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I know that Jewish Hermione is a popular headcanon, and rightfully so, but have you considered: Jewish Weasleys.

  • Mrs. Weasley cooking excellently for nine people on a budget while keeping kosher
  • baby Ron getting jealous that baby Ginny gets to ask the Four Questions at Pesach
  • the twins take Purim Very Seriously
  • because noisemakers
  • (they probably follow Harry around for the whole day and just go crazy with the groggers every time he says “Voldemort”)
  • also because Purim is the single day every year when the twins can get Percy drunk
  • Ginny is that eight-year-old who insists that she’s dressing up as Vashti for Purim, not Esther, because everyone dresses up as Esther and anyway Vashti is the hardcore feminist
  • Mrs. Weasley sends Hanukkah presents to Hogwarts by owl every single night of Hanukkah, and she has to refrain from sending mail with Errol for about a month afterwards so he can recover

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I really want a pandora hearts and fairy tail crossover
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“They told me that you were the person to come and see.”

                                        “You thought I was leaving too? Not a chance.”

Writers vs Fandom

This is in reference to this post.

I realize some people will take offence to that post, and to be honest, probably this one as well. It’s not my intention to offend or criticize. 

To summarize; there are many sub-fandoms within the PLL Army and those are the ship fandoms. Since last season, there have been numerous attempts to boycott and purposely cause the ratings to fall because their chosen pairing is unhappy, or they’ve broken up. 

This is a very big problem that plagues our fandom. This weeks episode nearly hit a series low for ratings, and I for one find that very upsetting. 

Now, hear me out. 

It is well within everybody’s right to not enjoy what the writers are doing, or the storylines that are progressing. We all have things we prefer and things that rub us the wrong way. Emily has irritated me for nearly two entire seasons now; but am I about to stop watching and call a social media black-out because I think her behaviour and/or attitude sucks? No. 

Because I trust and respect the writers. 

If your OTP fighting or being unhappy bothers you, that’s okay. I understand. Believe me. I have an OTP that has invaded my life on a serious level. If it bothers you so much it makes you want to stop watching, that’s alright too. 

What isn’t alright is the mob mentality that is following it. There is no reason there should be these mass followings of people who boycott with the sole purpose of making the ratings suffer. That’s hurtful and it punishes your fellow fandom members and the entire production. It devalues everything within the fandom. You are now actively rooting for a show to fail because your sub-sect of people are unhappy with where the storyline is going and doing so is actually invading other peoples safe space. You want a show to fail when it could be somebody’s reason for happiness at this very moment. 

That is not what fandom is. Fandom should be safe and unbreakable. 

You know what also isn’t alright? Sending copious amounts of hate to writers. Marlene King is my hero for the graceful, classy way she deals with the rudeness that is spewed at her on a daily basis. Sending vile tweets to actors or actresses because they’re playing a new love interest. Directors get an awful lot of hate because people think they play a part in the writing. They don’t. They are there to convey the scene that is put in front of them and make it as compelling as possible. 

Joseph Dougherty admitted recently that they had always intended to redeem Ezra but because the Ezria fandom pushed so hard, it came earlier than expected. 

The entire show, every single storyline suffers because people get so angry and voice it viciously via social media. I know they’ve constantly said they know where they’re going but I’d bet that they’ve changed a lot of details, reworked a lot of things in order to try and please us because we are demanding that every single fan be pleased with every single facet of every single minute of an episode. Many will use the word ’passionate’. I do not. It is not passion. It’s entitlement. It is feeling like the cast and crew owe you and you must be rewarded. That is not passion. 

If you watch for ships, that is fabulous. I mean it. If that’s what you relate to, that is awesome. But it’s wholly unfair to punish those who don’t care about them. And frankly, every single ship on this show is horrendously unhealthy and it’s very unrealistic to believe that four girls in high school in relationships would be happy all of the time. My boyfriend from about age 14 to 22, we broke up I think about four times during high school. We dated other people. It happens. It’s real life. They are portraying real life. They are not romanticizing high school love.  

I’m not saying you need to be happy with all the decisions made. Far from it. I wasn’t always happy with Joss Whedon, and he’s one of the greatest writers in television history. In my head, Tara is happy and nothing hurts. But I wouldn’t change that story for the world because it gave me my favourite season, my favourite arc. The shows I consider my favourites, the shows that affected me and changed me, would not be my favourites if the writers caved and went the direction of fan-service. Buffy wouldn’t have been Buffy. Veronica Mars wouldn’t have been Veronica Mars. 

This story is not ours. It’s the writers’. We are the audience. Feel free to leave if you need to – that’s the nice thing about being part of an audience. You can get up and walk out. But don’t try and drag everybody else out with you and don’t come up with schemes to make it fail. It belittles everybody involved. 

This story is not ours to tell and we need to try and respect the writers, trust the writers. This is their story that they are telling us. We are here to listen to it and try to solve the mystery. We are not here to re-write it. 

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