i'm gonna do this face all the time

Trans Peter Parker

so i saw homecoming again and

  • that bit where May says his “body is flowering” (there’s no way a parental figure says that to a 15 year old cis guy)
  • literally every time he makes an effort to make his voice deeper
  • when he walks into the bank and he’s trying to figure out how to pose (i literally fucking do this all the time okay tell me other trans people don’t do it too)
  • he’s short as heck
  • plaid button-ups are p good for hiding the lack of a flat chest
  • that Look on his face when he’s watching his friends in the pool

peter is trans af

LOTR Characters as stuff I've heard at my school
  • Aragorn: WHo the fUCK says tennis rackets can't be used for sword fighting
  • Saruman: I say "Get out of my way" all the time it's my favourite thing to say
  • Galadriel: Do I want to graduate, or do I want to leave this school as a fucking legend?
  • Elrond: *cups hands around face* I WANT TO KILL MYSELF BUT NO ONE HERE IS WORTH DYING FOR
  • Pippin: I don't have a clue what is going on here but I'm gonna roll with it.
  • Frodo: *visibly sobbing* please, please, I just want this to end, I just want to graduate, please, get me out, all of you suck,
  • Eowyn: I'm sorry teacher, I wasn't staring into space, I was just rethinking my life choices
  • Legolas: *slams body into locker* *hyperventilating* hELP ME I THINK I'M GAY

Met lots of cool cosplayers at Awesome Con yesterday! I’m Sapphire and my sister is Ruby. If you see yourself, message me and I’ll add your username.

(Especially if you were one of the homestucks, u guys were all hella sweet and I need more friends)

the boy of my dreams😍💞💖💕

i was tagged to do the bias selfie tag by @padtthai , @sugasideup , and @angellgf (thank you angels💞)

i added hearts to my picture too so we can match kjdhdgaljh i’m a lame lol

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Selina Meyer/Kent Davison (requested by anon)

- “Oh my God! I’d kiss you right now, but I’m never gonna do that!”
- “My brain is at you service, ma'am.”
“We’ll see.”

voltron characters as things my friends and i have said
  • Lance: you gotta times before you multiply!
  • Lance: what time is it?
  • Pidge, nose deep in an invention: what do you mean?
  • Shiro: sleeping is death.
  • Lance: oh my god i'm so happy! oh wait, nevermind, i'm not happy.
  • Hunk: I'm like a two month year old!
  • Pidge: question 50, bitch! *remembers she's with shiro* oh, uh, britney!
  • Keith: ain't no mama like an iguana
  • or alternatively
  • Keith: ain't no mama like a hippo!
  • Hunk: if i were a tv, my catch phrase would be "oh no"
  • Pidge: if you... were a tv..
  • Hunk: oh no
  • Pidge: i'll pollinate your butthole
  • Lance: i'll show you my water hole
  • Lance: if you change the 'g' to a 'p' it sounds funny
  • Shiro: ...what sounds funny?
  • Lance, giggling: genius. penius.
  • Shiro: *face palm*
  • Shiro (or Hunk): I'm gonna get my stress... I'm gonna get my snacks.
  • Lance: what else do me?
  • Lance, to Pidge: I stole your hot vagina.
  • Pidge, eating a hot pocket for the first time: excuse me?
  • Lance: ... you heard me.
  • Pidge: somebody once told me only boys have peepees. bitch, i have a hole i pee out of. that's my peepee.
  • Lance, to Shiro: fatha!
  • Shiro: what the fuck
  • Lance: ... daddy?
  • Keith: Lance could bang a drum. My drum.
  • Keith: Life's a drum kit; bang it!
ADA TEXTS:What if they were students? ft.Chuuya+Akutagawa
  • Atsushi: Have you guys studied for the exams?
  • Dazai: Wait,What?? There's an exam?When?Where?How?WHYYYYYY?!
  • Ranpo: It's tomorrow.
  • Yosano: I've already revised for weeks,I think I'm ready.
  • Fukuzawa: I didn't expect any less from you,future doctor.
  • Tanizaki: I'm still studying.
  • Dazai: Kunikida~ Please help meeeee!!!! MAYDAY!!
  • Akutagawa: *cough*Dazai-san*cough* I can help you.
  • Kunikida: Not again! Last time when I was teaching you,you dared to fall asleep!!
  • Dazai: *ignoring Akutagawa* But Kunikida without you what I'm gonna do!!!!!
  • Naomi: Yup,Dazai-san you also sleep-talked, I'd rather learn how to double-suicide,you said
  • Kenji: Dazai-san also said that it was boring!
  • Chuuya: Studying?Nah,more like students dying
  • Kyouka: What are you even doing here, you intruder!
  • Chuuya: I'm just here to laugh at Dazai
  • Dazai: I bet you didn't study either!
  • Chuuya: Nope I didn't 'cause I'm too fabulous for this sh*t!
  • Akutagawa: *cough* As I said earlier,I'm willing to help you.
  • Chuuya: Give up Akutagawa,he's not gonna respond,you need to face this cruel reality.
  • Akutagawa: But I- *his phone runs out of battery*
  • Naomi: Poor Him
  • Bonus(after that)
  • Akutagawa: (to himself)F*ck no way I wasted an opportunity again! why must you run out of battery now of all times??
  • Stupid phone,RASHOMON DESTROY THE PHONE!!!!Why didn't it go as planned!! I was going to show Dazai-san how smart I was!!Dazai-san notice me pls.

