. Thanks! : ]
  • "Hey, you're awake!"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "You hit your head. There was so much blood that I got scared."
  • "Don't try to get up. You're safe here."
  • "I hate this place..."
  • "How could you do this to yourself?"
  • "The world didn't give me a choice, and now, I'm suffering even more!"
  • "You really came..."
  • "I told you I would be here when you woke up."
  • "How many tests did they do on you?"
  • "If I wasn't drugged up, I could tell you the names of every test they do in this place."
  • "When are they going to let you leave?"
  • "They said that I'll be here for a few days. Maybe a week."
  • "What happened to you? You have so many things sticking out of you."
  • "That's what happens when you're dying."
  • "It's probably time to change those bandages..."
  • "You aren't in pain, are you?"
  • "You were in an accident. You almost didn't make it."
  • "That would explain why I feel terrible."
  • "I thought you were dead..."
  • "I'm not dead, am I?"
  • "I didn't know it was this bad..."
  • "I may not live much longer..."
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "You can't die! There has to be something they can do!"
  • "I'm too far gone for any surgery to fix me."
  • "I want you to know that I'll miss you most."
  • "Don't say that! I don't like it when you talk like this..."
  • "I just want it to happen so I don't have to think about it all the time."
  • "I wanted to say goodbye to you one more time."
  • "If you don't get some sleep, I'm going to hit this button and tell a nurse you're bothering me."
  • "Don't abuse that call button!"
  • "You know that button only works every five seconds, right?"
  • "Maybe if I push it hard enough, more will come out."
  • "I get to come home today."
  • "Did you fill out the release forms yet?"
  • "They hooked me up with a bunch of prescriptions. I'm gonna be high as a kite."

drawings from the stream!! thank you so much again to everyone who came it was really fun <3!!

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Four word prompt: "S'gonna be okay darling"

The sun was peeking through the blinds as I blinked away the sleep, a slow smile stretching across my face as I felt the rise and fall of Harry’s breathing against my cheek, my arms twined around his waist. It was his day off today. I had just finished exams and tomorrow I was flying with him to LA while he did promo for his new album. I pressed kisses to his back, only waking him because we had both slept in much later than usual.

He groaned and I leaned over to lightly nibble on his earlobe, “Good morning.”

He started to blink slowly as I kissed over his shoulders. He groaned again as I pulled him so he was lying flat on his back and I crawled over him, straddling his waist and then pressing my body to his chest like a koala bear. He chuckled and put a hand to my back, lightly scratching my bare skin.

“Good morning.” His voice was low and raspy and I closed my eyes at the sound as he kissed my hair. “What do you want to do today?”

“A whole lot of nothing.” I said snuggling deeper into his arms.

He laughed, “Then why’d you wake me?”

I propped my head up so my chin rested on his chest, “I missed you.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re pathetic.”

I rested my head back on his chest, “Maybe, but you still love me.”

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Seventeen as things said in Buzzfeed: Unsolved videos pt 2
  • S.coups: Xeroxing is not how cloning works
  • Jeonghan: Well if it's any consolation, you look like an idiot
  • Joshua: Or he could be like "wow what a colourful vest"
  • Jun: Hey ghosts, tousle my hair, gimme a little purple nurple or something. Let's have some fun
  • Hoshi: So if I step on a...a fly? Does a fly's ghost...stay around?
  • Wonwoo: If you slit my throat tonight I'm gonna have a hard time forgiving ya for that
  • Woozi: I'm gonna serve you up a fresh truth pancake right now
  • DK: That's my...my darn sandwich
  • Mingyu: If I see people taller than me I get concerned about them because I think they're going to die young
  • The8: I think your argument is not a compelling force though, so
  • Seungkwan: Let's just fuckin skidaddle back home
  • Vernon: It is a very old piece of footage, but so is... Die Hard. Still good.
  • Dino: *laughing* You look like an idiot

i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

this looked so much better when i was drawing it i swear

Did someone say silver haired Anti? Well, @lum1natrix certainly has many times now, so here I am trying my best to provide

