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♬ That moment when Mark is done the series yet your still drawing stuff for episode 3. Anyway Mark RE7 series was a blast to watch either way so much fun to draw ♬


Tiny Hoarder & The Cherry Freshman

Nick realized, staring up at the smoggy night sky, that he was a pushover.

It was a Saturday night and he had been having a perfectly grand time being miserable with the rest of his band mates. Lounging in their rented house’s garage, cigarette smoke from Finnick filling the room along with the strum of Honey’s guitar and the scent of Flash’s moon cakes.

They usually spent their Saturdays in a gloom and doom mood as they had, yet again, failed to get a gig. And Nick had been perfectly content to lie sprawled on the creaky couch all night but then Winter Storme (Honey’s gal and the one vixen who wasn’t charmed by him in the slightest) had popped up and somehow convinced them to come to a frat party, a frat party that had the AUDACITY to have a DJ instead of a band.

Seeing this Nick had given a resounding “Fuck this!” and took up a vacant lawn chair in the front lawn while his friends did their own thing inside.

           Sliding on his dark aviators he stared up at the sky, behind him the bass of the music threatened to shake the house down. Couples of all kinds were on the wrap around porch of the frat house and lawn, making out and fondling each other and Nick was jealous. He wondered if Sue was around.

The cheerleader was a gorgeous vixen who enjoyed his company in a very fun ‘adult’ way, especially when she had a few drinks in her. Nick wouldn’t really call her a girlfriend since they didn’t go on dates but Nick definitely didn’t need that level to have some knot-y fun.

“Oh, that’s good,” he breathed to himself, curling his lips up into a grin. “I gotta write that one down could be in one of our more explicit CDs.”

           “Excuse me?”

Nick sat up from where he lounged on the chair, pulling his aviators up to rest atop his head.

Before him was a bunny he had never seen before. She wore a green sweater and orange skirt that reached her ankles (they still made those?) and had soft looking gray fur and violet eyes that were shielded by matching half-moon glasses.

Nick smiled, “Yeah, sweetheart?”

“I-uh, I hate to bother you,” she began softly, her clasped paws held over her stomach. “But I was looking for my new roommate-I just moved to the dorms-do you know if Dawn Bellwether is in there?”

Nick chuckled, “Trust me, darling, a frat party is the last place where you’ll find Snooty Smellwether.”

The rabbit looked affronted by his wording of the ewe but didn’t comment on it, instead her velvety ears drooped. “Our room is locked and I can’t get my own key until morning. I was hoping to find her so I can unpack my bags.”

“Feel free to wait here,” Nick offered even though it really wasn’t his place. “Socialize a while. You’ll regret not doing that once you start living with Captain of the Earth Club.”

“There’s nothing wrong with keeping the earth healthy,” the bunny replied.

“Oh, man,” Nick shook his head with amusement. “Who guards you miss…?”

“My name is Judy,” she nodded to him before allowing her brow to wrinkle, “What do you mean by guard?”

“Nick Wilde. And you’re exactly the kind of animal who needs a chaperone,” he informed her with a lazy grin. Imagining what more…wicked animals would think of doing to her. A wicked fox he was not.

“I don’t need a chaperone,” Judy huffed, making her cheeks puff out adorably. “I’m eighteen.”

Oh, wow, Nick tried not to laugh. “Listen Cherry,” he began, calling her cherry cause she so obviously was one, no buck had yet wrestled with her under the sheets. “The path you’re currently standing on leads to the dorm, if Bellwether is around then she has to pass by here. So why not stay awhile?”

In truth Nick was fascinated, he knew so few virgins. He wanted to mess with her.

“I suppose that’s better than walking around in the dark,” she shrugged.

“Atta girl,” he offered his paw as if for a shake. When Judy accepted it he pulled her to him. “Sit with me,” he said a moment before she plopped onto his lap.

           She had instantly tensed up, her ears a faint shade of red. “I-I don’t really need to sit in your lap! I’m too heavy.”