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Heyy so I had this kinda depressing question about depression and all that shit, but I'm not confident enough to face it myself, so instead I'm gonna ask: do you watch Supernatural?? It's got the world's tallest puppy, Jared Padalecki, in it xxx

And take your time with those kinds of questions, they can be hard to confront.

Also J-Pad IS real cute, even if I’m not into Spoopernatural anymore.

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What's the deal with having to smile? I don't get it. Yeah, I'm here to provide a service. I do it with a scowl cause that's my face almost all of the time. Smiling is extra work and if I can't be happy for myself, I'm not gonna be happy for you, Fucker McFuckFace who waves a dollar in my face and says, 'Smile! Smile or no tip!!'. No. Fuck you, you mother fucking dick bag. I refuse.

I have resting bitch face and look super awkward when I smile. Plus after doing it for so long when your face just naturally wants to look pissed off ends up hurting really bad. There’s got to be a moment or two of rest for those poor cheek muscles. -Abby


Gonna do these three at a time I think~ 

All of these were blush memes requested by @theamishpirate

(I did royal au Cerise for the last one because let’s face it….she makes that face a lot in this au)

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Exactly. I don't think it's cool that we've domesticated animals, either. I just think it's hypocritical that some people claim to care about dogs yet wouldn't have an interest in adopting one from a shelter because it'll behave sooooooo badly. As if people don't adopt them all the time & the dog is perfectly fine. Lol. You act like they're all gonna bite your face off. Oh & want a specific breed? Cool. My grandma loves dachshunds. Guess what she did? Waited & looked for one who needed a home.

@the-dog-without-fear, did i do it right? 

  • Surprise face: You guys!
  • Dead taylor: stop making that surprised face it's so annoying
  • Ballerina Taylor: yeah you can't possibly be that surprised all the time.
  • LWYMMD Taylor: what's with that bitch?
  • Dead taylor: don't call me that
  • Fearless taylor: y'all
  • Red taylor: stop acting like you're all nice. You are so fake.
  • Fearless taylor: *sobs*
  • Red taylor: *mocks her*
  • Leather taylor: there she goes, playing the victim, again.
  • Snake taylor: hissssss
  • Met gala Taylor: what are you doing?
  • Diva taylor: getting receipts. I'm gonna edit this later
  • VMA Taylor: I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.
  • Taylors: SHUT UP

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The second time I ever gave a blowjob I was drunk and so I'm doing my thing hoping it's okay and then I took a break to let my mouth test and I was just jerking him off and then he said he was gonna cum and I didn't really know what to do and then his cum started shooting out and it landed all over his chest and face, and I was like 😯

I wonder if they know what they’re doing to us like when monsta x did the daycare thing and just caring for babies like actual babies and I fucking CRIED that entire episode and i’m not even that fond of children but I wanted to have theirs and it was a gross mix of a creepy grin and ugly sobbing on my face the entire time and then BTS and the pups please I can’t take any more I’d rather have them being rude as fuck on stage than tearing my heart out like this it hURTS I HOPE THEY KNOW THEY’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY PAIN