Also, tattoos. Lots of them. Because tattoos are cool and these ones are even cooler bc they change and move about

More rambling about said tattoos under the cut

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testing out a new brush so i was like mm okay gonna draw gf’s otp why not

edit: fixed neil a bit to be more canon!

honestly, with bts out in las vegas for the billboards i feel like a mother right now. instead of studying, all i can think about is; are the boys okay? are they having a great time? did they make new friends? is it cold out there did they bring a jacket? are they warm? are they hungry? did they eat? are they eating well? are they full? did they sleep well? are they sleeping? how many hours of sleep did they have? i hope they had 7+ hours. where are they now? are they all together? are they all gone their separate ways for a little to do some fun stuff? i hope they’re doing some fun stuff. are people nice to them? if not, i’m gonna rage. No they’ll be fine, i hope they’re fine. oh god.

  • me: welp, it's been months since the Gravity Falls finale and I don't have that much interest in GF anymo-
  • Alex: *starts Cipher Hunt and releases Journal 3*
  • me: AAAAHHDFJFDKJFDK *proceeds to fangirl for a while*
  • me, some time later: welp, it was fun but it's not like there's gonna be new GF content anymore so I guess it's time to let g-
  • Alex: *announces blacklight edition of Journal 3 and arranges charity streams*
  • me, some time later: welp, I'm kinda tired of GF so maybe I should move on and look for other fand-
  • Alex: *posts a single shot of Ford's handprint with some cryptogram in invisible ink in the blacklight Journal 3*

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I love your characters! Your art really inspires me and am very excited for Skull Kids! I'm definetly gonna do some fan art one day

Thank you darling, that really means a lot to me. I’m glad most people are able to enjoy my designs and look forward to my webtoon project. I really want to create something entertaining that people will like and have fun with. Thank you for your support~!


These have been in my “ART” folder for quite some time now, (a month maybe????) I mostly drew these for fun and so I could practice some slightly different styles of coloring.

 I wasn’t gonna post these until I drew some more. 

But knowing me I know I’m not gonna get them done before these get too old. So here, some art that I hid from you guys.  ^^;

Meant to Be AU Drabble/Headcanon Fun Time!

hey y’all so i’m weak… i want to do more stuff in this au!! 

so send me asks/prompts for headcanons or drabbles in the MTB au (please specify ship/character!)

i’ve included some suggestions below, but feel free to come up with your own questions! (eg. ‘who was ____’s soulmate?’, ‘what was the nevis trip like?’, ‘what is ____’s bodytype?, etc.)

okay i’m v. excited! have fun!

some suggestions: 

  1. Who reminds the other to take care of themselves?
  2. Who plans the romantic date?
  3. Who likes to play with the other’s hair?
  4. Who calms the other down when the other has a nightmare?
  5. Who can’t sleep without the other?
  6. Who makes the first move to cuddle?
  7. Who likes to wear the other’s sweaters?
  8. How many children do they want/have?
  9. Who asked the other to get married?
  10. What is their favourite cuddle position?
  11. What are their parenting styles?
  12. Who spends almost all their money on the other?
  13. Who sleeps in the other’s lap?
  14. Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?
  15. Which one overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?
  16. Who makes breakfast in bed for the other?
  17. How do they spend New Year’s Eve?
  18. Would they take a walk together in the snow?
  19. Who sleeps on the couch when they get into a fight?
  20. Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?
  21. Who is more likely to cheat?
  22. Who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the other’s butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?
  23. Who thinks they are not good enough for the others love? Who’s more afraid of losing the other? Who thinks they keep messing up, only for the other to tell them they don’t need to worry?
  24. Who is embarrassed when they have to wear their glasses and who thinks they look super cute?
  25. Who has bigger cravings?
  26. Who sneaks in cookies in the shopping cart?  
  27. Who’d give their child sweets behind the other’s back?
  28. Who is horny all of the time?
  29. Who is sleepy and cuddly all of the time?
  30. Who knocks on the other’s door crying at 4am?
  31. Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?
  32. Who falls asleep on the other and has to be carried to bed?
  33. Who goes to sleep at a normal time and who loves to stay up late?
  34. Who slips into bed at two in the morning and immediately gets wrapped in a hug and not let go.
  35. How do they sleep? What position(s) are the comfiest?
  36. Who wakes up during a thunderstorm?
  37. Who wakes the other up so they can be wrapped up in a hug again?
  38. Who sneaks out to get a midnight snack?
  39. Who uses cheesy pick-up lines on the other?
  40. Who is self-conscious and who makes them feel better?
  41. Who starts fights and who forgives the other first?
  42. Who is the social one? Who likes to stay in?
  43. Who overdoes sickness for attention?
  44. Who can never sleep?
  45. Who pays at dates?
  46. Who liked to party in college, and who liked to study?
  47. Who does the majority of the chores?
  48. Do they get a tattoo? What is it?
  49. Who loses/drops everything and who has to find it/pick it up?
  50. Who needs constant validation?

