i'm gonna cry this is perfect

i don’t want to seem like i’m turning a blind eye and just screaming “lets be positive” to the masses so i’m just gonna say a few things. i’m white af. white privilege is real. reverse racism was created by racists who want to cry anytime someone calls their racism out instead of just being like “oh man ur right that was racist i’m sorry i’ll try to learn from my mistakes.” and if you’re offended by generalized “white people suck“ posts then you might just be part of the problem. my blog is poc safe, i’m here for you literally whenever not just when some tea spills on the dash. that’s all.



Bat-Sons as things my friends said at least once

Dick: “what do you mean when you say that I’m a drama queen?”

Jason: “say this shit one more time and you’re gonna die eating those cookies”

Tim: “sleep? Who needs sleep when you have coffee.”

Damian: “look at this soft puppy. I’m gonna call him Satan!”

Stephanie: “of course I’m natural blonde, shithead”

Barbara: “I’m too smart for this shit.” *sips tea*

Cassie: “black is my favourite colour, it’s dark like night. I love night. Night is the perfect time to kill someone”


Bruce: “I’m young, I’m free, I’m…dead because school”

Alfred: “can someone explain me why is x crying on the couch and where the fuck are y panties and why is he running around the house like a psycho?”

Got too real too quickly.

This is clearly a joke but it’s actually so heartbreaking how everyone’s Valentine’s Day after ending is purely fluffy and everything seems so perfect but in Zen’s he literally brings up that his family still didn’t accept him and that was the only reason why him and MC couldn’t get married.

He’s still longing for their approval and acceptance and MC just sticks by him and patiently waits for them to come to their senses. I’m gonna cry.


Feel free to repost, but do give credit. Thank you.

My Little Pony: FiM - Season 7 Episode 13 - The Perfect Pear (Parents Apple / Premiere Season 7)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 7 Episode 13 – "The Perfect Pear" (Premiere Season 7) The Apple Siblings learn about their parent's love story a...

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 7 Episode 13 (The Perfect Pear)

Holy shit…this made me cry…it’s so beautiful and somehow tragic.

fine sunday.

It was the finest day ever, you could already sense the laughter, joy and smiles that would full this fine Sunday up. You reached out of your bed noticing your bed was empty. Tuning into the world you then heard the sound of morning music playing through the stereo downstairs and giggles erupting throughout the house. 

You smile to yourself automatically knowing whats up. 

You had a quick body shower and tied your hair into a knot before doing your everyday skincare routine. Once you were ready you through on some nike leggings and a simple white long sleeve.

Walking down the stairs and entering the kitchen your face is full of awe a the sight of your husband and 2 kids cooking.

“Goo morning.” You smiled as you walked closer to your adorable family.

They all turned around and laughed.

“Morning mum!” your two babies greeted.

Harry opened his arms for you and you gladly accepted them walking straight into his tall masculine body for a nice warm embrace. 

With a kiss on your forehead Harry whispered a little morning and you smiled into his neck. 

Since this Sunday morning was so fine you started to prepare the table outside in your little backyard. 

Helping cook you then put out the little breakfast buffet you all had made.

The table was full and you weren’t sure if all of your 4 bells could fit this much food in but it was fine. The table was filled with croissants, pancakes, donuts, eggs, bread, toast, grapes, berries, bananas, and oranges.

Everyone ate and had the most beautiful morning ever enjoying each other company and you enjoyed admiring the absolutely perfect family you and Harry had made.