i'm gonna die!!!

People have been tagging the emoji post with such nice things

Mainly “this is such a good and wholesome post” and “This is so cute” and an amazing number of people experimenting with new emojis and I’m so happy 

Also people can’t seem to decide what gender I am in the drawings and that makes me even happier nyehehehe 

Dororo being a romantic: gizoogle version! Pt 1

Da other Kururu was muthafuckin right smack up in tha middle of fixin Zeroro’s noize box. It was a easy as fuck fix, so it wouldnt take as much time.
Dude then felt arms wrappin around his muthafuckin ass.
Dude gasped n’ turned his head back ta peep Dororo snugglin up against his muthafuckin ass. Dororo looked up n’ gave Kururu a gangbangin look.
“Hey dope.” he chirped.
Other!kururu heavily blushed.
“Oh um hi, Doro.” he holla’d.
“Whatcha doin sweet stuff?” Doroo axed lookin Around his muthafuckin ass.
“I was um, fixin yo’ lil'er self’s noize box fo’ realz. A anon broke dat shit. Ku ku.” Kururu holla’d, tryin not ta brang Dororo’s horrid memories back.
Dororo smirked n’ layers his head on Other!kururu’s squishy side.
“Those anons would done been dead if they did somethang like dat ta me, I don’t play around anymore ya know?”
Other!kururu shivered a funky-ass bit.
“But that’s so gruesome, muthafucka! I wouldn’t be able todo somethang like that, muthafucka! Ku ku ku.” Dude holla’d.
Dororo sighed.
“You’re so sweet, just like how tha fuck I used ta be. I gotz a straight-up boner fo’ dat bout yo thugged-out ass.” he holla’d, snugglin tha fuck into his side more.