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Me ^^ because I want Isaac to come back even if it’s just a glimpse of him. I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! 😢😭 just look at him

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Bat-Sons as things my friends said at least once

Dick: “what do you mean when you say that I’m a drama queen?”

Jason: “say this shit one more time and you’re gonna die eating those cookies”

Tim: “sleep? Who needs sleep when you have coffee.”

Damian: “look at this soft puppy. I’m gonna call him Satan!”

Stephanie: “of course I’m natural blonde, shithead”

Barbara: “I’m too smart for this shit.” *sips tea*

Cassie: “black is my favourite colour, it’s dark like night. I love night. Night is the perfect time to kill someone”


Bruce: “I’m young, I’m free, I’m…dead because school”

Alfred: “can someone explain me why is x crying on the couch and where the fuck are y panties and why is he running around the house like a psycho?”


Got too real too quickly.

This is clearly a joke but it’s actually so heartbreaking how everyone’s Valentine’s Day after ending is purely fluffy and everything seems so perfect but in Zen’s he literally brings up that his family still didn’t accept him and that was the only reason why him and MC couldn’t get married.

He’s still longing for their approval and acceptance and MC just sticks by him and patiently waits for them to come to their senses. I’m gonna cry.


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#Ok #if this is the bar Nyx and Libertus had/wanted to have in Galhad #I’m gonna lose it #because this is the future they will never have #since they’re all dead #look at Nyx with that overall #damn he’s a fine waiter #and Crowe is perfect #I want to eat specialities from Galhad  #the ones Libertus is cooking #Luna Pelna and the other Glaives will join them later #this picture has such a cozy atmosphere #why are they all dead #I live in denial #they’re are not dead #and this picture is the true ending #and I hate this movie #bye

The Last One Standing - Jake x MC

Summary: I wanted to write something about Jake’s death because ouchh i’m still recovering. Definitely still needs MAJOR editing but I still wanted to post something

Prompt: This is for this week’s ChoicesCreates: “What If” so thank you to the lovely @hollyashton and @catsrtheboss !!

Pairing: Jake x Female MC

Rating: I guess T to be safe (I definitely used the word shit a few times)

Constructive criticism always welcome (just not about my punctuation because I KNOW, that is my fatal flaw). 

also shoutout to @heart-jake there is a line in there that was 100% inspired by something they said (which btw i’m still sobbing over THANKS)

She racked her brain. Her eyes shifted, not looking for anything in particular. It was merely a method to gather her thoughts as she kneeled beside him. He chuckled at the sight, not a laugh with ludic tendency, but one of pure contention – one meant for her.

“Hey princess.” he spoke

“No, no, Jake don’t start” she begged him to stop talking, but he wouldn’t for he had too much to say. His words harbored resistance but held a eutony only his voice could provide. The air grew dense, rich with copper.  His breathing began to shallow; and he found it harder to contend with the ever-exacerbating constriction in his chest. But he continued… because he always continued to speak his mind.

“Take this,” he implored, pressing the cold metal firmly into her palm.

“Ain’t too fancy, I know.” He crooned

“No Jake I –“

“Please. Take it” Jake pushed. She searched his eyes before nodding and stealing a glance at the all too familiar dog tags; the same ones she had gripped to beckon the man closer in times of blissful solitude.

He called back to her “Hey, baby, you gotta keep going okay?” Jake grunted, clearly in pain.

“No, stop, don’t do this to me Jake. I can’t do this without you.” tears immediately brimming and cascading down her face.

“Bullshit.” He smirked 

Her hair was singed, silken skin bruised and littered with pale white lines of fading scars; but she was so beautiful. Surely he had the hands of a soldier, of a fighter, but she, she was going to be the one to continue.

 “Princess, look at me” his hands absentmindedly found their way to her heated cheeks, forcing her to face what was in front of her. She gripped at his jacket and tugged at him, pleading him to stop.

 “You’re the strongest person I know.” Her smile was labored but irenic in all its glory.  The moment was too brief, for her beaming immediately fell short, and the girl continued to sob. She ran her fingertips over Jake’s bloody knuckles before speaking again

“I don’t want to do this without you, I need you.”

It was his turn to feel the stinging in his eyes and closing of his throat. He thought he would never admit it, but he needed her too.

She continued to mumble a series of “I need you”s and “don’t leave me”s but his focus was on her eyes, auroral in nature, and on her hair… He thought back to a night much like this one, where he spent the night in her room in the watchers encampment, or as he liked to call it “the knock off Lothlórien”. He remembered sitting with her in cafuné, a particularly halcyon memory – but it began to fade… as it would.

 He felt it. His vision began to blur, his muscles began to relax; and the memories of hasty kisses, burning embers, and diaphanous fabric resting on her skin at dusk, dissipate into nothingness. And the visions of her crimson-stained lips as the dust settled after a particularly rough fight – and her transitional spoken “well… shit” once the peanut gallery was out of immediate danger - began to vanish as he slipped into unconsciousness.

 She took note of his hazy eyes.

“No, Jake, please.” she choked, moving to support more of his weight.

she paused “I love you.” The words were not forced, it had been a long time coming, and they fell from her mouth with pure conviction.

 The glint in his eyes spoke volumes - she knew if he were in a state of normalcy he would say something along the lines of “I know” or “…obviously.” But in his final breath he decided to finally say what he always knew.

 “Taylor I-“ he barely voiced “I l-“ his head drifted to the side and his eyes no longer met her awaiting stare. He was gone.

 Taylor keened “no, no, please no…”

Her shoulders suddenly felt as though they were made of stone. Her body racked. She gripped at his clothes as she faltered. Her tears created pale streaks down her face, her eyebrows knitted together as she sniveled and moved her gaze away from her lover. Her expression unyielding, callous and hostile; she simply took hold of her dagger, stood with absolution and turned to face the daunting volcano – for it was time to end this. Her pyrrhic victory was finally ready for her, and her alone.

Imagine being in awe when you see how passionate Woozi is when he’s performing on stage.