“Nonsense,” he flashed his lady-winning grin at her, “You’re light as a feather, and warm, just what I needed.”

Judy swallowed but he could tell she wanted to appear causal, “So…uh, Nick. What’s your major?”

“Technically business but I prefer to think that spiritually I’m a musical major.”

He took note of the way her eyes flashed with interest, she cocked her head to the side, moving slightly in his lap and Nick liked the friction.

“You like music?”
“I’m the lead singer of a band,” he tilted his chin up, not afraid to fluff out his feathers. “It’s called Tiny Hoarder.”

“Congratulations,” she replied which Nick found an odd thing to say. Not like he said they were successful.

“Do you play anywhere?”

And just like that the conversation plummeted on the fun poll. “Not exactly.”
”Well, if you do I’d love to come see you play once I’m settled in.”

“Hmm, how sweet of you.” Eager to take the reins back he grabbed one of Judy’s ears, making her blush even more as he ran his paw over the pink underside. “What’s your major, Cherry?”

“Oh, I’m-I’m in law,” she answered a little breathlessly. “But I’m a really big fan of music.”
“Huh,” Nick kept his eyes on the ear he stroked, wondering if all of her body was this soft.

“But why do you call me Cherry?” Judy asked out of the blue.

Nick smirked at her, “Isn’t it obvious?”

When she just frowned Nick wondered if she was even real. After all weren’t bunnies suppose to be like sex machines or something? He slid a claw under her chin and she blinked, shivering slightly. “It means,” he began, “That all the boy sin your home town are idiots who are either blind or have bad taste, not snatching you up while they had the chance.”

She giggled and it reminded him of wind chimes. “You’re sweet.”

If you only knew, Nick winked, “Not everyday I get to converse with a cute little bunny.”

Judy blushed harder; Nick glanced at her too long skirt, wondering if her legs and thighs were as soft as her ears.

“I appreciate what you’re trying to say,” she remarked bashfully. “But most rabbits aren’t very fond of being called cute.”

“Okay,” he replied then leaned forward so his nose brushed hers. “Then it’s not everyday I get to converse with a beautiful little bunny.”

He tried not to laugh at her expression and his eyes went to her slightly opened mouth. He wondered…

Judy’s arms suddenly shot out when Nick had inched forward. His eyes widened as for a moment he thought she meant to strangle him. But no she only fixed his loosened tie before making a point of turning her head away, red as a chili pepper.

Nick snickered, looking her up and down. Maybe coming to a suckish frat party hadn’t been such a bad idea.

“You’re silly,” Judy breathed, a smile lifting up the lips he had attempted to taste.

           “Nicky,” a new smoky voice spoke up and the fox grinned.

Judy jumped off his lap as a vixen in short shorts and a shirt that showed off her slim midriff showed up.

Nick slid up to his feet, “Sue, you look ravishing tonight, darlin.”

He felt Judy’s eyes on him as the vixen sauntered over, not even noticing the bunny as she flung her arms around Nick’s neck. “I saw Finnick inside. He told me you were out here, why didn’t you come hunt me down?”

“You know I’m allergic to DJs,” Nick reminded her with his half-lidded eyes and a lazy smirk.

Sue leaned closer, “But aren’t I worth it?” She didn’t give Nick a chance to come up with a witty reply, pushing her mouth against his.

Sue wasn’t one for small pecks on the lips, she stuck her tongue down your throat as soon as possible, something Nick didn’t mind. But tonight he couldn’t help opening his eye a slit and glancing toward Judy.

The rabbit jolted when they made eye contact, ears still red, and her expression was a mixture of mortification and indignation. Clearly she had taken his flirting too seriously.

He kept a laugh in his throat as she stomped off.

           Nick spent the next several minutes sharing the chair with a needy Sue before Finnick came out and told them it was time to go (sending a look of dislike at Sue as he did so). Nick asked if the vixen wanted to spend the night as his place, she said she had to get back to her dorm to study for a test.