inspiration: @otp-imagines-cult @1856errorhasoccured @sonofhistory @thomaspynchoff @otpmusings @quotingimagination

  • Kid Fury: So, our next question comes from...I don't think that person wants their name said.
  • Crissle: Okay. *laughs*
  • Kid Fury: I'm not sure, so I'm not gonna say it.
  • Crissle: Anonymous?
  • Kid Fury: It says, "Dear Kid Fury and Crissle: so last year around this time I went to Kansas to meet some of my family on my mother's side for the first time and ended up having a girl and guy cousin my age. We all get along really well and hung out all weekend. As I spent more time with my male cousin, however, I started getting the vibes that I only get from guys who try to date me."
  • Crissle: OH NOOO.
  • Kid Fury: "But I brushed the feeling off and chalked it up to my paranoia." *chuckles*
  • Crissle: NOPE. Mm-mm.
  • Kid Fury: "Near the end of the weekend, my cousins and I were drinking together..."
  • Crissle: I'm actually gonna ask you to stop right there because I see where this is going--
  • Kid Fury: "After my female cousin went to bed..."
  • Crissle: Nooooo! nooooooooo!
  • Kid Fury: "My male--"
  • Crissle: Nooooo!
  • Kid Fury: Don't do this. People are going through things. "My male cousin immediately made a move on me."
  • Crissle: NOOO
  • Kid Fury: "We ended up hooking up."
  • Kid Fury: You're like--
  • Crissle: NOOOOOoooooOOOoooOoooOOOOOOOoooOOOOOO
  • Kid Fury: *laughing* "Afterwards, I felt super guilty because--"
  • Crissle: *dry heaving*
  • Kid Fury: Okay, you might need some water.
  • Crissle: *hacking*
  • Kid Fury: Wait. You're gonna knock things over.
  • Crissle: *retching*
  • Kid Fury: Get-- there's some water right there in front of you.
  • Crissle: *dying inside*
  • Kid Fury: Sweetie...you almost killed my co-host, so I really don't appreciate this.
  • Crissle: *gasps in horror*
  • Kid Fury: "Afterwards, I felt super guilty because 1) we're fucking related. 2)--"
  • Crissle: Oh my gOD OH MY G--
  • Kid Fury: "I only hooked up..."
  • Crissle: Oh, my God.
  • Kid Fury: "I only hooked up with him because I was feeling lonely and was sooo~ thirsty for me." Which, I'll get back to that comment.
  • Crissle: OH MY GOD *coughs*
  • Kid Fury: "It became clear that he was a typical light-skinned nigga and felt actual emotions for me--"
  • Crissle: Are you kidding?
  • Kid Fury: "--as I was trying to have some quick fun."
  • Crissle: But this is your cousin--! *rambling*
  • Kid Fury: WAIT.
  • Crissle: *whimpering*
  • Kid Fury: "He texted me and called me throughout the year, which, of course, I promptly ignored."
  • Crissle: W *clapping* H *clapping* A *clapping* T!?!!
  • Kid Fury: "As the holidays are approaching, he keeps hitting me up and I'm gonna have to face him again..."
  • Crissle: *clapping*
  • Kid Fury: "Please help: how should I deal with this nigga without hurting his Drake-ass feelings?"
  • Crissle: Are *clapping* you *clapping* fuck- *clapping* -king *clapping* kidding?!
  • Kid Fury: "PS: we're not first cousins, but still."
  • Crissle: ...I don't give a shit if you niggas are 90th cousins. Whaa?

