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I would like to dedicate this very badly written ficlet to @corrupteddean who put this idea into my head:

“Professor!Dean at Stanford so he can be with his baby brother, and later he fucks him against his desk, telling Sam that he’ll need to scream his name if he wanted to pass.”

This was intended to be pure smut then feelings got in the way, fucking brothers (pun not intended) never do what you want them to. 

“Dean. Deeeaaaan”

It feels like they’ve been at it for hours.

When Sam walked into his Introduction to English class the last thing he expected to see and hear was his brother in a pair of glasses introducing himself as their professor. It’d been a year since he last saw him, a year since he broke his heart and left him and their dad behind and came to Palo Alto.

All through class he wonders what possessed Dean to follow him, ‘maybe he’s actually possessed?’  After he left he thought he’d never see Dean again, he was sure his big brother hated him for never telling him about Stanford and turning his back on him, severing their more than brotherly relationship in the process. 

It doesn’t take long after class to get an answer, as soon as the last student walks out, Dean shuts the classroom door and kisses him. 

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@lildreamysoul I heard you wanted to be a queen so I did a thing *finger guns*

Some bird told me to throw my affection to the faces of my sempais sooo XD

I’m gonna try to draw my sempais !

So, I tried to draw necessarymerchant’s Batter and Zacahrie with her’s art style, I hope it’s fine Q^Q (I also made Corneille :3)

The characters AND art style are NOT mine, I just tried to imitate it (poorly, I admit)

Now I can go hide under my beloved rock !

You know, I think the main thing that makes Mass Effect so compelling to me is the fact that it stretches so far beyond the main characters. There is literally a GALAXY of information and characters and relationships and science and all these things just waiting to be exploited and discovered. You make an OC at the beginning with the last name of “Shepard” and while they may all do relatively the same thing, the outcomes and the decisions could be vastly different, and shape each Shepard accordingly. 

I think it’s also something to say that there is a galaxy of characters too, those that revolve around their own stars, sometimes passing near Shepard and getting drawn in, or they are just nearby, pulled to Shepard like a comet and then back out, searching their own stories. And there are so many stories, so many stars to visit, with their own worlds and interesting tales. Samara and her tales, revolving around her daughters. Thane, and his wife and son. Grunt, finding a purpose, Benezia and Liara, during better times. Hell, even further back, with Javik and the Protheans, the Leviathans, the stories transcend time and space and even sometimes logic but they are still there. The stories are there and full of color and emotion and people and character. 

Mass Effect’s universe just has so much, I don’t think it could ever be fully explored. Of course, it’s not about finding EVERYTHING, it is simply the pursuit that makes it beautiful, seeing the snippets in a different way, in a different light, from everyone else. The same, and yet not the same, and yet enjoyed equally. There is so much to learn, see and do. There are endless reservoirs just waiting to be mined, to be created, to be unearthed. And the fun is just going there, creating it, making it just a little bit bigger- a little bit more colorful. 

Mass Effect is amazing because from what I have seen, it goes outside itself and keeps on growing. Outside the people, the planets, and the story to go into the breath and life of those that experience it. I haven’t gotten that feeling from really any other universe but this one, and I think it’s the fact that it continues, into infinity and beyond, that makes Mass Effect so special to me. There is so much there, just waiting to be discovered.

And we all help discover it, together.