Translation: We might pass someone I know and I don’t want my friends to know I’m sleeping with someone like you.

But Nick was used to it and bid her farewell as he followed Finnick, Winter and Honey, who was carrying Flash on her back, waiting for them on the drive way.

“You okay Hundred Yard Dash?” Nick asked the sloth as Tiny Hoarder plus one made their way down the street back to their mediocre living quarters.

“I’m…swell…” Flash replied easily, not looking like he got a hold of any alcohol or drugs.

“I’m tired and I’m not waiting the hour it takes for him to walk home,” Honey informed him, punctuating her words with a yawn.  

“Well I do appreciate you guys coming to the party,” Winter told the four. “It’s not healthy being cooped up in that garage all day.”

“We’re artists, Winter,” Finnick said from around an unlit cigarette, “We’re not supposed to be healthy.”
“And we do go out,” Nick replied.

“Bars and once in a while gigs don’t count,” the arctic fox pointed out.

Nick snorted, Maybe not to you.

           “Who’s…that?” Flash slowly lifted a claw to point forward, the group following his claw to see a long-eared figure a little farther down the street.

Nick broke in a huge grin, “Cherry!”

Judy jumped and whirled around, her ears blushing when she spotted Nick, “H-Hello.”

“Long time no see,” he teased, walking over to stand before her. His smirk was in check though he took note her violet eyes weren’t as open as before.

“It’s only been a few minutes, thirty top,” she replied.

“Who’s this Nick?” Honey asked as his friends crowded around him to get a look at the freshman. Judy took a step back.

Nick waved a paw toward her, “This is my new friend Cherry.”

“My name is not Cherry and we barely know each other,” the rabbit said with bluntness. “My name is Judy Hopps and at most we’re acquaintances.”

“Nick gets a lot of those,” Winter chuckled before introducing herself. The others followed suit.

“Isn’t it a little late to be walking around here?” Finnick asked, glancing around. The few houses on the streets had pitch black windows.

“I know,” Judy’s expression turned wary. “But I still haven’t found my roommate and I kinda…lost my way.”

She let out a sigh, “So far this has been a not so good first day.”

“The night’s still young,” Nick pointed out.

“It’s one in the morning,” Finnick replied and Nick smacked him with his tail.

“The night’s still young,” he repeated, “You can have a blast and hang out with us, spend the night at our place and you can get your room key tomorrow.”

Judy looked at the fox cautiously and Honey broke into laughter, “Don’t worry sugar.” She winked, “We’re good at keeping Nick in check.”

“And it’s…too…dark…for you…to be…alone,” Flash added.

“Well…” Judy caved, “If it isn’t a bother I’d appreciate it.”

 “Of course it’s no bother,” Nick assured as he slung his arm around Judy’s shoulder and led her down the street to his house. “Hey, you can even check out the garage where all the magic happens.”
She glanced at him, her muscles constricted under his arm, “Magic?”

“Remember I lead a band,” he jogged her memory, jerking his thumb to his friends. “These are my band mates, except for Winter. She’s just a squatter.”

“Oh,” Judy replied and said no more until they reached the house with it’s peeling paint and missing a few shingles roof. “Nice place.”

“You’re a nice liar,” Finnick replied. Meanwhile Honey placed Flash down so she could open the garage door; they stopped using the front door three days upon moving in (the hinges were rusted beyond repair).

           Judy stepped into the garage, noticing the old couch, arm chair, and plastic chair that sat in a sort of circle around a coffee table with ring stains and covered in scribbled paper, dirty ash trays, and moon cake trash.

But Judy’s eyes were on Honey’s guitar that took up most of the couch, blood red and covered in pictures of adorable animals. She walked over to examine in with an almost critical eye before noticing Finnick’s drums in the corner of the garage, standing next to Flash’s pitch black bass.

