i'm gonna do all the requests don't worry

The signs dating Gemini
  • Aries: You're pretty cool, I guess
  • Taurus: Idiot. Why do I like you
  • Gemini: HAHAHAHAHAHA, that's great, but listen to THIS...
  • Cancer: I'm so confused
  • Leo: Pay attention to meeeee
  • Virgo: Yes, dear. Anything you say, dear. *rolls eyes*
  • Libra: Where have you been all my life
  • Scorpio: Can you like stahp talking during sex pls
  • Sagittarius: Oh man, we're gonna have so much fun NO PLANS BE SPONTANEOUS
  • Capricorn: *knocks on Gemini's forehead* How many of you are in there
  • Aquarius: ART. ART. ART. ART. Let's talk about art. And chill.
  • Pisces: You talk a lot. But if you talk about fish, that's cool.

everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.