i'm gonna go back to crying now

Seeing Vegeta holding newborn Bra is a very special moment

That part from the preview made me go all the way back to the Buu Saga, when Vegeta was about to sacrifice himself and hugged Trunks for the first time, after admitting he never did it, even when his son was a baby. Now we can see Vegeta is not willing to make the same mistake twice.

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One last ooc post, no, it’s not about the recent events, calm down~

So I made it, my visa got approved!!

Thank you all so much for the amazing support you’ve been giving me and my lil star, to my patrons, Uncle Max and Vade.

Now, in no time I’ll meet Stephanie and spend 3 amazing weeks with her. It’s all thanks to every single one of you.

Now, I have my flight back home this afternoon and I’ll go back with the commissions(which btw they’re still up!) And moar ADC updates! /p>


You ain’t getting off that easy, Sanji!! You really think that’s gonna be enough to get rid of me?! Stop fooling around!! You of all people should know better! I’m gonna be right here waiting for you!!! And I’m not budging from this spot until you return!! If you don’t come back soon, I will starve myself to death!! You’re the cook on my ship!! I’m only going to eat the food you make!! You must definitely come back to us… Sanji!! Without you, I won’t… I CAN’T BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!!!!


                                                  So many y e a r s before them.
                I’m so glad you had the courage to tell me how their fate had changed.
                                        Yes. They will be together for many years.


~there’s no more everyday. 

Reshop, Heda.

Last week of exams

Okay guys I have to tell you. This weekend there will be no pages.

I was gonna do three or so, because I need to study but I can still take breaks and stuff, so I thought I could do some pages.

But the teacher moved the exam to this next SUNDAY.


Uh…. thankfully, there’s just two exams left… I will compensate you guys, I promise. For now, I’ll just lay down and cry for a bit… then I’ll go back to my text book.

title: a hump in the night (4/?)

progress: wip series

pairing: 2jae (jaebum/youngjae)

rating: E (for ‘extra’ bc holy shit that word count)


summary: jaebum is pining and full of Teenage Angst. youngjae doesn’t deserve having to deal with him.


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You know that weird feeling you get in your stomach when you’re about to leave a place for a longer time? When you just stand there for a moment and take a look around and just think “damn, I’m gonna miss this”

this is how I feel about the season ending right now

like obviously I’ll be back here tomorrow posting and reblogging and crying over my babies as usually, but it won’t be the same?

it just kinda hurts to let go of this season
I’m gonna miss seeing all of my faves every week, I’m gonna miss seeing all the athletes interact, I’m gonna miss seeing all the different emotions and reactions from all the jumpers, I’m gonna miss freaking out over my faves doing really well, I’m just gonna miss the feeling I get during competitions

right now it just feels like I’m saying goodbye to something I don’t wanna let go yet 

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i'm here to let you kno that if you dont make a KY jelly joke in ur new fic i'm gonna cry

i am being informed that KY is a very common brand of lubricant…. I………. Yeah we’re just gonna have to all deal with that – it’s too late to go back

Supernatural Season 11 Finale Prediction

Okay, so I’ve got a little headcanon/prediction on how the finale might go. Mainly on destiel, but who cares because I’m destiel trash™

Its almost the end if the episode: Amara is defeated, blah, blah, blah…

But Cas still hasn’t come back

Dean is trying to convince him to push Lucifer out, practically begging. “Cas, please, its over now. You don’t have to do this anymore…”

Cas FINALLY realizes that Amara is gone, that his little deal with Lucifer has run dry. That he doesn’t need Lucifer anymore. He starts to argue with Lucifer in his mind, who still wants to keep Castiel as his vessel. Forever.

Outside, Cas doesn’t say anything, but inside his mind is a full-scale argument that could turn into a fight any second. Dean is getting more worried. Why isn’t he answering, he asks himself. Doesn’t he want to come back?

Cas is trying his hardest to expel Lucifer, but Lucifer has an extremely strong hold on him. He says something about how he’s too strong for him, since he’s an archangel. That now that he has Castiel as his vessel, it will stay his vessel until HE wants to leave.

Outside, Dean is tearing up, begging harder. Cas hears him, but after a few seconds Lucifer blocks Dean’s voice out. Cas and Lucifer begin to fight.

A few minutes pass, and Lucifer forgets to keep blocking out Dean’s voice. Dean sounds like he’s crying, or just about to. Cas can’t exactly tell. But Dean IS crying.

Lucifer has an extremely strong grip on Castiel’s arm when we hear Dean’s voice. “Cas, please…We need you…I need you…”

Camera pans back to Dean’s face. “…I love you.”

Back inside Castiel’s mind, we see him with a shocked look on his face. He gives a small, barely audible gasp. He strains harder on Lucifer’s grip and breaks free. What he doesn’t know is that Lucifer let him go. Just before a bluish-white light engulfs him, about to expel him, he smirks and gives a short laugh. Castiel then successfully expels Lucifer from his vessel.

Outside, Castiel collapses to the ground, unconscious. Dean runs immediately to his side. A few seconds pass, and Cas’s eyes flutter open. Dean let’s out a huge sigh of relief and hugs him. “Cas…You’re okay.”

When he breaks away, Cas looks up at him. Dean grins. Everything’s alright, he thinks. He’s going to be okay. He’s going to smile and say my name like he always does.

Cas opens his mouth to speak, his eyes scrunching in his usual way and his head tilting slightly to the side on Dean’s arm.

“Who are you?”


David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Three

Favourite Heartbreaking Moment: Journey’s End after he’s dropped everyone off. This one was hard because Doomsday kills me and him regenerating kills me too, but I think this moment is so much more heart-wrenching because earlier he had the everyone helping him fly the TARDIS and now he’s back to being all alone again.

And I am OFFICIALLY GOING TO WONDERCON FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Time to make some very, very rushed cosplays and cry over my credit card bill

anyways, send me a message if you’re going! a meetup would be fun!


LaF so rarely emotes.  But then they’re faced with the thought of Perry gone, lost, dead.  This person that is precious to them.  It obliterates the rational scientist and there’s just LaF left bereft, wondering if their friend–who was so clearly going through something horrible–might also never be coming back. There is murder and grief and fear and a million things in their face. And that smile. LaF’s smiles appear so rarely, and their face at the end morphs from despair to such a darkly gleeful smile.  

Annie and Kaitlyn, y’all blew this out of the water.  Shivers and tears.  I’m gonna have to find out how to gild a UbyKotex to make a new award for acting achievement.