She smiled over at them, “Your instruments are in good shape.”

“Thank you,” Nick replied, taking the empty space on the couch. Considering he saw himself as his own instrument he took those words as Judy complimenting his good looks. It had only been a matter of time before she did so.

“You sound like you know your instruments,” Honey remarked, moving her guitar so Judy could sit down. The rabbit didn’t look overly thrilled to sit by Nick but didn’t want to be rude. The fox scooted closer to her when she sat down on the very edge of the couch.

“I know a little…” she said bashfully, messing with the sleeve of her scarf. It was then Nick realized she had the color scheme of a rabbit.

“Now, exactly how did you meet Nick?” Finnick asked, finally lighting his cigarette and claiming the arm chair as his own.

“Uh, I was just looking for my new roommate, that’s all,” Judy said and Nick could take a hint. No mentioning how she was totally charmed by his flirting. At least not while she was there.

“Who’s your roommate?” Winter asked. Honey had sat cross-legged before the coffee table and the vixen now sat in her lap.

“Dawn Bellwether,” Judy said then blinked at the cringe the entire room shared. “Is she really that bad?”

“Not bad per say,” Honey was trying to find the right words, “Just…uppity.”
“Especially around the likes of us,” Finnick said, smoke leaking out from between his teeth. “But then, that’s a lot of animals at this college.”

“Oh?” Judy frowned.

The fennec shrugged, “A dead beat band isn’t the most admirable of animals, Hopps.”

“We are not dead beat,” Nick snapped, “We are young college students who just haven’t been discovered yet.” He looked to Judy, “If you heard us you’d know we’re meant to be on stage like Lion Zepplin or My Rabid Romance.” He pointed to Honey, “In fact, Honey Bunches grab your guitar let’s give Cherry a show.”

“Nick, I’m tired,” the badger moaned, resting her chin on Winter’s shoulder. The vixen was looking through the scribbles left on the table.

“But Honey,” he whined.

“I can come listen some other time,” Judy offered. “As soon as I settle in, I promise.”

Nick sighed, disappointed but didn’t argue. At least that meant he was assured to see her again, he’d make her fulfill that promise.

           “But speaking of tired let’s get some sleep,” Finnick replied, snuffing his cigarette out in one of the most clean ash trays.

“Come on, Judy, I can get the couch ready for you,” Honey offered as she and Winter got to their feet.

“Thank you,” Judy replied as she moved to follow the two.

Nick smirked at her tail, “We’d offer to share a bed but Finnick snores, Flash sleep walks and Winter and Honey share a bed so no room.” When Judy looked back at him he bared his teeth in a seductive grin, “Of course my room is basically the Ritz.”

Nick.” His four friends growled before Honey hurried the blushing Judy inside.

The fox laughed, glancing at Flash who was the only other one in the garage, slowing rising to his feet, “Ready to go inside when you are buddy.”


           Nick’s dreams that night were filled with drunk vixens and cottontails and for once he wasn’t reluctant to get out of bed, hoping to catch Judy before she left.

The bunny was already up and helping Winter fix pancakes in the kitchen. Finnick enjoying a morning smoke while reading the newspaper he always ‘borrowed’ from their neighbor.

“Morning,” Winter told Nick and Judy offered him a hesitant smile.

“I didn’t think you’d still be here,” Nick said, pulling up a seat next to Finnick.

Judy took his words the wrong way, sending him an apologetic look, “I just wanted to help make breakfast as a thank you.”

“I told her you liked blueberries,” Winter told him, placing the breakfast on the table. “So she showed me how to make homemade blueberry pancakes.”

Nick’s tail nearly wagged, “Really?”

“It’s a family recipe,” Judy explained, wiping the flour off her paws with a towel.

           By the time Honey and Flash woke up the pancakes were finished and Judy was complimented over and over again, each time the bunny bashfully waved the words away, saying it was thanks to her mother’s teachings that they turned out so well.