My personal thoughts on all of the Nicktoons (so far as of May 2017)
  • Doug: Cute, sweet show. I love it. Sad how it tends to be labeled as "boring" now- it's still a great show. And of course it kicked off the whole "slice-of-life cartoons" trend so that's pretty cool. And yes, I did like the Disney version. But it's nowhere near as good as the Nick version.
  • Rugrats: Probably one of my favorite cartoons ever. Funny, clever, great characters, great music, great '90s aesthetics, and Klasky-Csupo's style is perfect. One of THE best Nicktoons..too bad it got dumbed down in 2001. Ugh...it was such a great show and then I don't know what happened there. Rugrats in Paris should've been the finale. But...even the later episodes are better than it's spin-offs.
  • The Ren and Stimpy Show: While I'm not the biggest fan of most gross-out shows, I LOVE this one. I'm pretty much with Mr. Enter on how most gross-out cartoons seem to be TRYING to be R&S but rarely getting it right. The characters are hilarious and it's so weird, it's funny. But the less about Adult Party Cartoon; the better.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Amazing show and I'm really excited for the TV movie...whenever that's coming out. I love the visual style, the music, the characters, and I'm sure I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid (and I did love it as a kid)
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Another great show (really, Nick was at it's highest point in the '90s, but the early-to-mid '90s especially). Love the characters, the intentionally ugly style...it's just great. Shame it tends to be so underrated.
  • Hey Arnold!: One of the greatest cartoons ever and probably the best Nicktoon ever. I love how it never tried to shy away from more mature themes that other kids' shows wouldn't try touching and it did a great job at it. Looking forward to the Jungle Movie, and of course...Helga was the best.
  • KaBlam!: I loved it as a kid. As an adult, I REALLY wonder why. The wraparounds try way too hard to be "hip", just akwardly shoehorning in references attempting to be the next TTA or Animaniacs, but falling completely flat. Characters were annoying but the voice acting was awesome. I do need to give the show credit for making me a ska fan. Most of the individual shorts kind of sucked but Action League Now! was hilarious and The Off-Beats was cute. And of course...
  • Life With Loopy: Yes I had to give this it's own mention because it's just that good. Nick really needs to give this one it's own series because the campy and surreal nature mixed with the overall sweetness was just a perfect blend, and the animation style was pretty awesome. The title character is just so perfect and so underrated. And I LOVE how aesthetically '90s the whole show is.
  • The Angry Beavers: Another one that's pretty underrated. I always really loved this show. I love all the banter and ad-libbing between Norbert and Daggett. And the music was great. I still listen to "Beaver Fever" and "I Think I Like You" now and again (also...Salem and Zim as beavers. How could you go wrong there?)
  • CatDog: Everyone hates this show but I really loved it. I love the character designs, CatDog themselves, and the theme song is NEVER going to leave my head. Sure, it's no Rocko or Hey Arnold!, but it's still a funny show.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Unlike KaBlam!, this one had different shorts in every episode rather than just four main short series, so it would take too long to go over all of them (not to mention that a good chunk of them aren't even online!). A lot of the shorts on this show were really funny and had some great visual styles. And Mina and the Count still needs a TV show.
  • The Wild Thornberrys: Really loved this show; I was the "animal kid" in my class so obviously I really liked this one. I just really love Klasky-Csupo. The movie was awesome and so was the show.
  • SpongeBob Squarepants: One of the funniest cartoons ever. While it got annoying seeing it become a schedule clog, the earlier episodes are still great. I heard that it got itself out of seasonal rot (look, let's pretend most of what came in-between the movie and the second movie never happened), but I rarely watch Nick anymore so I wouldn't know. Let's hope so.
  • Rocket Power: Not one of my favorites as a kid or as an adult (I wasn't really into the extreme sports craze), but my friends really liked it so I watched it with them and yeah, I enjoyed what I saw. It does have it's funny moments and while it's incredibly cheesy and way too late '90s/early 2000s that it hurts, it's a fun watch just for the cheese.
  • As Told By Ginger: A great show that I don't think I really appreciated enough until I got older. I guess I was just a LITTLE too young when it was new and by the time I was older and getting more into it...the show got cancelled. It's a really great show and one of Nick's best slice-of-life shows.