Hosted a party in our (not so big) home for thirteen adults and four kids, two of whom just turned two years old (hence the party) and it all went pretty well and both the adults and kids had fun, but, God. Five hours of loud conversation and yelling children and running back and forth with food and drinks and trying to be a charming host instead of introverting like i’m used to feels like it took five whole years of my life.

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Would you happen to know an article or list for the official ages for the mercs? The tf2 wiki currently doesn't show their ages in their bios and I was just curious. I've seen posts around with Scout's age but what about the others? (I've seen some stuff of the mercs such as sniper being 26 years old and spy around 45)

At this point in time, the only actual confirmed age is Scout’s at 27-ish.

Everyone else’s age at this point is just speculation or personal headcanons.  However, if you look, there are some well-thought out guesstimates.

Here’s a Reddit post and a Tumblr post where two separate estimates have been made (Reddit guesses on left, Tumblr on right):

Soldier: 52, give or take 4 years / 51

Demo: 35-ish / over 30

Heavy: 45 / 38-40

Engineer: 54 / 55

Medic: Late 30s to Mid 50s / ???

Sniper: No older than 40 / 30 

Spy: 50s / 50.

Pyro: ???we just don’t know??? / ????

All of these, however, are just guesses, so people are free to come up with their own ideas.  My very general guesstimates are:

Soldier: Low-to-Upper 40s
Demo: 35-ish works for me
Heavy: Mid-40s
Engineer: Low-to-Upper 40s (depends how young he started college-level classes)
Medic: Mid-to-Upper 40s
Sniper: Low-to-Mid 30s
Spy: Low-to-Upper 40s
Pyro: An immortal lightbulb

But, until word of canon speaks, anyone is free to make their own guesstimates because nothing here except Scout’s age is actually official.  So go ahead, headcanon the merc’s ages how you want, and have some fun with that freedom.

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hii helene :)have to ask you this like do you think they're going to announce the sott mv firstor are they just going to drop it all of a sudden? I feel like its about to happen any day now and i just can't deal i'm crafting my coffin as we speak lol

crafting your coffin alsmfmmsms me

and tbh i dont think there will be any warning this dramatic bitch is just gonna tweet the link all “Did some dangling from a helicopter. How fun. (It wasn’t.) xxH.”

On another fashion note, I seem to have set myself up to be an amateur seamstress again this summer. I’m one of those people that admires nice clothes, but would much rather find or make alternatives than pay full price. Most of my clothing is from thrift shopping, hand-me-downs, or gifts. Ridiculously enough, I agonize for hours over buying clothes from a store or retailer, even something as small as tights. And when I finally make purchases, it’s always pretty cheap/on clearance or in a practical style/color that won’t wear easily. (Idk why, but I have a much easier time spending money on other people.) 

My usual reaction to something not fitting is to go, “How can I make this fit?” Especially because of pants apparently made for glorious amazons and endless bust areas that I can 100% guarantee will not work.  

So I’ve recently become the owner of a number of really nice things that are a bit too big or not fitted enough and now there’s quite a list of necessary handmade alterations since I have no sewing machine:
- Adding patches to my favorite badass pleather jacket (which started the dreaded cracking symptoms of doom recently)
- Adding a new zipper to this gorgeous blue dress I have because I can’t bring myself to toss such a pretty thing that actually fits me just because it needs a replacement zipper
- Removing the shoulder pads from a vintage yet adorable blazer
- Hemming two pairs of dress pants and bringing in the inseams
- Tailoring two pairs of dress shirts
- Reinforcing loose buttons (so many buttons!)
- Edit: Aaaand I just noticed that my salsa skirt needs a fix too! *sigh*

Let’s hope my hands are up to the task.