i'm gonna go and hide under a rock now


This is a Portal Oc i made and her ai pupper that she built!!

She built Tobi when she was around 5, her parents were scientists and they injected something into her mothers womb while she was being born so now she’s a genius of sorts. She had an older sibling as well, but she didn’t care for science and wanted to become an artist or something to do with sports I haven’t decided yet.

She didn’t have the robotic parts (eye, arm ,leg, etc.) until years later when Cave Johnson gets his hands on her and runs her through some (horrible) tests. By now she’s an orphan and her sisters dead, her family had died in a tragic accident involving a short circuit in one of her projects that lead to a large fire.

Caroline was one of the people who knew about her, the others were certain scientists; Rick, Wheatley, Neil and Andrew, anyway, Caroline looked after her and they had a mother-daughter bond. Then Caroline becomes GLaDoS and Lolita vists her all the time. When GlaDoS kills all the scientists, besides the ones previously mentioned as they were already transferred into cores; it doesn’t affect Lolita, the only one GLaDoS ‘tolerates’.

Ahh i’m rambling, okay, her love interest is Chell and the cores are like her big borthers and yeah, that’s it. This wasn’t supposed to be so long ah-