  • The Fairly OddParents: Really funny...for the first four seasons. S5 was when it started to slip and everything after that just got worse and worse. I still have fond memories of watching the older seasons and they're still good...but let's hope that jump to Nicktoons meant something.
  • Invader Zim: Great show, great animation, great character designs...did NOT deserve to be screwed over. I'm really looking forward to the TV movie. But...while I do love GIR (though he's not my #1 favorite character), the whole Hot Topic worship of GIR was pretty annoying. Let's face it- 2006/2007 on the internet was a bad time.
  • ChalkZone: Really cute. Admittedly I like the worldbuilding elements and characters a little more than the actual episodes (I did love all of S1 though; I think it was the best season), it's still great. S4 was...not the best though. From what we know about the canned S5, it was probably gonna be a lot better but...Nick had to be Nick. Let us have S5, already. And really- why didn't we get a ton of Snap merchandise?
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Good show but I liked the movie more. Had some really funny moments and is so aesthetically early 2000s that it's pretty fun looking back on.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Loved this one and I wish it got more recognition. Jenny was absolutely adorable and she was a hero to me as a kid (okay, looking back...I'm sure I had a crush on Jenny). Sad that the network treated it like shit.
  • All Grown Up!: The special was good. The first season was pretty good. After that I felt like I was reading glorified Rugrats fanfic. All it was really was "Ginger Lite" as ATBG was dealing with the heavier stuff while this was all the leftover stuff. Rugrats was great and had an interesting premise. AGU! was more of the same.
  • Danny Phantom: This was the last Nicktoon I REALLY loved as a kid. A really good show that could've gotten even more awesome had it's own creator not fucked it up. Ugh...I want a revival but PLEASE let it be by Steve Marmel and not Butch. Also Sam was like...my hero...as a preteen. And I've got tons of purple and black in my wardrobe (and the same purple lipstick) now that may or may not have been influenced by her (well, that and/or the fact that those are my favorite colors anyway). Like many others...I totally had a crush on Danny as a kid.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Okay, admittedly...I was never into this show. But I praise it for it's themes, animation, story...while I personally couldn't get into it, it still is a great show and probably the last really good Nicktoon for a while. And yeah- we don't talk about that movie.
  • Catscratch: I didn't really see enough of it but what I saw I liked. Wanted to see more but it came and went really fast.
  • The Xs: While the previews for it looked pretty good, I...did not like it. I watched it when it premiered and everything but it was a letdown. Felt like they were trying WAY too hard to make their own version of The Incredibles but with Erin Esurance-esque animation. Voice acting was great though (I noticed that Wendie Malick was the saving grace for TWO bad 2005 cartoons)
  • El Tigre: Okay this was RIGHT around the time I was starting to lose interest/outgrow Nickelodeon. Had a great premise and could've been a really good show and I was looking forward to it, but it felt like tons of other flash cartoons at the time and the voice acting could've been a lot better (great talents- direction-wise though...). Maybe if I were a younger kid when it came out, I would've liked it more, but...it was annoying. But the creator has made some other great stuff and I STILL need to see The Book of Life. I'm kicking myself for not seeing it in the theaters due to my work and college schedule.
  • Tak and the Power of JuJu: Didn't play the games but I already knew the franchise was pretty much dying by the time the show came out. It was awful. And we never heard from Tak again...
  • Back at the Barnyard: The movie had it's problems but was at least watchable. The show was just annoying and unfunny.
  • The Mighty B!: Unpopular opinion, but...I really loved this show. It has problems, but there was something about it I couldn't hate. Bessie was just such a great character. Wasn't a big fan of the grossout elements but otherwise it was really funny. Not a great show, but I was entertained enough.