But then all too soon her phone buzzed and she had to bid them farewell.

“I left my bags by my room’s door and apparently that’s causing a traffic jam in the hallway.” She stood up and smiled at the group, “Thank you so much for letting me spend the night, I appreciate it.”

“Anytime,” Honey welcomed and Nick nodded enthusiastically, busy chewing his blueberry pancakes that reminded him of sugar-filled mornings as a kit.

With another smile Judy walked to the front door, before any of them could say it was messed up she opened the door and closed it behind her with ease, leaving them blinking, impressed.

           A second later Finnick pointed his fork at Nick, “No.”

The fox blinked again, “Excuse me?”

“That’s a good girl,” he pointed to where Judy had vanished, “Which means you don’t get to sleep with her.”

“Now hold on,” Nick began, seeing his friends all turn glares on him. “When did this become a thing? I’m a free fox I can do what I wish, and it’s really up to fate anyway-”

“Uh, no,” Finnick interrupted him. “It’s not, it’s up to if you can keep your paws to yourself and not do whatever it is you do to get girls to sleep with you.”

“You guys never complain when I have Sue over,” Nick pointed out.

“It disgusts us, rest assured,” Honey told him. “But we don’t like her, we like Judy and we don’t want you deflowering her to ruin what could be a good friend.”
“Yes, I’m tired of being the only non band member in this group,” Winter added.

“And she’s a good cook,” Finnick stated the obvious, “I want her to cook for us again but she won’t if you and your dick go and break her heart like I know you’re planning to do.”

“Okay, okay,” Nick relented as he stood up to go get changed. He held a paw over his heart and lifted two fingers, “Scout’s honor, I won’t screw Judy Hopps.”

With that said he walked back to his room, as soon as the door closed behind him he turned his lips up into a devious grin.



((Mun: So for my college since my classes are on tuesday and thursday I asked if I could dress up in honor of halloween. When my teacher said ok well lets just say I had a bit too much fun with it.

Introducing my new cosplay of @deoxyrebornicleic‘s character Father Time from their made up game series ((that I would love to see be made into a real game)) night terror! :D I sadly do not have contacts for father time yet but I am seriously proud of how this came out! <3 Hope you like it Deo! :D ))

caster!michael, who’s an illusionist, was your best friend growing up, until you moved away to be with your family. as he got older, he aligned himself with the dark, going out with his best friend siren!luke to cause trouble and just generally have misadventures. when you move back after your claiming, he sees the back of your head on your street one day and his heart flutters in his chest. without thinking, he calls out your name, and you turn around, grinning as your eyes fall on him. he takes one look at your green eyes and is instantly filled with dread. you fling yourself into his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck, and when you pull back, you place a hand on his cheek and smile at him. “I knew you’d choose the light, mikey,” you say, eyes watering. he wraps his arms tighter around you and clears his throat. “of course.” his throat locks, knowing that to you, his eyes are green, and that he’ll have to keep up the illusion for the rest of his life, because you’d never look at him the same if you knew the truth.

supernatural!5sos night with quiffedluke and 5sos-writing-things!! send in/ tag us in your blurbs :-)

A Friendly Outing

Part (1/?) of a short series based on @bakapandy‘s Free! 2nd gen love children.

I hope you enjoy!

—Part 1, in which Takumi Panics and Umiko is Unhelpful (For the Most Part)—

“Umiko, are you sure this is a good idea?” Takumi, as per usual, was on the verge of fretting over his sister and her ideas. “Tomo-chan said she was studying. And you know-“

“How she gets when she’s studying, yes, yes,” Umiko replied, noncommittally waving off her brother’s question. "But the exams aren’t for another three and a half weeks, so really, I don’t get what Tomo-chan is so freaked about! And you, too. You worry too much, Takumi, you’re so much like Pop that it’s freaky sometimes. And besides, all our parents are out today, it’s a weekend… What could go wrong?”

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