  • Rugrats Pre-School Daze: YES THIS IS A REAL SHOW. Ugly art style (I'm pissed that K-C didn't use their signature style and went for something more "cutesy"; it just looked awful), bland writing, and really not a very interesting series. No wonder why it only lasted four episodes and didn't even air in the US until 2008 after all the episodes were released direct-to-video as bonus features on those Tales of the Crib DVDs (the less about them, the better). All it felt like was a desperate attempt to keep a dying franchise alive.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: I was pretty neutral to the Madagascar franchise- saw the first movie in theaters and it was alright; wasn't dying to see the sequels so I never did. The show however never did anything for me.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: While I was already losing interest in Nick around 2005-2007, this was right around the time where I was officially done. I was a teenager at this point and not into this stuff anymore, but I stuck around for the old SpongeBob or FOP rerun and well...guilty pleasure Mighty B!. Then they changed the logo. And then this show came out. God...it was SO annoying. Annoying theme song, annoying characters...animation style would've worked a lot better if it was in 2D rather than CGI; it just fell way too deep into the uncanny valley for me. I wouldn't say this was the final nail in the coffin for me though; it was definitely the logo change.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: Didn't like it. Jokes weren't that funny. I did love the character designs though.
  • Planet Sheen: Sheen didn't need a spinoff. This was one of the worst ideas ever.
  • Kung-Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness: Liked the first movie (I need to watch it again), haven't seen the sequels but I should. Was bored with the TV show.
  • TMNT: Haven't seen it but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Maybe I should check it out.
  • The Legend of Korra: Heard it was pretty good, but as I wasn't really into Avatar I probably wouldn't be too interested.
  • Robot and Monster: Never saw.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: Saw the movie and it was...alright. Didn't think it was warranting of a TV series. Didn't watch it.
  • Sanjay and Craig: Saw some of it while waiting for another show to come and...I never wanted to watch it again. Not a fan of the character designs and it was really unfunny. But it's better than Breadwinners.
  • Rabbids Invasion: I did like the Rabbids games as a preteen but...by this time, I don't think they were that popular anymore. Didn't watch it. How is it still running?
  • Breadwinners: Worst Nicktoon ever (so far). Ugly characters, awful animation, shitty writing...how did this get greenlit? Nick...just because "it's for kids" doesn't mean "we can half-ass it"
  • Harvey Beaks: What's this? A GOOD NICKTOON? Yes- it's such a cute show with cute character designs, really nice animation...it's got a nice, nostalgic feel to it while also feeling like something brand new that Nick hasn't done. I'm pissed that it was screwed over.
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Like Monsters, I like how it's "intentionally ugly" and some of the jokes/line delivery managed to be pretty funny, but is otherwise pretty meh to me overall. I'd like it more if I were seven, because hey, that's the show's target audience.
  • The Loud House: I'm glad it has positive representation (thank you for including gay parents in one of your shows, Nick!), but otherwise it's just too bland and cliched for me. Nice character designs; animation could be better. Again, I'd probably like it more if I were in the target audience.
  • Bunsen is a Beast!: Haven't watched it. Don't plan on it, either.
  • Me : I'm gonna write "13" on my face
  • Taylor : I do that all the time. It's totally good luck 👍
  • Me : *writing it while listening to long live * this "13" for you taylor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Taylor : omg you're doing it for real

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If you would pretty please I'm really into the concept of tom gc being floored by seeing you without makeup for the first time and being warmed and fuzzy by how naturally beautiful his girl is?? <3 hope you're doing swell lovely!

but wouldn’t he be though? maybe he was so used to seeing you all ready for premieres and promo and the one night where you guys are hanging out and he’s watching TV on your bed yelling at you to hurry up or you’re gonna miss the commercial where the cat talks, you have a bare face and pajamas and with a laugh tell him he’s lame and then he looks at you and he’s just so shocked because

“wow you’re really pretty, you’re skin has just like little freckles and tiny scars or a little bit of acne or maybe a lot or maybe it’s flawlessly clear but wow you’re just so pretty.” and your lips he’d love because its finally not covered in all the colors that stain his lips and neck and jaw and expose what the two of you have been doing.

And they’re plush and soft and your eyelashes are long but normal long, not the loud lashes you’d usually hate to wear but do for the premiere and maybe you’re just like ‘what you staring at?’ and he’s just so embarrassed and is like “nothing.” but its definitely something and it has the two of you smiling all night.

and maybe later he tells you “You don’t know how pretty you are do you?” and maybe you don’t, but that’s why you have Tom. and ALLLL AWWWEEE MY CUTE BABY BEING CUTE.